Author's Note: FINAL CHAPTER.


The Crystalline House was a dream manor. It was constructed of fragile stone and crumbling marble, thick bricks on one side, and glittering glass for the roof. Breach had never seen something so beautiful. She would stare at it more evenly, but Rex said they had to keep on moving. Men. They didn't appreciate gorgeousness when they saw it. There were two men checking invitations at the black gate. Breach remembered the EVOs serving Van Kleiss during his "party". These guys looked nothing like EVOs, or humanoid types. Or maybe they really were? She didn't have more time to think about it because the men accepted their forged invitations and let them in. Six led them forward. As soon as they entered, he was gone.

"A wedding," Dr. Holiday said. It was true. There were glass chandeliers and white tables full of crystal sculptures of beauty. Plus, there was a thick red carpet leading up to a brown and gold stage. Two people were in the center, chatting with a thick lot of guests. They were obviously the bride and groom. Breach couldn't see them clearly, but when she laid eyes on the fuzzy figures, she felt a bloom of familiarity in her stomach. She recognized that shock of dark hair. But where? And that man's faint blue scars… Or was that some kind of food on his face? Breach wasn't sure.

"What's up?" Rex asked her.

"Do those two look familiar?" she inquired.

"Bride and groom? Nah. I've never been to a wedding," Rex said, shrugging his shoulders. Breach recalled that Rex was amnesiac, and couldn't remember even if he went to a wedding in the past. Breach felt guilty for even asking, but it didn't seem to bug him so much, so she forgot about it.

"I'm going to dance!" Kit announced. She turned her head sharply. "Gatlocke, want to be my partner?"

"Not really," he answered.

Kit's eyes flashed. "Seriously? Well, it's time to turn up the charm." She plucked a rose from an occupied table's vase and placed it between her two rows of teeth. The people sitting at the table were somewhat affronted. It looked purely seductive and pretty on her. Her hair went well with the rose's deep coloring, Breach noticed with a hint of envy. She'd kill for looks like her friend's. Gatlocke seemed to be persuaded enough with the rose between her teeth. She rose her eyebrows repeatedly for extra effect.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming," he grumbled. Kit led him away into the pools of dancing people.

"If you're going to be any help," Dr. Holiday began icily, "I suggest you check out this place."

"I will," Breach replied. A fight would only prove the doctor's suspicions. Rex looked like he was going to defend her, but Breach prevented any confrontation from happening.

"I'm going to go to the ladies' bathroom," she suddenly said. She didn't need to use it, but she saw the dark-haired bride slip into the restroom. Breach dissipated into the crowds of dancers, leaving the pair. She hurried to get to the stairs that led to the bathroom; if she got a good look at this lady's face, maybe she would see someone she knew…

It was stupid. She didn't know anyone. Correction; she knew people, but people who weren't affiliated with her any longer. And some were dead as well, she thought with horrible pangs of sadness. Breach finally made it to the bathroom, and didn't try to remember these people.

Inside, it was a tad cold. Breach shivered as if ice were touching bare skin. She didn't see anyone in here. It didn't even sound like someone was using the toilet. She blushed. Maybe it was her imagination. Maybe it was the giddy of going somewhere with Rex, her new boyfriend. Her mind was destined to conjure crazy, false pictures. Breach's shoulders relaxed, although she didn't fully buy this explanation. She needed to leave-

Something struck her skull. It was hard and sharp. Breach cried out in pain. Wet liquid ran down her hair. Oh no. Blood, she thought abruptly, fearfully. Breach was now lying on the clean floor, running her fingers through her slick hair. When she removed her hand, she was grateful to see not blood, but only sanitizer. Breach turned on her back to look at her attacker. The bride stood over her, black hair dropping in front of her eyes like sharp blades. She glared at Breach.

"Stupid girl," she hissed.

"Mind explaining why you hit me with sanitizer?" Breach asked, getting up hurriedly. The bride leaned against the stall wall.

"Haven't recognized me yet, Breach?" she asked.

"I know you," Breach replied, trying to summon her arms. "But I can't pinpoint you exactly…"

"Fool." The woman sounded disappointed. "I'm Veronica. The one who wanted your little boyfriend?"

