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"You're unsuited for the rage of war".

He walked towards her out of the darkness- that familiar, steely expression in his black eyes. Such coldness in a handsome face. In his right hand he led Khan, saddlebags packed.

Her heart sank.

"Pack up."

She could see the other soldiers' mocking faces- the sneers and taunts that they would make as they watched her take down her tent. Her failure was nothing less than they expected.

"Go home".

All to return disgraced with her tail between her legs, without showing her family her worth. Her baba would ride out in her place, to certain death which she had failed to prevent. She squeezed her eyes shut, anguish washing over her. Hazy images of her father and Shang bobbed before her- disappointment and disapproval etched on their faces. When she opened them, the Captain's face remained- the contempt in his expression sent another wave of pain through her already aching body.

"You're through".

He thrust the reigns into her hand and strode off into the night without a second glance. She watched him go, a deep regret building up inside her. She had so longed to prove herself to him. Pulling Khan towards her, she caught the sob that threatened to spill over and turned towards her tent. A sudden shadow fell over her, and she glanced up. The pole loomed above her, its proud stature taunting her, the arrow gleaming cruelly in the moonlight. . A harsh reminder of her failure.

But not just her failure. She narrowed her eyes and stepped towards it. Stretching out her hand she ran her fingers lightly over the smooth wood, assessing its height and width. She glanced down at the abandoned weights at the foot of the pole- untouched by the recruits for many weeks now. This was her chance. To save not only her father, but herself.

Her mouth twitched into a small grim smile of determination.

Fa Mulan was not defeated yet.