Chapter 1

Bella POV

We were all friends until the summer before 7th grade. We all had a little fight because of something stupid of course.


"I'm bored." Alice said.

"Well I wanted to find a boyfriend but you guys wanted to come to the library." Rosalie said.

"It's a half day so nobody's really out."I snapped at her

"And why do you need a boyfriend every 5 minutes." Emmett asked.

"Exactly!" She cannot go a day without having a boyfriend, someone telling her that she's pretty and being a bitch!" I yelled.

"Ya, well at least I have looks that someone can comment on."

"You aint got nothing except your fake ass weave." Jasper said

I couldn't help but laugh and I guess nobody else could either. Rosalie was furious.

"Calm down you guys it's not worth it." Edward said

"Edward you have your flaws too."Alice said

"Like you don't little miss pixie." Rosalie yelled back.

"Why don't we say how we feel about each other." Edward said.

"That's a good idea except SOME people hear have a temper and can't hear the truth about themselves." I said as I was looking at Emmett, Jasper and Alice,

"Me?" Alice asked

"Ya you, your always the best child right." I yelled at her.

"Well I'm not talking to any of you." Alice said as she ran out the library.

"Me too!" we all yelled together as we left the library.

Flashback Ends

The next day we were all friends but we weren't as close as we used to be. We finally stop talking together in high school because of the clicks. We have a big high school so there are many teams and many cheerleaders. We have the basketball, football and soccer team. We also have different cheerleaders for those teams. If you're a cheerleader for basketball, you can't be a cheerleader for football or soccer and vice versa. But the "good thing" about it is that they have the games on different days so if you want to see all of them you get too.

Rosalie is the Queen Bee or as I like to call it the Queen Bitch and head cheerleader for the basketball team.

Edward is the Capitan of the basketball team but also the school's player. He used to be such a gentlemen and now look at him. NASTY 6'3 guy.

Alice is the head cheerleader for the football team and still a fashion lover but for a girl whose 5ft she's a heifer.

Jasper is the 6'4 "Emo guy" who hangs out with his group of Emos. HE usually gets in trouble a lot and gets a lot of detention I usually see him there but we don't talk we like more of dis , yelled and just curse out each other.

Then there is Emmett who is 6'5 and a totally jackass. Of all my ex- friends he's the one I get into fights the most, yell at and curse at. Were just not friends for some reason but sometimes we don't talk at all and he's in some of my classes. They all are actually. He's the "gangster kid" But he aint really gangster. I'm more gangster them him and that's because I was raised in the ghetto and brought up as a hood rat.

But I'm more of a Punk gangster who dresses in all white instead of all of black. I actually have a group of colors that I wear. Black, Red, White, Dark Blue and mostly that's it. Oh ya dark colors I guess. I do not cut myself so therefore I am not emo. I'm 5'5 and I just hate my ex- friends especially since I have to deal with them every day.

They used to call it friendship but I call it hatred.

I was thinking of all this as I got dressed. I was Red and black leather top. The red part was short sleeves and cotton. The black leather part went from under my bra and my whole stomach. I wore that with my violet vice pants and black converses.

"Good morning dad"

"Good morning Bella."

"Well got to go"

This is what I love about my day, we don't talk that much. I wonder where mom went probably work. I hoped in my Green and black porche and went to school. Your probably wondering how I was able to offered a porche truth is my mom and dad are filthy rich and there are so rich they don't even have to worry about going bankrupt but they do. Dad owns these series of hotels, spas and casinos across the world and mom owns her own airline, hospitals and is a Hollywood director. I know right what a life I live. The reason we had to move to Forks is to get away from all these paparazzi and my mom wanted to settle down a bit when she found out she was pregnant with me.

I met up with my click as soon as I parked. They are the only ones in the school who know I'm filthy rich.

There was Jacob the hacker also skater number 2. There was Embry, the funny guy, skater number 3 and the one who knows how to get himself and us out of trouble. There was Paul the equipment guy and the info guy (skater number 4) Sam the good and fun guy who would warn us about the trouble we would get in but he wouldn't tell. Sometimes he would help us perfect our plan like the time we blew up the toilets in the teachers' bathroom. If it wasn't for him, we would probably been caught. There was his girlfriend Emily would was just nice and another girl in the group, thank goodness I didn't want to be alone with these guys. Plus she would bring us cookies if I didn't. And there was me again Skater number 1 the thief and head master of schemes.

"Hey guys what's going on."

"Nothing, just chillin and talking about the want to be gangsters."

"Where are Sam and Emily?" I asked

'They not coming, Sam got a fever and Emily is going to stay and take care of him since his parents aren't there." Jacob said

" Lucky Sam." I said.

"He's might be getting busy tonight." Embry said.

The bell rang, we all have to get to class without being late or else we'll get suspended.

"Well got to go." I said

"Bye." They said at the same time.

"Try not to kill any of them." Jacob called out.

There was such a big crowd rushing to get inside. Everybody was pushing so I started pushing everybody, I think somebody fell on the floor because of me like I care, I gotta get to class. I felt somebody push and I fell straight to the floor. I looked up only to see Emmett looking down and laughing at me.

"That's what you get for knocking me down." He said as he was still laughing at me.

I swung my leg and knocked him down. He fell with a big thud.

"Emmett, Emmett, Emmett don't you know to learn from your mistakes. If I knocked you down you shouldn't get revenge on me." I said

"We I guess you switch from weed to steroids." He said as he got up.

I was so hurt, why would he—

"Learn to fight." I told him as I stuck my middle finger and walked away.

I only then had to run into Alice.

"Watch where your going."

"I'm sorry , I can't see leprechauns and you much me at least over 5 ft 3 to be talking to me."


"I know."

Gosh I can't wait till Lunch or until I get hot to be away from these idiots.

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