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The bridge of the Enterprise had not changed much since Admiral Pike had last been at her helm three years ago, even though it seemed much longer ago. During the repairs after her damage caused by fighting the Narada, she had been rebuilt exactly like her first incarnation after earning her NCC name tag. Being back in the Captain's chair was like slipping in to a pair of old comfortable shoes. The fit was still perfect, the confidence once again restored. It felt like coming home. No matter how many ships he had command since, how long he had been away or how many who would command this vessel after him, he would always think of the Enterprise as his ship.

However, Pike could not remember a time when his focus had been so clearly distracted by something not pertaining to his job, especially his First Officer. Not even Number One had captured his attention this fully. Pike and Wynonna Kirk had been together at the helm for the last six days. It was an eye-opening experience. They had never been assigned together and he was surprised by how well she fell into the old routine as well. However, he was beginning to feel that Chekov and Sulu had a bet as to how many times a day they would catch him eyeing her. Of course the most embarrassing part of it all was that Pike didn't seem to mind.

Wynonna Kirk was most at peace when she was working. She had been reviewing PADDs from various departments and adjusting headings and speeds with Sulu and Chekov. Her mind was focused on the task at hand and Pike had never seen her so beautiful. Not that he did not notice her obvious skills as well; Pike could not remember having such a competent XO. In short, they were a perfect match.

Star Fleet Command could not afford to allow the flag ship time to recover from anything, regardless of how many commanding officers were affected. Currently, Enterprise was en route to Centauri Prime to collect a shipment of highly valuable minerals to be delivered to the Andorian home world. Basically it was a peace-keeping mission to keep the two hostile planets from confronting one another. So far things were working out greatly. They would be arriving the next day on Alpha shift. It was the absolute lowest priority mission that they could have been assigned. Most of the crew was thankful for the respite and the other half was just complacent not to be putting their lives in jeopardy for the duration. No one was jumping at the chance to demand a more taxing mission.

Sighing, Pike checked his chronometer once more and smiled. It was finally time for Beta Shift to relieve them. They were due in the Observation Lounge for a baby shower. Now that was a new experience for the older man. He had never given a thought to having a family, but since Solkar had arrived, Pike had begun to think of the tiny bundle as his own grandchild. It seemed that the Admiral truly was 'all in'. Favoring his once injured leg and shaking such thoughts from his mind, Pike stood to face the Lieutenant Commander coming his way.

As soon as he reported off to his replacement, Pike moved to stand beside Chekov and Sulu as they waited on the ladies. Nodding politely to the two men, he turned his gaze back to Wynonna. "She is wery thorough in her report, Admiral." Chekov nodded in the Commander's vicinity.

Smiling, Pike agreed. "Yes she is." He cleared his throat. "Commander Kirk, please remember we are due for an important appointment. I would not prefer to be late." He raised an eyebrow, attempting to keep his commanding officer stance.

Jerking her head in the direction of his voice, Wynonna flushed. "Yes, sir Admiral." She nodded to her replacement and came immediately to join the three men. "I just get so excite when I am back on duty. I am not one for retirement." She strode right past the small group towards the lift. "Are you coming with me?" She batted her eyelashes as if they had been the ones nearly making her late.

Clapping the two younger men on the back, Pike pushed them towards the lift, each with a flabbergasted look on their face. "Trust me, you two should just stick together. Women are mysterious creatures." The helms partners merely nodded in agreement as the Admiral laughed at Wynonna's pointed stare.


If anyone on the ship needed anything that would normally be unobtainable in the middle of the vast vacuum of space, they would only need to contact Nyota Uhura or Christine Chapel. Either woman had the uncanny ability to perform small miracles at the drop of a hat, such as a baby shower. Even if Nyota was dating the Engineering Chief, there is no way she should be able to produce perfect streamers, table cloths, wall hangings, gift bags or other items normally found at these gatherings. Yet, time and again she managed come through like no one else could.

However, looking at the Observation Lounge, one would never doubt their abilities again. Even for their standards they had out-done themselves. An 'It's a Boy' banner hung on the far wall with pale blue balloons taped around the edges. There was a cake decorated with tiny blue bottles on a long table with other blue-colored food, even the punch was blue. A small table next to the food held all the gifts for Solkar. Most were covered in blue paper, but two were red. It seems that Chekov had not thought wrapping his and Sulu's presents in red was a bad idea, but the two women were really trying to over look that. The other tables were decorated with baby-related items, all in blue. It was nearly perfect.

