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Authors Note: So just to let you know this is my first posting something on here but not my first fanfic…. And I do realize that you won't get some of these things but they are drabbles keep in mind (to stories that I have in my head but haven't written yet hehe). Hopefully I'll be posting a lot of these drabbles because I'm already down to 39 and as the titles says they'll be more or less drabbles meaning they'll be above or less than 100 words. What can I say? I get carried away. p.s. pls don't mind the ooc'ness…ness 'tis awhile ago and was the first attempt for all.

Characters-well mine and their pairing(orders in appearance!) Shanks and Minori/Tru, Sanji and Luna, Zoro and Tsuki

#1 Happy (Shanks)

Join the Marines? Or do I marry a guy that's 45 years older than me? Either way I lose my freedom.

I should've left with him, my brother. Those seven years ago even if I was I was 10 and he trying to murder me later.

Hah! Because of him our "father" lost all trust in me. Marrying me off to a man 5 years younger than he is!

Oh, well… I guess I've made up my mind. I walked out of the guest room. Knocked on my father's office door, "Come in!" he answered. I walked in.

"Father, I've made up my mind. I choose to become a Marine and fulfill the duties my brother couldn't." At first I could tell he didn't like the answer but the last part got to him, he nodded and seemed pleased. I walked out.

Happy I am not.

SO that was the first 'drabble' peeps haha well to go into further detail these are things that happen in the past and probably will be in or not be in the story whenever I do write them down- if that made any sense.