She knew it! "I'm sorry for interrupting the marriage," Breach said scathingly. The man with the blue scars began to take on the form of Eric. "But I don't think you're willing to marry a servant of yours." With that, she brought out her extra arms. A portal snapped in front her. She would get to Eric quickly, Breach thought. But before she could step in, she was pushed. Breach panicked. She felt herself fall through the portal. She didn't care about that, but she knew Veronica was coming behind her.

Breach shut the portal immediately. The dimension was still moving, though; that meant she was going to arrive at her destination despite closing the first portal. But it was of no avail; she could see Veronica in the dimension.

Breach fell to the floor. Looking around quickly, she saw she was back at the center of the party. People were running towards the exit. At first, Breach didn't know why. Then she got a better glance at her surroundings and saw the electric EVOs hurrying about, trying to slash at the Providence gang. Breach scampered over to them.

"Rex!" she screamed. He seemed to be the one in the most trouble. The EVOs were eager to take hold of him, yet they couldn't place a firm grip. Breach remembered what Veronica wanted.

Breach struggled to get those limbs out of her. She suddenly felt a warm feeling spread throughout her body.

In happened very quickly. One moment, Breach was hoping to send some portals their way, and the next, every single creature was being sucked into a red swirling vacuum. Breach caught a glimpse of fire in the portal. She recognized the screams of the monsters. It had been the same portal she had used to send that EVO to the volcano; the first moment she had come in contact with Rex after hiding.

All the hideous creatures were gone. But Eric remained in the room, trying to sneak away. Breach didn't care where Veronica was; all she cared about was getting rid of the man who was Veronica's servant. Breach had a feeling about him. She knew that annoyed, jealous look in his eyes. The same look Biowulf wore when a new member was brought.

Breach slammed her body against his. He was caught off guard. Did he think he was invisible to them? Breach pinned him down to the clean floor. He appeared confused and paralyzed now. Breach brought her hand down on his neck. His body shook with spasms. Breach had learned the nerve trick from her father. She dug her fingers through Eric's hair and brought extra arms out of her back. A portal formed above their heads. Eric winced in pain as he dragged him to the portal by the hair. He was screaming at her, but she ignored him. At that moment, Breach hated him. She shoved him through the portal.

Breach didn't know where he was going. Abruptly, she wanted to vomit.

She was so dizzy. Her head spun. Some kind of inferno was raging in her body; that's why it felt so hot. Breach attempted to walk towards Rex, but fell. Rex and Kit were at her side immediately. They both bent down at the same time. Rex glared at Kit and said gruffly, "Shove over." Kit sniffed in disapproval, but she got up. She offered Breach a worried glance before going back to Holiday and Agent Six.


"Breach! Oh, man, I'm so glad you're okay," he said, relief evident in his voice. "I was so… Not scared, of course, but I was really worried. Guys like me don't get scared."

Despite the flames in her body, Breach snorted humorlessly. "Nice try, Rex," she gasped.

Six was on his communicator, signaling for Providence soldiers to come. Holiday was saying something to Kit. The Goth girl nodded at whatever Holiday was talking about. They both wore serious expressions.

"Rex, where's Gatlocke?" Breach asked, frowning.

"Imagine that—my girlfriend wondering about some insane guy," Rex murmured darkly, but she could see he was trying to make a joke out of it.

"Well, I'm sorry," Breach said sarcastically, "but it's better than worrying about Kleiss. He would rank higher on the psycho scale."

Rex didn't laugh like she expected him to. "Come on, Breach," he said quietly. "I want to get you to the base."

"Rex?" A lump began to form in her throat. She didn't like his tone. Something was seriously wrong.

"It's cool," he said, still in a small voice. "Six and the others will inspect this place and Holiday will patch you up."

"Oh, no I won't," the doctor snapped, looking at them. "I'm going to stay to help Six."


"I mean it, Six. There are other doctors available," Dr. Holiday said, in an almost angry tone.

Rex looked like he was going to start protesting, so Kit quickly interjected, "Listen to her, Rex. It's her choice; and she's right." Kit didn't sound happy about it all, but wasn't going to begin a fight.

Breach closed her eyes. She was too tired to do or say anything.

Breach opened her eyes. She was in a white room. It was pretty clear she was in the infirmary unit of Providence. Van Kleiss was educated on some parts of the building, and informed the Pack about it. He didn't describe this unit a lot, but at least Breach knew where she was. That was a tiny, comforting fact.

