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Unohana taicho sat in her office sipping on green tea while preparing for her usual morning routine of paperwork and checking on the condition of her patients. As her gentle and precise brush strokes filled out the division's daily forms, she had to fight with a small voice in her head that told her she should also be thinking about preparing for something else. Something very important that was coming up in the near future.

The reminder of Ichigo's deal with the SWA in turn caused the healer to realize that Isane had not stopped by the office yet this morning. It was unusual for her fukutaicho to be late, even with her impending date with the ryoka hero the white haired woman would have stopped by the office to take care of some basic duties before going out to spend the day with Ichigo.

There was one thing that caused her subordinate's tardiness from time to time. The nightmares that had plagued her since she was a child. Several times in the past they had been so severe that she had to go to Isane's room and comfort her after finding her in a fitful sleep, tossing and turning while softly whispering. While the dreams tended to be nonsensical, the effects it had on Isane could be serious.

Unohana did not want one of those episodes to spoil the day for the younger woman. She considered the members of her division to be like family. As the taicho she exuded an air of confidence and leadership, but as a healer she often tended deal with the more sensitive problems in her division that other taichos would ignore or leave to their subordinates to figure out. Donning her divisional haori, she started the walk to Isane's room.


Warm. That was the first thought that entered Isane's mind as she woke up to the sounds of birds chirping outside of her window. Soft. That was the second thought that went through her sleep addled brain as she cuddled up to her full length body pillow in her comfortable bed.

Wait a minute. I don't have a full length body pillow.

Her eyes slowly drifted open as the confusion set in. All she saw was black. It took her a moment to figure out that it wasn't darkness she was looking at, but the traditional uniform of a shinigami. Her mind suddenly jumped into hyper mode as she realized that warm softness wasn't a pillow, but a person. Without moving her body and a growing feel of alarm the healer moved her neck to look up and saw what she feared. A completely expressionless face, red from embarrassment, framed by a mop of unruly orange hair. A slight involuntary gasp escaped from her lips.

"Good morning Isane" a thoroughly humiliated Ichigo managed to say, his voice carefully emotionless.

Isane on the other hand could not even manage a response. Looking at him with his face only inches away, with his warm body pressed up against her and her arm wrapped around him, she was sure Ichigo could feel every curve of her body through the thin fabric that separated their skin. She felt herself heating up at the incredibly intimate contact. She couldn't help but think that if she moved her head only a bit in the right direction, her lips would come into contact with his...

Both shinigami were startled out of their thoughts when they heard the doorknob to the room turn and slowly creak open.


Retsu became more and more worried with each step as she approached the living quarters of her division. When she stopped outside Isane's door, she pushed out her reiatsu sense to attempt to feel the condition of her fukutaicho. There was a great deal one could tell about the well being of another shinigami by the flow of their power. Unohana sighed as she felt the fluctuations in her subordinate's energy. That usually meant some kind of mental stress, most likely a nightmare as she had feared.

Normally the taicho would have knocked, but usually such a thing did no good. Isane was a heavy sleeper and she wanted to gently rouse her from her bad dream. The taicho of the 4th was completely unprepared for what she saw when she entered the room.


Ichigo and Isane slowly turned to look at the door and went pale as they spotted a stunned Unohana taicho. The unintentional bed mates shared the same deer in the headlights look that was currently sported by one of the oldest leaders in the Gotei Thirteen. For several moments no one dared to breathe, let alone move. It was if time had stopped and the three were afraid the tiny act of drawing breath would shatter everything and force them to realize a situation which none of their minds was prepared to handle.

Naturally the experienced Unohana was the first to recover from her mental stun. Her mind raced as she wondered why she had not sensed Kurosaki's reiatsu. Normally any being with any ability to sense spiritual pressure would have felt him from a mile away. Then it hit her. She felt like smacking herself for forgetting that she had cast a powerful kido on the teen the night before to help him hide from Kenpachi. Her lingering traces of reiatsu were all over the division's compound from numerous healing kidos cast on wounded shinigami and she had not even though about sensing for her own traces of energy.

The healer couldn't help but think that while the situation she was in was completely unexpected she felt a little proud of Isane. Her fukutaicho was usually meek and shy when it came to men and she viewed the woman as a younger sister. That she had mustered the courage to be as bold as to invite her date to share her bed spoke volumes about the charm and desirability of the young man.

Despite that sense of happiness for Isane, Unohana also felt a slight twinge of jealousy. Being a taicho had its perks, but also many drawbacks in that it made it difficult for people to be anything less than professional around her. She was the second longest tenured taicho in the Gotei Thirteen and since she had risen to that rank not a single man had gathered the courage to ask her out despite her gentle and friendly nature. She wasn't getting any younger and her own bed could be so cold and lonely at times. She was a mentor, healer, and mother figure to many, but underneath it all she was still a woman. The idea of wearing some revealing sleeping attire like Isane was and inviting Kurosaki to her bed became more appealing with each second. This entire line of thought was so unlike her, and yet this man she barely knew was making her think such naughty things. Shaking her head she banished that idea to the back of her mind for the time being to address the situation in front of her.

"Pardon me, I didn't know you weren't alone Isane" the healer started, breaking the ice as the other two pairs of eyes in the room focused on her. "I felt your reiatsu fluctuate like you were having another nightmare and came to wake you, but it seems like Ichigo had a much better idea on how to comfort you."

Neither occupant of the bed could muster an immediate reply. It seemed impossible, but their faces turned even redder at Unohana's words.

