Just a little idea I came up while pondering my other stories and where I want to go with them, Staying the Night in particular. This little piece struck me today as people had been interested in multiple girls or harem type stories. I'm starting this with a T rating, but if you know me it probably won't stay that way for too long, unless there is a large reviewer response wanting to keep this tame. I may take slight liberties with characters, but I don't think anything will be too OOC.

I don't own Bleach, Kubo Tite does. I wish I did however.


Ichigo Kurosaki dashed through the streets of the Seireitei as fast as he could. He was doing his best to try and keep quiet as he ran for his life which was currently in danger of being cut violently short.

"Ichigo, get back here! I want to fight you again!" came the bellowing voice of his pursuer, one large murderous intent spewing taicho by the name of Zaraki Kenpachi.

"No way, you're crazy and you're trying to kill me! You nearly did last time too!" the teen yelled back as he rested against a wall to catch his breath.

Although he could no longer see the man in the maze of streets he knew the eleventh's taicho was nearby, continuing his relentless mission to hunt him down. He'd already fought the berserker once and came out on top and had no desire to go through that again. He wondered how or who he would have to bribe to get some peace and quiet while staying in the Seireitei.

While the substitute was tired of running for the past hour, stopping had been a critical mistake. The wall next to him exploded in a shower of rubble as a sword burst through it, leaving a truck sized hole. Kenpachi quickly jumped through and noticing his prey before him, took a quick swipe with his zanpakuto.

Fortunately Ichigo's honed reflexes were up to the task and he brought Zangetsu around for a parry and counter attack. A quick vertical slash drew a shallow cut in his opponent's chest who only laughed in response.

"You're starting to piss me off! There's no point in us fighting again!" he yelled, frustrated by the situation.

"No point in fighting? Who needs a reason to fight? Looks like you're getting mad so come at me like you just did and lets have some damn fun!"

At those words, Ichigo suddenly realized that by getting angry he was playing right into Kenpachi's hands. With his trademark scowl plastered on his face, he decided to take action to end this madness for the time being. The Karakura shinigami turned and ran as fast as he could, starting the chase anew.


Nanao Ise was many things. Intelligent, compassionate, talented, and patient. Being the vice president of the Shinigami Women's Association required that patience by the truckload. Between trying to control the president's actions, writing the weekly newsletter, and managing the finances it was almost a full time job in itself. However, even that patience had its limits.

It had been a boring few months leading up to Aizen's betrayal of the Gotei Thirteen. There was no good gossip going on to write about or discuss at meetings, no special projects going on to make money for the club, and perhaps even more distressing to the association was the lack of boyfriend material males currently serving in the divisions. Most of the good men were either married, in a relationship, in the closet, or out of their league to most SWA members. It was that very topic that dominated the meeting they were currently holding in their secret room deep within the Kuchiki manor.

"Why isn't there any good men around to date anymore?" whined Rangiku as she poured herself a cup full of sake for the fifth time during the meeting, pushing Nanao's patience to the breaking point.

"You're not supposed to be drinking during meetings Matsumoto!" the vice president fumed. "I know we're all in a bit of a funk right now, more so because of Aizen's betrayal, but drinking isn't going to solve the issues. We need to put our heads together and think of something to solve our boredom."

"There has to be some guys out there to date" ventured Isane, hoping to shift the depressing attitude in the room towards something more positive, a tactic she had learned from her mentor Unohana taicho. "I mean there's plenty of single taichos and fukutaichos out there, as well as lower seated officers that show promise."

"Like who" shot back Soifon. "Byakuya Kuchiki is way out of our league. Komamura taicho is nice, but he's not exactly human. Kyoraku taicho is a notorious skirt chaser that will likely never settle down, Hitsugaya taicho still looks too young, Zaraki is half insane, Kurotsuchi is definitely insane, and Ukitake taicho is too proper to ever have a romantic relationship with a subordinate. I doubt he would ever consider Unohana taicho or myself as well due to the long standing working relationships and camaraderie we share."

"What about the fukutaichos?" Isane asked, losing hope herself at her superior's sound logic.

"Chojiro-san is a little stiff and quite a bit older then all of us and could be a good choice but he's totally devoted to his work. Do I even need to start on my own fukutaicho?"