She heard the door open noisily. Breach focused her eyes on a poster of the human body. She was hoping it would be Rex or maybe Kit, but instead it was a doctor. His white coat was a dead giveaway.

"Miss Breach?" the doctor asked hesitantly.

"Yes?" Breach mumbled. She was never at ease with the Providence agents, now that they knew she was on the good side. She had harmed a ton of these people, and probably forced the doctors to do overtime too. She didn't feel guilty, but she was ashamed of herself.

"I'm Dr. Halling. I was tending to you moments before," he explained. "Don't worry, I just used some equipment and a thermometer. I didn't, er, peek."

She flushed. Thank goodness. Breach would have died if she knew some stranger was looking at her beneath the clothes. Of course, he was a doctor, but still.

"What happened to me? I was healthy when we got to the Crystalline House, and now I feel a little exhausted."

"You had too much power in your body at the time. When you saw Rex in danger, your nanites overreacted to create the energy you needed all at once. Not only that, adrenaline was coursing through your veins. This combination proved to be, well, not fatal, but unhealthy. It burned away some of the proteins and nutrients in your body. We had to insert an IV to put more in, but you're all right now."

"Why did my nanites and adrenaline…?" She couldn't finish the sentence. She had never heard a doctor use so many terms.

"It's because you witnessed someone you loved in danger. You didn't even notice the fear and shock going through your body; all you wanted was to get to him."

"How do you know this?" Breach demanded.

"The medical part? Well, I am a doctor," Dr. Halling said, grinning. "And as for the romantic part, the news is all over the place. Everyone in Providence seems to know you two are…together. Sorry about your privacy. But no one will bother you about it."

Breach lowered her head to the pillows. She didn't believe him; but then again, how could she imagine the Providence soldiers teasing them about their relationship? To be honest, the only people she thought who wouldn't accept them as a couple would be Dr. Holiday and Agent Six. He didn't give a lot of trouble about it, but would he ever be comfortable around her? Especially since she fought him when she was with the Pack? Dr. Holiday wouldn't ever like her.

"It's okay," Dr. Halling assured her. "Only people in this base know. Really. Why don't you relax? I'll bring Rex to you, if you'd like."

"Please do," Breach said politely.

When Dr. Halling came back in with her boyfriend, her face lit up. She beamed at the tan boy.

"Hey, Breach. Feeling better?" he asked.

"Sure." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the doctor leave. He shut the door too. Good for him.

"How long you've been awake?" Rex grabbed a chair next to her bedside.

"A couple of minutes. Maybe seconds. What happened after I passed out?" she asked him.

"We got some paramedics from Providence to get you here. Holiday and Six are still checking out the Crystalline House."

"Did you know? The bride was really Veronica. The woman who wants you in her army," Breach said numbly. "That's why she looked familiar to me. I couldn't get a close look at her, though. Eric is an EVO too, and he was pretending to be a groom. I thought those blue electric lines were scars, at first. But what happened to the guests?"

"It was stupid of us not to check them out." Rex paused. "And those guests were really EVOs in disguise. I told Holiday and Six about Veronica. How they attacked us before."

"Rex! You'll get in trouble! Or did they punish you already?" Breach asked. She frowned at him. How could they spend their time together if he was in trouble?

"No. I lied and said that it was recent, although it happened weeks ago. We also forgot to tell them about the attack in my room. Remember when we got back and kissed for the second time? We got so caught up in our troubles we didn't bother to alert them."

"Did you tell them about that?" she asked angrily.

"No. I kept that to ourselves. No worries. No one's in trouble. Knight just wants Veronica and Eric to be caught."

"Eric! I sent him through a portal. What occurred?" Breach wanted to know. She felt bad about bombing him with questions, but it was essential.

"I don't know what happened to him. Maybe you killed him. Maybe you sent him to another state. It's a mystery."

"So… So he got away? He's still lurking about? He's still a threat! It's my fault!" Breach shouted.

"Calm down, or they'll make me leave!" Rex leaned in as he spoke, then kissed the tip of her nose. She smiled happily, but wouldn't let him distract her from her own stupidity.

