A Change of Fate

Summary: The death of Sirius Black causes a lot of changes for Harry and his friends.

Author: David Mycock
Beta: Hawklan

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the characters from the show and I also do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters from the books or films either. The only things I do own are the characters I created for this particular story.

Pairing: Xander/Jenny Harry/Fleur

Summary: The death of Sirius Black causes a lot of changes for Harry and his friends.

Notes: This is AU in both universes and some characters will be vastly different than their cannon counterparts so be warned and don't complain about it.

Chapter 1


Harry Potter stared at the wall, lost in a sea of pain and anger. An hour ago he had witnessed the dead of his godfather. He had been hit by a curse from Bellatrix Lestrange, his own cousin, although he did not think it had been a killing curse, but it had been enough to throw him backwards into the death veil the ministry kept for some reason or another.

He had watched in horror as the life faded from Sirius as he vanished into it. He had chased Bellatrix and tried to use the Cruciatus Curse on her, but it had failed. Then Voldemort had attacked him and Dumbledore had been just on time to save him, but he was not thankful for his interruption as right now he found himself hating the old man.

Less than two hours after seeing his godfather die and his friends badly injured he had been told of a prophecy, which had basically destroyed his life, cost him his parents and now the one person he had looked to as a father figure. The old man had kept this from his since he had returned to the wizarding world and he hated him for it.

He hadn't been trained for such a fate at all. He was kept ignorant about anything that could be useful in fighting Voldemort, who kept trying to kill him. He barely knew anything about his parents or any other family he once had, like grandparents and such.

He felt like his whole life was being controlled by Dumbledore and that he was only important to him and the others for his supposed ability to destroy Voldemort. The question he had was how was a teenager supposed to destroy the greatest dark lord in a century, with no training what so ever? He should have been trained from childhood for this, considering how important it is to the world, but no, for some reason the old man kept him locked away at his abusive relatives who hated him just for being alive and the son of Lilly Potter.

He closed his eyes and wished that Sybill Trelawney had never met Dumbledore, she had given the prophecy and allowed it to be overheard and now his life was a nightmare. Sadly he was about to be sent back to the Dursley's even after he had complained about how they treated him. Dumbledore had basically ignored him and stated it was for the best he was there.

(Gringotts Bank)

Griphook looked over the news of Sirius Black's death and shook his head, as once again the Wizards began to slaughter each other. He began the process of checking the will and noted long distant notifications would need to be sent before the appropriate people could be brought it to hear the actual will. He quickly got up and went to find some of his underlings so they could get to work.

(Sunnydale California, two days later)

Xander Harris was bored as he sat in Giles' shop, the Magic Box, wishing for something to happen. He knew it was a bad idea to wish for something like that in this town, but he couldn't help it. For some reason it was quiet in Sunnydale, and he didn't like that as things tended to slow down and the others began to get annoying especially Buffy.

Buffy tended to hate slow months and preferred to have plenty of vampires and demons to slay, if she did not have that she moaned endlessly about it and it got on his nerves. His life was good though, he was a successful construction worker and was happily married to his former computer teacher Jenny Calendar, even today that surprised and amazed him like nothing else did.

He thought back to the day after she had almost been killed by Angelus, saved only through the intervention of something that had blown his mind away. Jenny had admitted to him that she could use two forms of magic.

The world she had told him she had been raised in was truly amazing, but she had cut herself off from that world after the death of a good friend and the imprisonment of another, who acted like an older brother to her, for a crime he did not commit. She had been only a young girl at the time all of this had happened, but she had known enough to save herself from Angelus. The others knew nothing about the wizarding world and they liked to keep it that way, the only one who did know was Tara who had connections to it as well.

He had actually met Sirius Black when he had come to Sunnydale seeking a place to hide after breaking out of Azkaban to save his godson Harry Potter from the true betrayer of his parents, Peter Pettigrew.

He had stayed with them for a couple of months before returning to England to help his godson who had been forced to compete in a dangerous tournament, Jenny had kept in touch with him and seemed to be much happier knowing he was ok. He looked up as Tara entered the store, obviously back from college and smiled in greeting. He got on very well with the newest member of the Scooby Gang. She was kinda shy, but funny and was what he classed as a pure spirit. Leaning back in his chair he wondered where the rest of the gang was.

Suddenly the door was thrust open and Jenny stumbled in, crying and holding a letter. He quickly jumped to his feet and took her in his arms and tried to calm her down, as Tara and Giles looked on in surprise. He quickly brought her to the table and sat her down and took the letter from her, reading it through he was shocked to discover Sirius was dead and he and Jenny have been requested to come to England to hear his will, as they featured in it greatly.

"What is it?" Giles inquired, unable to stop himself from asking.

He had long accepted the fact he had lost Jenny to Xander, thanks to his own short sightedness, but sometimes he still found it hard to see the two together. He had wished many times that he had not been so blind back in those days. He partly resented Xander for becoming Jenny's husband, as he always thought he would end up that lucky. It wasn't to be and he had to remind himself yet again it was his own fault.

