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Inspiration for this story from Dream-Like-State's Topic: The very secret challenge

Pick a character. (We will call him/her Character A) Got it? Good.

Now, pick another character. You can have more than one here. Got it/them? good. (Character B)

The story-line: Character A has a secret. Character/s B really, REALLY wants to know about it. Whatever it takes.

Lily had a secret. James wanted no needed to find out what it was. I mean really, he was her husband. Her husband of all things. He deserved to know it.

He put up with her through her morning sickness, her mood swings, her disgusting food cravings, and now with his son finally born, she won't tell him anything.

"but Lil's," James whined, "I love you, I would do anything for you, why won't you tell me?" At this Sirius snickered," Merlin James, you turned into a wimp in your old age." "I am not old!" James shouted, his head practically going through the roof.

Remus just snickered. "Come on Moony, don't you wanna know to?" James asked.

Remus smirked, and said," Well no actually, Lily trusts me and already told me this big secret. She knows I would not tell."

"Lil's?" James asked.

"I trust him James. Remember the last secret I told you? The next morning half of Hogwarts knew about it." Lily sighed.

"yeah but…"

Lily cut James off. "But nothing you will find out tomorrow with everyone else.


Lily walked into the living room, and smiled at everyone that gathered at her house for her big news. She cleared her throat nervously and said, "Guess what? I'm having another baby!