"I did something terrible. I should have just left him. Instead, being a total dunce, I let him go free," Breach muttered, meshing her fingers together. She wanted to hit herself. She promised to be an asset. She was supposed to help Providence and be good and protect people. But what did she do? She let the bad guy go.

"It's fine. The soldiers were sent to scout the areas."

"Not fine, Rex!" Breach cried. "That's only making things worse. Now those guys are in danger. Now they'll get hurt. Eric doesn't have any limitations. Didn't you see his look? How much he wanted to please Veronica?"

Looking helpless, Rex shook his head.

"He wants to make her happy," Breach replied. "Like Biowulf wants to be Van Kleiss's only good servant. They're both insane like that."

"I see," Rex said. "But we can't do anything. The soldiers are cool with it, but I don't want you out there. You may think you have to fix this mistake, which wasn't your fault, by the way. I don't want you to get hurt. And I won't go either. I want to spend time with you."

Her heartbeat fluttered. "Oh, Rex," she murmured. "I don't either of us to get hurt. But don't you realize that we have to do something? She's not going to waste her time with agents. Eric won't either, because he listens to every order. Veronica wants you."

Rex sighed heavily. Breach briefly thought he was going to release all his oxygen.

"It looks like everyone wants a piece of me," he said unhappily. "First Van Kleiss…then Gatlocke… And now this chick? I think I'll need medication if this act keeps up."

"Shut up," Breach said, but she was teasing. "And Gatlocke's not coming after your pieces. He's Kit's toy now."

"I pity any man that's Kit's toy."

She giggled. "Leave their love alone. They're like us. Except with age differences."

"Maybe we can double-date sometimes," Rex suggested.

"Great idea!" Breach said with real enthusiasm. "There's a movie theater around, right?"

Rex groaned. "I was just kidding! No way am I going on a double-date with those two!"

"I heard you, I heard you. Now, go get Kit. I want to talk to her."

"You don't want to spend time with me?"

"I do, silly. But right now, I need a girl."

"That sounds so wrong," Rex sighed. "But okay. I'll get your friend, and you'll stay here. Then when you're done, I'm coming in."

"I expected as such."

"Bye, Breach. Take it easy. And…I love you."

She blushed. "Me too."

Rex woke up in the morning and got dressed quickly. He was eager to see his new girlfriend. He was on cloud nine whenever he was with Breach. He could tell her everything. He could kiss her. He was comfortable with her.

He remembered Circe. She was pretty, he thought sadly. But she wasn't like Breach. She was stiff and stubborn; Circe refused to bend halfway. She didn't give in and she clearly wasn't going to separate with the Pack. Circe could be nice and hand out some easy tickets, but she would never be with Providence or with him. She refused, time and time again. Rex hated her, but somewhere inside, he still liked her as a friend.

But Breach. She was soft. She was open. She was warm. She had her weaknesses, and she valued friendship. She didn't turn her back on anyone. With the Pack, she did, but only because they weren't her friends. Breach was gentle. She had opened up with Rex. She had nothing to hide. Circe wasn't willing. She wasn't like that at all. They were total opposites. Rex could put so much trust into Breach, but not into Circe. There were tons of reasons why Breach was his girlfriend.

But above all, the main reason was because he did love her.

Bobo snickered as he combed his hair. "Shut up," Rex mumbled.

Rex left his room. He walked through the cold hallways till he stopped at the training room. Breach told him to meet her there, before she left with Kit to their house. Rex was upset when she had to go. It was like a sheet being torn by its stiches. But he knew he'd see her again.

"Breach?" he called as he stepped into the training room.

"I'm here," Breach said woodenly. Rex jumped. He turned around and saw Breach.

She was holding Eric by the shoulders firmly.

"Breach, why are you holding that guy? Isn't he a villain?"

"He is," another voice said coldly. Rex looked in front of him to see Kit. She was dressed in black. No splash of purple, dark blue… That was unusual for her.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you," Breach said. "But we needed to keep this a secret."

Rex suddenly noticed that Eric was bound. His hands were tied behind his back and tape covered his mouth.

"What the? Breach, what's up? Why is he here?" Rex didn't like seeing this guy. Suddenly, he felt more suspicious than ever.

"Rex," a new voice said. "You're the one I want."

"Veronica," Rex breathed. He saw the woman step out of the shadows.

