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#37 Fire (Sanji)

"Creme brulee?" Sanji asked, to where I just stared at him. We were deciding on what he would help me with. Seeing as, for the most part I forgot how to cook... "What it's food and you forgot how to cook."

"Yes, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not desserts, Sanji. Such as creme brulee, which is actually one of my favorites to make."

"Really?!" he asked, looking like it was the best news he heard all day. I guess food comes before Nami...?

"Yes, really, would you like me to teach you?" and he nodded his head vigorously.


Hours later were were sharing a creme brulee he had just perfected, outside on the deck. It was pitch black see as we started right after dinner.

"Hmm, I have to admit, this is one of the best one I've had yet," I smiled.

"Well I-do you smell that?" he stopped and looked around, I sniffed the air. My eyes landed on the kitchen.

"Fire/Luffy!" Both of us shot up and rushed inside. I got rid of the fire while Sanji was busy with Luffy.

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