"Dave, what in this world are you doing?" Nina asked from the doorway, where she stood with her hands on her hips. "I told you to come help me prepare the ham!"

Standing up, Dave carefully hung his old blue jumpsuit back in the closet. "Sorry Nina. I was just looking at this thing. I kinda miss those days, don't you?"

"Yes, Dave, I do. And that is exactly why I want your help with the ham! Rich, Scott and Smitty will be here in less than two hours. This will be the first time they've ever been to our house, and I want to make a good impression! Now move!"

Nina playfully hit Dave in the back of the head. She stood in the kids' playroom, staring at the wall. Suddenly she cocked her head to the side. Was that a doorbell? So soon? She ran downstairs as fast as humanly possible. She opened the front door and saw...her son.

"Dean! Why are you outside?" She asked as she drug the snow covered boy inside.

"Emily told me to go get the mail, then locked the door behind me," he whimpered.

"Oh...well...go change clothes. The Mov- I mean- the guys will be here soon. Go!" As Dean ran upstairs, Nina went to find her oldest child. She found the 8 year old reading a magazine on the couch.

"Emily, what did I tell you about locking your brother out?"

"You told me to never do it..."

"Is it going to happen again?"



Nina went to the kitchen. Dave was cutting pineapple to go around the ham, although most of it was going in his mouth. She checked everything quickly. So far everything was going smoothly. Well! Maybe this was going to be an accident free Christmas eve!


The doorbell rang. Nina ran to the door.

"Rich! Scott! Smitty! It's so good to see you guys again!"

"Hey, you too, Nina. And Merry Christmas!" Rich said as he hugged her.

Nina hugged Scott and Smitty, too. She stood back, and looked at them. They'd changed so much since their days in the Warehouse!

Scott's hair had been cut long ago. It was now short, spiky, and blonde. Smitty's hair was longer now. It had more of a Zac Efron style to it.

But Rich looked exactly the same.

After dinner, the five of them sat around, talking.

"Guys, don't you ever miss the good old day?" Rich asked.

Scott looked up from his book. "Yeah. I do. I'd love to go back to the Warehouse. Just to see what's being done with it now."

"Yeah. It'd be fun!" Dave said, immediately jumping up. "I really miss that place."

Nina burst his bubble. Guys, the Warehouse is such a long way away now. We could never just up and go like that. We all have jobs. Dave, you couldn't leave your restaurant for that long. And Rich, you martial arts school. Smitty's guitar shop would need him, and Scott, you know you wouldn't leave your burro farm for that long."

The guys sighed. Nina was right. Or was she?

Nina looked at Smitty. He had that "deep in thought" look on his face.

"Smitty, what are you thinking."

"I was thinking, that we might just have one last Idea Emergency to solve."

Author's note:

Yes yes. I know. I said that this was going to be the last one. But then I got this really cool idea! It might take a while, but I have another Mover story in the works! Stay tuned...