"Jenny's friend Sirius is dead and we have been invited to England to hear his will," Xander responded, noting the look in the former watchers eyes.

Xander was not stupid, as he knew the older man still had some hang ups about the past and his relationship with Jenny, but truthfully he did not care one bit. In his mind Giles had thrown away a great thing to appease Buffy and he had paid the price. His relationship with Jenny had taken time to build from that point. Their first kiss had been a surprise and having to keep it a secret once the crossed the barrier of friendship to relationship status was hard.

He had only married her at the beginning of the year as it was now legal for them to be actually married. It had been a small affair with just the gang, Joyce, Tara, his own mother and Jenny's father and sister who had come especially for the occasion.

Jenny had little contact with her clan, but remained in touch with her father and sister. It had been a great day and one he continued to remember fondly. Their honeymoon had been even better, having spent two weeks in Hawaii.

He shook those thoughts off as he concentrated on calming his wife down. He knew they would go because Sirius had been very important to Jenny.

Tara on hearing his response quickly pulled Jenny into a hug and rocked her back and forth as Buffy, Willow and Oz walked into the store only to pause at the scene in front of them.

Oz was still in Sunnydale after a heavy situation concerning a fellow werewolf. It had been touch and go for a time, but Willow had managed to convince Oz not to leave as he had planned to do.

"What's going on guys?" Willow inquired, noticing Jenny was finally calming down.

"Bad news," was all Xander would say, before whispering something to Jenny who said something back. "We're going to be gone a while. We have some things to deal with," he added.

"Where are you going Xander?" Buffy asked, wondering what had caused Jenny to become so upset and what wasn't being said.

"England, land of tea and crumpets," Xander said, cracking a smile at Giles, who just rolled his eyes in annoyance before walking over to the counter.

Tara who knew exactly what was in England leaned down and whispered a question to Jenny who looked up surprised for a second before nodding her head in agreement.

"We'll keep in touch," Xander said as he helped Jenny back to her feet and headed for the door with Tara close behind. He had already guessed what his friend had asked.

Having Tara along would be helpful as she knew as she, like Jenny, knew more about the magical world than he did and he had no idea what Sirius's will would entail.

Buffy and the others could only watch as their friends left the shop without another word. She looked to where Giles stood at the counter and noticed he looked slightly down and he guessed he has been once again reminded of what he had lost, due to her mistakes and his response.

Xander walked them back to their house in silence, only saying they'd wait for Tara to join them before using the portkey the bank had sent them. He was not looking forward to using that mode of traveling, thanks to Jenny's description of it, but he guessed he didn't really have a choice.

Finally making it home he began to pack some clothes for them both, whilst Jenny lay down and tried to come to terms with losing a man who was almost like a brother to her.

Jenny could hardly believe Sirius was gone, having survived 14 years in hell for a crime he did not commit, only to escape and live a life on the run for the last two years of his life.

There was no real information on how he had died, but knowing him like she did, she guessed he had gone out fighting to save someone he loved. Xander shared many qualities with Sirius and was one of reasons she had fallen in love with him, he was brave, reckless at times, especially when someone's life was in danger, but he was also loyal to the end and funny with a streak of humor that was unique to him alone.

She had been pleased to being able to introduce the two to each other when Sirius had come to hide. Now he was gone and she already had an idea what Sirius would had put in his will, having told her a lot when he had been here. She closed her eyes and hoped she and Xander were up to the task.

(Gringotts, the next day)

Xander walked into the enlarged room and noted a lot of different people inside, mostly wearing what to him were strange robes and hats. He had to keep himself from laughing as this was not the time or the place. Jenny was ahead of him and Tara just behind him, he took a deep breath as he sat down and then waited until one of the goblins walked in and took the front seat at the desk.

"I am pleased you were all able to make it for the reading of Mr Black's will," the goblin stated with a nod. "I am Racnik, Mr. Black's account manager and I must state before we start today that everything has already been properly recorded at the ministry so there can be no complaints," he warned the assembled crowd. "First and for most is the heirloom of the Black fortune and Wizengamot seat, which he has stated will go to his adopted sister Jenny Harris and her husband Alexander," the goblin reported.

"I object," Narcissa Malfoy shouted at once and stood up and everyone could clearly see how angry she was. "The Black seat and fortune should go to the youngest Black heir and that is my son Draco, not some muggle who has no idea what her place in the world is," she continued, ignoring the looks on the rest of the room's occupant's faces.

Mrs Malfoy, as I already stated this has been legalized by the ministry and there is no room for you to object, by being adopted by Lord Black, Jenny Harris becomes Lady Jenny Black Harris and the lordship moves to her husband Alexander. Sirius Black has disowned any blood kin he has to you, your son or your sister and hence you are in no position to make a claim on anything he is passing on," Racnik stated with pure glee at finally being able to basically tell the arrogant woman to stuff it.