"Kit and I left the house around midnight and were able to track down Eric through the portal," Breach explained. "We restrained him and had him send a message to Veronica."

"I came to get a glimpse at my future soldier," Veronica announced. "I know you wanted me to get Eric, but to tell you the truth… I could care less."

With that, the energy in the room warped. Rex was thrown to the side. He saw Veronica with palms out, black fire dancing about. She unleashed those flames on Breach, but she avoided them. Rex felt a swell of pride. She sure knew how to fight!

Breach pushed Eric to Kit, who caught him easily. She dragged him out of Rex's sight. Rex got up and tried to get Veronica, but the woman kept ducking and moving. He transformed his arm into a sword. Rex slashed it around a few times for effect, then ran towards the brunette. She moved to the side as if she were letting someone pass by. Rex collided with the wall. He heard metal being scraped off. His jacket was now torn, and he had a few cuts.

Breach and Veronica battled. Rex was about to step in again, but Kit shook her head. Suddenly, she was standing next to him. Eric was in her snake-like grip. He was struggling, but was unable to get away.

"Let them fight," Kit whispered to him. "When I say go, you will use your sword on Veronica."

Rex nodded. He threw a withering glance at Eric. He didn't like the guy for assisting Veronica, but felt bad for him. He wasn't cared for by his mistress. Just a pawn. And not only that, he was being held captive by a nineteen-year-old girl.

Breach was a swirl and splash of dark red. The color of blood, Rex thought, his stomach churning uneasily. And Veronica was like a flying raven, dodging attacks swiftly with grace. She was dark and deep. So were her black flames. Rex didn't understand how these girls could keep moving so quickly. He could barely see them. They blurred with speed. They moved like time didn't exist, and their attacks stood out in bold color. Yet he could clearly see Breach wasn't going to keep this up forever. She was defense. She had no attacks. He had to do something.

"It's too bad," Rex said out loud. "Eric has set a low standard for bosses."

He witnessed a soft, ugly blush grow on Veronica's face.

"Now!" Kit screeched.

Rex had his arm as a sword in a matter of minutes. He charged towards Veronica, and slashed. He could feel the sword making contact with the woman's skin. Veronica screamed. She fell to the floor. Blood decorated metal. Rex felt a little sick. Breach dropped from midair, resuming a defensive position. Kit cried out. They both turned to see Eric coming at them. Rex didn't waste time; he sliced at the servant as soon as he came in close.

A horrible shrieking sound filled the room. Rex saw blue blood flow out of the wound from Eric's chest. He tried to staunch the liquid with his fingers, but failed. It was difficult for him, as his hands were tied together. The tape that had been across his mouth was gone. It was on the floor. A look of fear was upon his face. Rex swallowed.

"Give up," he said in a strong voice. "Surrender and you won't die. We'll have you patched up and keep you in a cell. Somewhere safe. You won't be able to see Veronica; she won't be able to boss you around anymore."

Eric looked up. His eyes were emotionless, but the fear was still there. Another emotion appeared as well. Rex couldn't pinpoint it exactly.

Eric got up. Rex readied his sword.

"I have made my decision," he said sullenly. Rex's eyes widened. Good. Providence was going to have to make room for another bad guy.

"I hate you," Eric shouted.

Before Rex could do anything, he slammed into Breach. She skidded across the floor. There was no blood, thankfully. Breach just looked a little dazed. Rex's rage flared like humming fires.

"Calm down!" Rex screamed. He was going to hurt that guy. Bad.

"Run, sweetheart! Escape!" Eric cried. "Run before they harm you!"

Everyone stared at Veronica. She snorted, an unexpected response.

"I made a huge mistake," the woman said, sneering at Eric. "I should have gotten someone more stronger to do this job. I wanted you to get this boy, but instead, you get yourself captured."

Eric's face fell. He looked…crushed. Destroyed.

Rex felt his anger weaken. He had called Veronica "sweetheart". He had loved her, he could see now. It was not only a servant's love, but a special kind of love. He kept Veronica in his heart. He loved her like Rex loved Breach. He wondered how badly this could have hurt Eric, to be told he was worthless by someone he thought he could trust. If Breach did that to Rex, he wouldn't be able to bear it.

"Eric, please give in," Breach said. "Come to Providence. This woman has degraded you in front of us. She called you her pawn. Why would you continue to beat yourself up by being her servant? Please don't make us hurt you. Just come quietly."