The girls nodded their heads, more then well aware of Omaeda's attitude and habits. Several of them shuddered at the idea of dating the man. Soifon continued on as the hopeless sank in.

"Kira is a too shy when it comes to women. He's also totally depressed about Ichimaru's betrayal. Renji is an acceptable choice, but most of us have friend-zoned him a long time ago. Iba-san would likely use any relationship as a way of spying on the SWA, and he's totally devoted to his taicho and mother. Shuhei is nice but he also tries to be too much of a badboy. Ikkaku only cares about fighting and drinking. Yumichika is more interested in looking beautiful then anything else. Have I missed anyone important?"

"Oh my, you really do make it sound quite dire Soifon-taicho" Unohana replied, speaking for the first time during the meeting. As the second oldest taicho in the Gotei Thirteen she had seen many men come and go, and very few of them had interested her.

By now the ladies of the SWA felt totally and utterly defeated. Rangiku even started to cry a bit, whining about how she'd never find a decent man to drink with. Before anyone could come up with some encouraging words two large spiritual pressures flared to life, the surge instantly causing every shinigami in the room to go on guard.

"What in the world is that?" Kiyone yelled out, alarmed by the magnitude of the force bearing down on them.

"Ken-chan! He must have found Ichi to play with, he's been looking for him all day!" Yachiru chipped in, clearly happy with the turn of events.

Soifon and Unohana looked to each other and nodded. It was clear they had to do something about the situation. The last time the two fought a large portion of the Seireitei was demolished. With Aizen's current plans or strength unknown, it would be unwise to let either of the two get hurt or possibly killed.

"I'll go check it out" Soifon offered.

As leader of the stealth forces it would be easiest for her to slip in undetected and interfere if need be. She quietly and calmly exited the secret meeting room at high speed, using shunpo to quickly close the gap between her location and that of the two large reiatsu signatures. Standing on a building while suppressing her own spiritual pressure, she watched as the two shinigami clashed swords, a shower of sparks flying from the heavy impact. After every block by the orange haired teen he would back off and try to open up the distance between them, running from the larger man.

"I told you I don't want to fight! Why can't you take no for an answer?"

"You're so strong how can you not love fighting! Cmon Ichigo show me how much stronger you've gotten since you last fought me. Show me that bankai of yours!"

Any doubts Soifon had about the battle being a mutual affair were removed by the conversation the two men were having. With the amount of power they were currently letting out the situation could quickly spiral out of control. The ryoka clearly had no intentions to fight but she knew Kenpachi was the type of man not to take no for an answer. She mentally sighed as she prepared to interfere.

"Why are men so stupid?" she asked herself as she pulled a small smoke bomb out of her stealth force uniform. Using her well honed skills she made a perfect throw, the smoke bomb exploding between the two combatants instantly causing confusion. It was all the distraction she needed.

"What the hell?" she heard Kenpachi say. She smiled as he had not sensed her presence at all and it had been so easy to confuse him.

Sensing Ichigo and using shunpo to get behind him she grabbed him by the back of his shihakusho and took off, dragging the stunned ryoka with her. Kenpachi started to swing his zanpakuto wildly, hoping to hit something but Soifon was far too quick. When the smoke cleared a moment later, they were already down the street and gaining even more distance. Grinning, Kenpachi started to give chase once again.


It didn't take Soifon long to get back to the Kuchiki manor, her target flailing wildly as he tried to figure out what was going on.

"Who are you and where the hell are you taking me?" he yelled, angry at the direction this day had taken.

"Are you going to keep quiet while I drag you out of danger, or should I just drop you and leave you for Zaraki taicho who is still hunting you?" Soifon said as she shot him a cold glance. It did enough to to quiet the substitute who sighed in defeat.

"Alright, where are you taking me?" Ichigo replied, his tone quieter and more respectful.

"Somewhere safe. Can you lower your reiatsu a bit and mask it? Right now every shinigami in the Seireitei can tell where you are."

"Sorry, but I don't really have much control over it. Its always like this."

Soifon shot him a scornful look at his declaration of ineptitude but said nothing as she lead him inside the Kuchiki manor to the secret SWA meeting room. As they evaded the guards that patrolled the grounds she wondered if it was worth it.