Jenny stood up, not surprised by Sirius's move, but she noted that Xander looked shell shocked and she knew she would have a lot to talk to him about once they were done here."I am no mere muggle Mrs Malfoy. I am a Romanian witch of this world and I know exactly how to use a wand," she stated, glaring at the woman who had sat down in shock at the goblins response. "I will accept my brother's choice and there is nothing you can do to stop me or my husband," she added.

Albus Dumbledore sat in the back of the room with Harry Potter, who was also in attendance, thanks to the goblins gong behind Dumbledore's back and contacting the young wizard. Harry refused to be left out of it at all and had insisted on being brought along. He tried to size up these new comers who would inherit Sirius's fortune and Wizengamot seat. He had been surprised when Mrs Harris had stated she was a Romanian witch, because he had thought, like Narcissa, that she was a muggle. He wondered just what else Sirius had left in that will and as the goblin asked for silence again, he guessed he would find out very soon.

"Lord and Lady Harris Black will also become the guardians of Harry Potter effective immediately on the grounds that the Dursleys were arrested just an hour ago for neglecting and abusing the young Lord Potter for years," Racnik stated, shocking Dumbledore and most everyone else in the room.

Harry couldn't help but smile at this news, as it meant he was free of his hated relatives for the rest of his life. He glanced over at the people Sirius had chosen to assume guardianship of him and noted they seemed like good people.

He was willing to give them a chance because anything was better than the Dursleys, beside him Dumbledore could only stare in shock as Sirius derailed his plans completely. Racnik had already stated this had all been legalized by the ministry for one reason or the other, most likely money had exchanged hands or an old friend of Sirius had chosen to help him out. He cursed silently and rubbed his eyes, wondering what he could do to regain control of Harry until the time was right for him to fight Voldemort, but at the moment he saw none.

The rest of the will went quite easily with money being given to Remus Lupin, the last remaining friend of Sirius and his cousin Nymphadora Tonks and Andromeda Tonks, her mother, were brought back into the Black family as well. Hermione Granger was granted a tidy sum of money, as well as a collection of books causing the bushy haired girl to smile, whilst trying to stem her tears at the passing of Sirius. Rackin also repeated the disownment of Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix Lestrange and Draco Malfoy and their respective husbands and fathers, thus ensuring there could be no challenge to the will.

"Everything else, including properties and land goes to the new Lord Alexander Harris Black and his wife," Racnik stated, noticing the anger and frowns on Dumbledore's and the Weasley families faces at not receiving anything. "This letter is for you alone Mr. Potter and must be read before you leave. We will be meeting again to discuss your parents will and inheritance at a later date, once you have settled in with your new guardians," he continued. "I thank you all for coming, please, unless you have been named as a recipient of the will, vacate the room," he asked with a shark's grin.

Dumbledore tried to protest, but the look Racnik sent him was enough to convince him to step outside, Harry quickly collected the letter thanking the goblin for his candor before settling back to read. Remus and Tonks signed the forms needed to transfer the funds to their accounts, whilst Jenny and Xander signed the forms needed to finalize their transformation into the new Lord and Lady Black.

Xander was still trying to wrap his head around what had just happened. He now had money, land and property and he had no clue how to manage any of it. Plus he was now also guardian to the young Harry Potter. He glanced over and noted the angered, almost hateful look on the teens face, as he read the letter and quickly left Jenny to see what was wrong.

"You ok, Harry?" he asked, as he took a seat in front of him, causing the teen to look up.

"No, I am not," Harry replied, barely keeping his temper under control, as Xander was not the one he wanted to rage at. "Sirius letter was not just about saying goodbye, it was about things he had found out which I didn't know, things that Dumbledore had done to ensure his control over my live," he admitted. "People, who I had thought were my friends are not and have just been keeping an eye on me for the old man, as well as hoping to get my inheritance by getting me to marry Ginny, their daughter," he explained, as Jenny joined them with Tara. "Only Hermione, Neville and Luna are loyal and truly my friends. Remus and Tonks I can trust as well, but most of the others in the order I can't, because they will obey the old man's orders," he stated, closing his eyes feeling an almost physical pain at this.

"We're a little behind on all of this Harry," Jenny said, pulling him into a hug, knowing that she was going to do everything she could to help. "We'll talk about it at this number 12 Grimmauld Place, which is supposed to be safe. We need to talk to this Dumbledore about quite a bit," she added. "But one thing you don't need to worry about Harry is following his orders anymore. We are your guardians now and we will help you anyway we can," she stated, glancing at Xander who smiled and nodded.

'Maybe, just maybe, this might be a good thing,' Xander thought, as it could help him learn some things for when he and Jenny decided to have children of their own. Granted from what he had heard so far he doubted it was going to be easy as things Harry had said chilled him and made him angry, but he would not let Sirius down. He would face his new role with as much dignity as he could muster and he was sure Jenny and Tara would help him as they had been born and raised in this world, before they had exiled themselves from it.