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Lelouch watched as dry, brown leaves rolled across the cracked cement, outside of the Ashford Academy. School was out for a while. His mind kept popping back and forth between this morning's earlier events and now. A low knock seemed to drive away his thoughts.

"Come in." He called, not taking his eyes off the leaves. He heard the lock slowly turn and creak into place. The door squeak open then it was followed by a low hum of electricity. When he heard the low hum, he turned away from the window.

"Hey, Nunnally. What's up?" He smiled.

"Lelouch, are you okay? You seemed a little upset when you got home today. Did everything go okay at school?" She quietly asked. What was he suppose to say? 'Everything went well until Suzaku asked me something'? Yeah, how well would that go over with Nunnally? "I'm sorry, if I worried you. Everything's fine. It had been bothering me, but knowing I have you here made it seem insignificant. Thank you." Nunnally tilted her head. "Do you want to talk about it?" Lelouch shook his head, sending his black locks into a wave across his face. "No, it's okay. Let's go have some tea, okay?" He stood up, walked behind her wheelchair, and wheeled her down the hall to the dinning room.

When he walked in, there was already a steaming pot. "Well, some one had already thought that we'd be in here." Lelouch laughed as he wheeled Nunnally's wheelchair to the end of the dinning room table. After Nunnally was situated, he made his way over to the tray. He stared at it for s couple seconds, before firmly grasping it in his hands. The tray clattered as he set it down on the table. He took his place at the table and began to pour two cups of tea. He and Nunnally were talking about their day at school, minus the short break he and Suzaku had taken, when a low knock interrupted them.

"Come in." Again the lock clicked and squeak into place. Then walked in Sayoko. "Sorry, to interrupt you, but you have a visitor." Nunnally tilted her head slightly, with her version of a confused face. "Were you expecting anyone, Lelouch?" Lelouch blinked a few times, trying to guess who it could be. "Bring them in and bring in another cup. I have a feeling their going to be here a while." He sighed. She nodded before trotting back down the hall. "Do you have an idea on whose here?" "More or less." A minute later, she came back to the small dinning room. Lelouch stood up as the creaked open again."Whose here, Lelouch?" "Welcome, Suzaku. To what do we owe this surprise?" Lelouch tried to sound as formal as he possibly could. The look on Suzaku's face was of utter confusion."Lelouch, why are you acting so weird around Suzaku?" Nunnally questioned. Lelouch mentally smacked himself, after realizing that he should act like usually did."Anyway, Suzaku, come in and have a seat." Lelouch smiled reverting back to the way he usually acted around him.

Suzaku happily took a seat next to Lelouch. Instinctively, his hand took hold of Lelouch's smaller and paler hand, linking them together with intertwining fingers. Lelouch leaned on his shoulder, listening to Nunnally how happy she was that Lelouch and Suzaku were dating. Suzaku stayed for dinner, his hand never left Lelouch's for a second. After Nunnally was securely asleep in bed and the plates were cleared, Lelouch and Suzaku laid in Lelouch's room. Lelouch was almost engulfed by Suzaku's arms. Suzaku twirled little pieces of Lelouch's black hair between his fingers. Everything was peaceful in their eyes. Curled together while watching a movie."Hmmm." Lelouch sighed, contently. "Lelouch, is something the matter?" Suzaku asked. Lelouch turned a little to gaze into Suzaku's dark green eyes."I was just thinking how peaceful this is, and how much I love you." Suzaku grinned, leaned in and planted a kiss on his temple."I love you, too." He buried his face in Lelouch's hair.

After the movie was over, Suzaku released Lelouch's tiny frame and walked over to the window."Hey, Lelouch. It's pretty out, do you want to go out and enjoy it?" He looked at the clock on his dresser. A little bit passed ten."Sure." He took hold of Suzaku's hand and headed outside. The moon was full, slightly engulfed by translucent clouds. Stars decorated to night sky like a bejeweled shirt. The low hum of cars driving by, either on their way home or to work, was like music specifically made for them. Lelouch leaned his head against Suzaku's shoulder, and looked up at the starry sky."Could tonight get any better?" He sighed. Suzaku lead him over to a stone bench. Of course, every time he and Suzaku went out on dates, Suzaku never seemed to amazing him."There is one more thing that could make this night a little bit more special." Suzaku's free hand dived into his pocket."And what's that?" Lelouch questioned, never taking his eyes off the sky."Close your eyes, Lelouch."He did what he was told. He could feel Suzaku move around."Okay, Lelouch, open your eyes." He slowly opened his violet eyes to find his on one knee. In his hand was a little black box. Lelouch looked at the tiny box and then at Suzaku."Lelouch, I know we've been dating for several years. It took me a while to get enough money and to build up the courage to ask, but Lelouch Lamperouge, in a few months, when school is over, will you marry me?" He stared into Lelouch's shocked violet eyes, waiting for an answer.

After a while of silence, Suzaku started to freak out."I knew it; I asked to early, I'm sorry. Forget I ever asked." Before Suzaku could shove the box back in his pocket, Lelouch tried to enclose Suzaku's tan hand in his pale one."Suzaku, read my lips." Suzaku was still on one knee, Lelouch's hand slightly encasing his own, when Lelouch gave his answer by passionately kissing Suzaku. They pulled away, so only their foreheads were touching."So, I'll take that as a 'yes'." Suzaku smiled. Lelouch slightly laughed, he released Suzaku's hand. He looked at the box as Suzaku opened it. Inside was a simple ring. A gold band with one tiny diamond in the middle. Suzaku took the tiny ring and slid it into place on Lelouch's tiny finger. After the ring was securely on his finger, a giant smile made its way across both Lelouch, and Suzaku's faces.