I loved the episode with Breach and Rex. She showed a defiant attitude towards Dr. Holiday and made me wonder why she wanted to have Rex as a toy, or as something to keep. So, I made this prologue to my fanfiction to explain her. I love Breach, she is my favorite female character. I had to create this tribute to her. This is the prologue and chapters will come up, and with proper motivation from reviews, perhaps I could work faster! XD


She stared at the spots the dark shadows touched and where scarce light danced, narrowly missing being touched by the opaque colors. This was her sanctuary for now…dark, secluded, and quiet. A place where she was all alone. Like always.

Not always…only on the inside. On the outside, she looked emotionless and silent, always. When attacking with her fellow Pack members and when she was in the terrible plant life home called Abyus. She felt bad on the inside, always so emotional and unstable. It hurt.

Of course, there was only one emotion that she had not felt, which stabbed her in the back the most…but in a way, it was benefiting her too. The only feeling she had never carried inside her was that secret and mysterious thing deemed love. Love. She was never loved herself, so perhaps that was why she couldn't love. She wondered how it felt. To be loved and to love.

It was terrible. Staying awake, thinking about that deep feeling that dumbfounded her even though she had never touched it once. Sometimes, in broad daylight, she found herself wandering in endless thoughts, mostly all about love. It hurt her, knowing she couldn't feel the one feeling she wanted. Love brought on so many other emotions, ones that she liked too. She wanted love. And she wanted happiness and bliss and pleasure too.

Yet, it was almost satisfying not having this strange emotion inside herself. This way, she could keep out of harm's way, having not to feel another horrible and evil emotion, like the ones she wanted to throw out: anger, sadness, depression. She didn't like any of those. Maybe love hurt. Maybe it was a trick, hidden deep under the surface and so well delicately and deceitfully created, it couldn't be a trap until realized too late.

She shuddered hopelessly.

She had not felt love before, but had felt the emotion before it…what did they call it? Crushed? No…crush! Yes, that was it!

Breach had experienced it in a surprising way. She had seen him only once, for the first time in her life, and right away, she felt it.

The emotion swelled and burst inside her like a balloon.

Every time she let herself think about him or if she somehow saw him, she felt it again. She had a simple crush.

It wasn't that simple, in reality.

This boy-no, he wasn't a boy. You couldn't describe someone like Rex as a boy. He was much more. He was…really perfect, really shiny. And so gloriously lovely.

He was the prettiest thing she had seen in a long time. So pretty…wonderful indeed.

But he couldn't know! He would be horrified at the thought of someone as ugly as her liking someone as perfect as him. But she could see it in his soft, boyish eyes. He was ignorant of his flawless state. How was that possible? How could anyone like him not know of their beauty and personality?

She had taken a big step, coming after him and declaring her need of keeping him. It wasn't her fault. It was a slight mistake. She had to rebuild, sustain herself a little better.

Then, when the time was right, she would come back for him.

Come back and try to win him over.