Dusting her hands, Nyota came to stand next to Christy. "So, what do you think?" She wrapped one arm around the blonde.

Cocking her head to one side with her face scrunched looking like she was in deep concentration, Christy tapped her chin. "I think that no other child born aboard a starship has ever had such an awesome baby shower. Hands down." She chuckled wrapped her arm around the shorter woman's waist.

Giggling and giving each other a quick hug, Nyota moved to make the final adjustments and Christy rushed to make sure Bones was on his way down. They only had a few minutes left before the others arrived. They could not wait to unveil their masterpiece.


While he had taken a human as a mate, there were very few times in his life where Sarek had been entirely surrounded by their culture. Amanda had chosen to leave behind her people's way and completely follow the lifestyle of her husband. Of course, Spock had nearly chosen the same, only choosing human over Vulcan. While Sarek understood the basics of a baby shower, it was still illogical. However, Sarek was a grandfather to a mostly human child, so his actions would no doubt become more illogical has Solkar grew. The thought should have brought discomfort to the Vulcan, and yet it only brought the tiniest glow of joy.

Spock and Solkar had both lived through the treacherous birth and days following. That was something to be celebrated. In the five days since the birth of his first grandchild, Sarek had become increasingly close to the small infant. His heart still ached to see Amanda embrace and spoil the child, but it was enough to see Spock finally awake and holding him.

Selek and Sarek walked silently down the hall towards the Observation Lounge. T'Pau had declined the offer to join them at this time, but the Enterprise was scheduled for a rendezvous with New Vulcan in the coming month. She would be formally introduced to the newest member of her house at that time. She understood this was a private matter for those who were so influential to the lives of Jim and Spock.

Stopping a few meters from the door, Selek turned to face the man who for all purposes was his father. "Sarek, I believe that I should thank you for this opportunity." His mature eyes not masking as much emotion as they once did.

Facing the taller man, Sarek raised an eyebrow. "You are part of this family. There is no need to thank me. I believe that if our roles had been reversed you would do the same for me." He had grown attached to Spock's older counterpart.

Nodding, because they knew nothing more could be said, the two Vulcans entered the Observation Lounge.


Jim was attempting to button an irritated newborn into a blue jumper. The snaps were too small to be seen properly and much to Jim's distaste the outfit still seemed to swallow the child whole. Finally the outfit was snapped, and he had the delicate task of placing the tiny socks on the even tinier and constantly kicking feet. Amazingly enough Solkar preferred his feet warm to he complied with the socks and even the knit cap Jim placed on his head. Over the past few days Jim had perfected the art of swaddling, so after the warm layer of clothing, he wrapped the child in his soft knit blanket. This seemed to mollify the child even further, so Jim counted the changing a success.

Grinning to himself, Jim picked up the child. "Ta-da! One Solkar burrito to go!" He patted the baby's bottom, turning to find his husband watching them.

Spock was standing at the door way from the shower, clad in his standard blacks that were once again the normal size, watching as the two conversed. "Calling our child after a dinner menu is not logical." He quickly took his son from Jim's arms so his t'hy'la could finish dressing.

Shrugging, Jim stepped towards the closet to pull out his shirt. "Eh, it made him happy." He called over his shoulder.

Looking down at his son, he saw Solkar lift an eyebrow to his father's answer. Hiding his amusement at his son's obvious rebuttal to that comment, Spock reached for the bag that Nyota insisted he would find useful to keep with him at all times when they were not in their quarters. "I do not wish to be late for this gathering. Most of the crew will be there and it will not be polite to keep them waiting." Spock slipped into his shoes.

Laughing, Jim ran his fingers through his hair once and rushed to join the pair. "Then by all means, Mama, let's not keep anyone waiting." He wiggled his eyebrows at the annoyed look Spock gave him as they exited their quarters.


Hikaru was pouring drinks for the guests and Pavel was handing them out as they waited on Solkar and his parents. Watching the blonde out of the corner of his eye, Hikaru could see how much more relaxed the younger man was now they had talked possibilities for their own children over with Christine Chapel. They were in no hurry but it was nice to know that medical science was finally catching up to the twenty-third century.