And her tone was so sweet, so fair, so firm, Rex almost believed that Eric would do as she suggested.

"Veronica," Eric said quietly, "I love you. I don't care what you say. I want you forever."

With that, he stepped in Breach's direction. "I'll kill her for you," he promised. It was official. He wasn't giving up.

Rex shut his eyes. No one would get near her. It just hurt to know he was going to do this to a weak, used man.

"Sorry, Eric," Rex said slowly. "But you had enough chances." With that, he brought out his sword.

"Going to kill me?" Eric smiled at him.

"I'm just going to bring you back to the prison. That's it." Rex raised his sword.

But before that could happen, black flames erupted from the floor. The metal padding was melted off instantly to reveal the true black floor. Rex got out of the way of the flames. The dark fire slithered towards Eric and wrapped around his body. He didn't scream.

The flames grew to be so incredibly bright, Rex had to turn away. When the light faded away, he looked to see where Eric was. There was no Eric. In his place was a pile of burnt ashes, still smoking,

Rex turned on Veronica. "Why did you do that?" he demanded. "You couldn't just let him get captured? I can't…" There was no way to get Veronica to understand what she had done.

"I kidnapped him from his home," Veronica said, looking right into his eyes. She ignored Breach's glare and Kit's strong gaze. "And turned him into a weapon. I want the same with you."

"Never going to happen," Rex snarled. Breach advanced on Veronica.

"I always disliked meddlers from Providence. That's why I don't want any of you to take me. I'd rather kill myself."

She smiled like an angel. Wings could have sprouted from her back. Rex gaped as Veronica started to scream. Her mouth was twisted into a frightening O and her eyes were wide. Black pools of darkness stared at him. Veronica's slim and tall body was twisting and turning, taking on an impossible shape. She was now a delicate doll, being torn and ruined. Veronica stopped screaming. She fell to the floor. Her body looked like a pile of worn-out rubber. Rex resisted the urge to throw up.

"What did she do?" Breach asked, horrified.

"She died," Kit said in an equally stunned voice.

"That's…sick." Rex's sword changed back to a hand. He swallowed and looked at Breach. Then at Kit. After that, he looked back at the charred pile that used to be Eric. And then he stared at Veronica's corpse.

"I'm gonna faint like a fairy princess," Rex said out loud.

The darkness rushed up to greet him as he neared towards the floor.

The last person he saw was Breach.

"I'm fine, Doc," Rex protested. "Really."

Dr. Holiday took on a pouty expression, but drew back. "All right, Rex. I believe you. I can't believe you've healed so quickly."

"It's a miracle," Rex said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "Now let me up."

Dr. Holiday said nothing as she got out of his way. Rex rose from the white bed and walked steadily towards Breach.

The girl's heart started to beat wildly. Rex grinned, flashing his teeth at her. Dr. Holiday crossed her arms and stared at a clipboard that was on a desk. She didn't comment or glare at Breach, which was good. When she and Kit brought Rex to the woman, she had started a large commotion. The soldiers had to restrain her because she was beginning to show traits of violence. Dr. Holiday never said sorry for her behavior. Breach knew it wasn't her fault. She did what she could.

She and Rex left the infirmary.

"It's weird," he was saying. "First you were in there, and now I am."

"Not anymore," Breach reminded him. "You're allowed to go back to your room after today."

"Good. My injuries weren't even serious."

"You had some head trauma," Breach said crossly. She couldn't believe her boyfriend would think of head trauma as nothing special. But he worked at Providence; he had to be used to it.

"It's nice to put things behind us," Rex said as they strolled down the halls. "After this, I'm going to shoot some hoops with Noah. He's been dying for details."

Breach grinned. "Center of attention, right?"


No one got to see Rex after the incident. Only the doctors. He had to go to the ER, but was transported back to the infirmary after the small operation. Breach was held back by Kit. She had wanted to see him at the time. When Kit had dragged her away, she saw lots of bandages on Rex.

It had been one of the worst assignments she had ever been given. True, it had been her first at Providence, but it was horrible all the same. A ton of doctors examined the room and the remains. They came to a conclusion.

"Eric was murdered by Veronica," Dr. Halling said. "Very obvious, but Veronica was more interesting."