"This-this isn't what you think taicho" Isane replied, being the first to gather her wits even as she continued to embrace Ichigo.

"Oh? What is it exactly that I'm thinking Isane?" the healer smiled. She felt a touch of guilt at her sneaky manipulation of the situation, but if it helped her fukutaicho continue to be bold and show real interest in a man she could accept her methods.

While Isane sputtered, desperately trying to come up with some retort that didn't involve dirty thoughts about the shinigami in her bed. Ichigo's mind finally finished its hard reboot and his defenses came back online to attempt to stop the situation from getting any worse for the two of them. He could only imagine what the older woman thought they had been doing.

"Nothing happened. Nope, nothing at all Unohana taicho. This is just one big misunderstanding!"

"There's no need to be defensive Kurosaki-san. You're both consenting adults in the privacy of Isane's room. It's my fault for rudely interrupting and embarrassing the two of you" Unohana bowed slightly and turned her back as she prepared to exit the room.

"But honestly nothing happened!" Ichigo all but shouted.

"You don't have to explain. It is Isane's day off, now that I know she's fine I will take my leave and allow the two of you to get back to doing nothing."

With a smile the taicho walked out of the room and quietly closed the door behind her, leaving the two by themselves in privacy. Her good deed for day already behind her she felt ready to head back to her office and get started on the day's works with positive thoughts filling her head.


The situation in the room didn't change for several moments following Unohana taicho's exit. Part of the reason was the sheer stun from the last few minutes, but also because secretly the two shinigami were enjoying the contact. Their personalities usually did not allow people to get too close physically and they were discovering how nice it felt to be held by someone of the opposite sex. Warm, soft, and comforting. Those feelings were just enough to overcome the embarrassment and stop them from flying apart in shock.

Isane could feel Ichigo's well defined body, from his arms to his abs. His body was hard but also oddly inviting. She didn't understand how this situation came about but she was taking full advantage of it, whether she wanted to or not. She just couldn't bring herself to ask that question and shatter the mood. On the opposite side Ichigo could feel Isane's curves. She was actually fairly well toned from her shinigami exercises but still managed to be soft and feminine.

Especially those two soft things pressing against my chest. Damn they're big.

His trail of thoughts made the teen want to slap himself but even he couldn't deny she was attractive. She might not be beautiful in the classical sense due to the way she carried herself however there was something really appealing about her other than her decidedly nice body. He couldn't put his finger on it at the moment but strangely felt he wanted to find out exactly what that appeal was.

"Isane, do you think we should get ready for our date?" Ichigo managed to get out in between his jumbled thoughts.

"R-right." The stuttered reply came from her unusually weak voice.

The two broke apart as Isane grabbed a clean shinigami uniform and stepped into her washroom to change. Ichigo, without the luxury of a spare set of clothing instead opted to shake out the sheets and make her bed before proceeding to roll up his futon. He was a guest but he certainly liked to pull his own weight.

Isane used the time changing to gather her thoughts while Ichigo used it to try and squash anything perverted that might have crept into his mind.

If my father or Kon had seen that I'd never hear the end of it.

Shuddering at the implications of that idea and thankful that it calmed his teenage libido he was ready by the time his date stepped out of her bathroom and made her way over to him.

"Kurosaki-san before we head out I have to drop some things off at Unohana taicho's office" she spoke softly as she gathered some paperwork from her desk. She did not want to face her superior again so soon after the fiasco that just occurred but the paperwork was needed.

"Alright then, lets go."

With those words the two were off, the personal distance between them much closer than one would expect from people who did not know each other well.


"Ahh Isane, thank you for bringing this in today. Now I can file it with the rest."

"Its no problem taicho" Isane blushed back as her leader sorted the stack of papers into different folders. "If that is all, Ichigo and I will be leaving for the day."

"Please enjoy yourselves. It is beautiful outside today."

"Thank you taicho. I'll take my leave now" Isane bowed as she and her date prepared to leave the room.

"Oh! Before I forget, I just want to remind you that protection is down the hall in the medical supply room if you need it Isane." Unohana almost felt guilty at her attempts to give Isane some bold ideas for her happiness. Keyword being almost.

"Protection? I don't think we'll need any of that today. You cast that spell on me and you said it would last for some time so I don't think Kenpachi will find us for a fight today" the youngest shinigami of the three replied puzzled as he watched Isane choke and sputter at the words. If worst came to worst he would protect her from any collateral damage that sword swinging maniac would cause in an attempt to battle him once again.

"Oh my" Unohana smiled innocently as she covered her mouth with her hand. "You don't seem to understand what I mean Kurosaki-san. The two of you are consenting adults out on your first date. You're both young and probably don't realize how things can heat up so suddenly and unexpectedly. Many times young couples get caught up in the moment."

"Huh?" was all he managed in response. His expression suddenly changed from puzzled to horrified as it dawned on him what she was talking about. Oh no, they were NOT going to have this conversation here early in the morning, now, in her office before a date. Not after he had to deal with his hormones and the memories of a soft and warm Isane snuggled up against him in bed.

"I believe in the living world they call it birth control. Yamamoto soutaicho would not be very pleased if one of the senior officers of the Gotei Thirteen needed to take maternity leave in the middle of a war."

"Thank you for your advice and concern!" a redfaced Isane cried out in alarm as she grabbed a mortified Ichigo's sleeve and forcibly dragged him from the room.

As he was dragged from the division, somehow the orange haired shinigami swore he could hear his father laughing.


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