Before anyone had a chance to get comfortable in the folding chairs or divulge in deep conversations, the guests of honor arrived. Spock was carrying the infant and Jim was close on his heels. Both, well all three, looked extremely content. After such an emotional rollercoaster the last few weeks had been it was just nice to see all three healthy and happy. The women lead by Wynonna Kirk moved immediately to fawn over the child, Pavel joined them. The men lead by Admiral Pike moved to shake hands with Jim, Hikaru followed them.


Bones watched both groups as he stood back, not be able to choose between the two options. Christy was the first to be allowed to hold the new born, cooing gently at him as Spock laid the bundle in her arms. Spock watched in obvious pride as Solkar relaxed in her arms and Christy glowed with happiness. Jim was strutting like a peacock, but for once Bones had to agree it was due. He and the Hobgoblin had created such a beautiful little boy.

The physician watched as the half-Vulcan was lead to the refreshment table by Nyota and Pavel. He was reluctant to leave Solkar, but when he saw Christy was following them he relented. It was amazing how much those two women had done to prepare for this party. Jim's eyes kept darting to his family every few seconds making sure they were safe.

Smiling, Bones moved towards Christy. "I believe he is one of the brightest children I have ever seen. He already knew to go to the prettiest woman in the room." He kissed the blonde's head as she blushed at his complement.

Scotty had come to stand by Nyota, raising an eyebrow at the older man. "I dare say, Leonard, don't you mean the prettiest blonde?" He wrapped an arm around his girl.

Holding his hands up in surrender, Bones laughed. "Of course that is what I meant to say, do forgive me my Nyota." He winked before turning back to Solkar. His grandmother was gently running her hand over the soft curls atop his head. Everyone was admiring the five-day old miracle.

Jim wrapped an arm around Spock's waist joining the group. "Well, he is a Kirk." And with that comment the whole room, with the exception of Spock, Selek and Sarek, erupted into laughter.

The group all took turns holding the child, cooing happily at him. For the most part, Solkar was very well behaved. He seemed to be cataloging those around him. Even at his early developmental stage the tiny tot knew that these people all loved him and were his family.


At the far corner of the room sat eighteen decoratively wrapped gifts. Spock knew exactly how many there were, he had counted them four times to be precise, why he was uncertain but the number eighteen was very important. His mind was not as focused as he would have liked, but he knew this gathering was important to his human companions. Nurse Chapel was currently cradling young Solkar in her competent and gentle hold as she stood listening to Jim talk about something that was entirely irrelevant to the situation.

Sulu and Chekov were talking with Commander Kirk. Her exploits seemed to be matched only by her son's. Uhura and Scott were chatting politely with the Admiral, but his eyes seemed to be drawn to his fiancé. Most intriguing of all, Dr. McCoy had chosen to stand with Ambassadors Sarek and Selek. The somber mood of the two Vulcans and the Physician were surprisingly well matched. McCoy's eyes rarely left Spock's form, seeming to constantly evaluate his every move.

Jim's eyes were full of warmth and love as he moved to stand next to his husband. "You seem fascinated by the gift table. Are you ready to open all your presents?" He chuckled.

Raising an eyebrow, Spock shifted uncomfortably, the internal battle of answering truthfully raging in his mind. "Jim," A slow beginning to force himself to ask the unsteady question, "There are eighteen gifts on the table. I have counted six times now to be sure. Some how, that number is important and yet at the current time I am unable to recall why." His brown eyes reflected his embarrassment.

For a split second Jim's face darkened, only to light up even brighter than before. "Eighteen days." He murmured. "Eighteen long days I was stuck on a planet without you. You came down, guns blazing to bring me back and some where down on that planet, Ranum III, we realized we were in love. Those long eighteen days were the beginning of our journey." His voice was thick with emotion and his eyes were glazed with unshed tears.

Spock's mind unlocked the hidden memories of their tedious journey and struggle to get Jim back onboard. "Eighteen days." He whispered into the air. "I do believe those eighteen days of torture were well worth the outcome." Spock glanced down into the azure depths of his husband's eyes before they both turned to look at their son.

Jim wrapped his hand around Spock's holding it tight. Their love had been an accident and their child a pleasant surprise, but nothing would ever be able to tear them away from the family they had gained while fate was not looking. Together they would plot their own destiny, making the universe a safer place for their son to chart his own future.

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