"What happened to her?" Breach had demanded.

"She had great mental powers. She forced her mind to collapse in on itself. years of memories and pain and command smashed the other side of her mind. It was too much for her to handle. Veronica's brain shut down, thus causing her body to be nothing more than a corpse. She basically committed suicide, but in the worst possible way."

Breach couldn't imagine a villain taking their own life. She was horrified at the aspect of anyone doing such a thing. Veronica must have been in a lot of pain. But she deserved it, for all the havoc and misery she brought about. Eric had been a victim.

The training room had been cleaned and redone. Kit claimed it needed a makeover anyway. No one got in too much trouble. As a matter of fact, she and Kit were sort of famous in the Providence base. Although Knight had been ticked off that Rex had gotten hurt and the girls had lied, he was glad that Veronica had been taken care. Even if they didn't get rid of her, he was still pleased that she was gone. Breach was even allowed a room here. It was right next to Rex's, to her satisfaction. They both had to clean out the urinals, but it was worth it. Knight was beginning to trust them. Six gave them both short lectures, but said it wasn't too bad for an amateur, stupid idea.

Dr. Holiday didn't speak to Breach for about three weeks. Breach didn't care. She only worried about Rex.

"Where are we going anyway?" Rex asked.

"We're going to see Gatlocke and Kit," Breach replied. "I told you that already."

"Yes, but you've got this smug look on your face. I don't trust you."

"My own boyfriend doesn't trust me?" She feigned hurt. "That's terrible!"

Rex laughed. "Let's hurry. I've got a busy schedule. You know how popular I am."

"We're seeing our friends, then you're meeting Noah, and then we're getting ice cream. And then we'll brush our teeth and go to sleep," Breach said, ticking off their plans for the day. "It's barely a schedule."

"I never was going to brush my teeth," Rex said.

They eventually got to Gatlocke's room on the cell floor. This was still his room, but no one was complaining. Breach knocked. She could hear Kit giggling inside. Did Rex hear it too? That would spoil the surprise.

The door opened.


At that moment, bright streamers were thrown into the air. Confetti rained down. Rex looked shocked.

Breach smiled, triumphant. She watched as her boyfriend took in the scenery. Breach was pleased with herself. It had been Kit who had gotten the cake, but Breach was in charge of it all. Gatlocke helped with a few decorations. To be completely honest, all he did was tape a few balloons to his room.

For a full glass of iced tea, he would put up the sign.

But Breach didn't give him the drink. She placed all the decorations accordingly and even paid for half of them. Kit offered to get the rest of the purchases. She was rich, Breach had realized weeks too late. She appreciated the effort everyone put in to the planning, though.

Rex walked to the end of the room. There was a table full of sweets, drinks, and a small cake with frosting. On the surface, it said, Get well, Rex!

"You guys did this?" he asked. He was resisting the urge to blush, Breach could see.

"All for you," Breach said happily. "Everyone pitched in. Even Gatlocke, but he wanted a bribe just to put the balloons up."

Rex glanced at the red and orange balloons. "Did you give it to him?"

"No way."

"I am holding a grudge against you now," Gatlocke announced. He got up from his bed and crossed his arms. Kit pat his shoulder.

"Please, sweetheart," she said. "You can't hold a grudge if it's a bribe you didn't get."

He deflated.

"Thanks a ton, you guys," Rex said. "I didn't think you'd do something like this."

"You're correct," Kit laughed. "It was Breach who begged us."

"Well, that was almost a perfect moment," Rex mumbled.

"Stop mumbling," Breach ordered. "Try the cake." She swiftly cut a large portion and handed it to him on a plate.

He took a few bites, then set the plate down. "It's pretty good. It's my favorite, starting right now."

"So why aren't you eating more?" Breach inquired, raising her eyebrows.

He grinned. "So I can do this."

Rex wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips to hers. She gasped, but did not do anything. She savored their kiss.

"Would it be corny of me to say 'You're the best'?" Breach asked.

"No," Rex said, smiling. "No, it wouldn't."

They kissed again.



Three hundred miles away, a man with dark, red hair lifted his head. His mind was operating once more.

It took only a few seconds for his mind to point out what directions he had to follow in order to escape the EVOs chasing him down.

These were the same directions that would lead him to Providence.

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