Soifon used the special knock on the hidden door causing it to open and allow them entry. Once inside Ichigo took stock of his surroundings. The secret meeting room was very neat and orderly. It also had feminine touches here and there to give the room a soft comfort. The other feature Ichigo noticed about the room was that it was inhabited entirely by women in shinigami uniforms, and every single one of them was looking him up and down. The teen suddenly felt extremely self conscious and started to get a bad feeling about his predicament.

Everyone was still on alert as Kenpachi's reiatsu signature drew closer and closer to the Kuchiki manor. Soifon looked over to Unohana who immediately understood what the problem was. To those who could sense even the slightest amount of spiritual pressure Ichigo was like a shining beacon. Even if Kenpachi wasn't aware of it, he was drawn to Ichigo's raw and powerful aura.

"Kurosaki-san, could you please come here for a moment?" the healer asked him politely, that calm and disarming smile helping to make him feel at ease with the strange situation.

Obeying the older woman's request, Ichigo moved towards Unohana who started to chant softly. A glowing light flashed briefly before enveloping his body and dissipating.

"What did you just do to me?"

"I used a kido spell to help mask your reiatsu so it will be more difficult for others like Zaraki-taicho to find you. It will wear off in time and we'll need to find a more permanent solution, but for now it will help you remain undetected."

"Thank you taicho-san" Ichigo replied.

"You can call me Unohana taicho, Kurosaki-san" the healer smiled.

"Unohana taicho it is then. Sorry I don't know everyone's names, its a little odd when everyone seems to know mine."

"That is understandable Kurosaki-san" came a new voice, one that belonged to Nanao Ise. "You've taken the Seireitei by storm with your antics and thus many people already know about you and your deeds so far."

"Well I didn't exactly do it for the fame, or expect this all to turn out the way it did. I just did what I needed to do to protect the people who are important to me."

Most of the women in the room smiled at his declaration, impressed with his attitude. Several of them even thought it was cute and romantic. Unknown to Ichigo, the wheels were turning furiously in the minds of several SWA members. Unfortunately the substitute shinigami was unaware of how dangerous a situation that was. With each member looking towards Nanao a nod of the head had them gathering in the far corner of the room.

"Are you all thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Rangiku.

"Oh boy, this sounds dangerous" chipped in Isane.

"We know he's probably going to be around for two weeks or so while everything that has happened gets sorted out, but we don't know what is going to happen after that. Zaraki taicho will be chasing him the whole time. We're here bored with no good men around and this one has just fallen into our lap. Why don't we offer him an exchange of services?" Rangiku smiled as the eyes of the other SWA members lit up, understanding what she was hinting at.

"Are you suggesting" Nanao got out before being cut off.

"Thats right. We help him avoid Kenpachi, and in exchange we'll ask that each of us gets a chance to go out on a date with him. Surely a young guy like him won't be able to resist our charms" Matsumoto continued as she jiggled her breasts for emphasis. "Who knows, one of us may be about to snag him on a more permanent basis."

The eyes of many SWA shinigami lit up at the prospect, and excitement slowly built as they let ideas flow through their minds. Cracking the enigma that was Ichigo Kurosaki seemed like just the distraction and challenge many of them needed.

"I can't agree to this unless Kurosaki-san is alright with it" Unohana stated, even as her mind pondered the possibility of her first date in over a century.

"He will be" Nanao replied. "Once we let him know Zaraki taicho will not stop hunting him until he's left the Seireitei, he will agree. We can be very persuasive after all. We just have to convince him it is in his best interests. Is everyone in agreement with this plan?"

"He was trained by Yoruichi-sama. As such I am curious. As long as he is a willing participant I am fine with it" Soifon replied.

"He would be quite an interesting specimen to study. After reading some human literature on dating I am curious about experiencing the phenomenon for myself" Nemu said in agreement with a light rose color appearing on her cheeks.

"Well, he did knock me out with a single hit. I guess he does owe me" Isane blushed as she rationalized the entire thing.

"Then we are in agreement. Operation date Ichigo will commence now."

A chill went down Ichigo's spine as every woman in the room turned to look at him. There was something in their eyes that filled him with a sense of dread. Being here couldn't possibly be worse for his health then fighting Kenpachi. Right?


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