The New Adventures of Danny Phantom

A Danny Phantom Fanfic by Quill N. Inque

I do not own Danny Phantom.

Chapter 27: A New Beginning

Pain was the first thing Danny Fenton awakened to. Every part of his body was sore; he hurt in places he didn't know he had. His body was a mass of bruises and bandages, and as Danny groggily opened his eyes, he found himself being attended by a ministering angel.

Or, to put it more accurately, Sam was bandaging some of his wounds.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," she grinned. "Glad you could join us."

"How long was I out?" Danny muttered, still half-asleep.

"About three days," Tucker replied, tossing a newspaper at him. "You made the news."

"But Daniel framed me!" Danny couldn't conceal his outrage. "Can't they see that?"

"Relax," Chad said soothingly. "We told them everything. Your name's been cleared."

The relief was evident in Danny's voice. "That's a relief. What about Vlad?"

"Murdered," Dani said flatly. "We think the clone killed him."

"It sounds like the kind of thing he'd do," Danny admitted. "Well, at least he's out of our hair. All the better for us, I say!"

"Frostbite and Queen Dora have returned to the Ghost Zone," Tucker continued. "The Captain opted to stay with us a while."

"Aye!" the aforementioned pirate said exuberantly. "This here human world be full of high-falutin' gadgets and geegaws, an' the best booze, too! Methinks I'll be stickin' 'round here fer a while, yet."

Danny grinned. "We'd be happy to have you."

"Yeah!" Jack Fenton exclaimed from his position by the door. "Any friend of Danny's is a friend of mine!"

"We're so proud of you, sweetie," Maddie said, sniffling. "You're a true hero."

Danny blushed, but then turned an even darker shade of crimson as he caught the look in Sam's eye. "Um, can you guys give us a moment?"

Jack grinned, and Tucker barely concealed his laughter, but Danny's friends respectfully cleared out to give them some privacy. As soon as the door shut, Danny sat up painfully.

"I'm glad you're safe," Danny said with an ocean depth's worth of feeling. "You're my whole world, Sam."

Sam cupped his cheek tenderly. "And you are mine," she said, just before Danny's lips locked with hers.

Casper High, the following morning…

The newly vindicated Danny Phantom touched down in plain sight in front of the school, his backpack dragging at his still-sore shoulders. Today, a return to semi-normalcy was called for; today, Danny returned to class.

The hero groaned as he shifted his schoolbooks under his arm. I've got a hell of a lot of make-up work to do…I'm gonna be swamped.

His thoughts were interrupted as Paulina's voice echoed through the schoolyard like a knell of doom.


The ghost boy in question paled as he saw the mob of crazed fans charging toward him. "Oh, crap!"

And then there were no more words, as Danny Fenton had to save his breath for running.

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