Rising in Forks

Part 1 – Catching Up

20 years had passed since that night in the woods with the Volturi yet it only felt like yesterday to me, I was still getting used to my new durable body, the old clumsy, awkward Bella was never going to return, I was now inhuman with almost super reflexes and I could sense everything around me, it was like I had been awakened. I was however feeling empty from the events of the recent months.

Edward; my darling Edward did everything as usual to please me, he even took to hunting for the both of us and storing the blood at our cottage, but me on the other hand would usually love to hunt, I'd been getting the hang of it now, although I still look like I've been dragged through a hedge backward once I had caught my prey. Edward was as usual the epitome of perfection not even spilling a drop of blood and his clothes were spotless.

The reason for all the over the top attention from my dedicated and loving husband was two fold and something I haven't spoken about since it happened; not even to Edward. He told me once that after a few decades everyone you love will be gone and he was obviously going to be right, three years ago my father Charlie had passed on. We had been living away in Alaska at the time and it kills me that I was not here to care for him, he must have suffered so much inside; for me my pain comes from the knowledge of finding out that he had cancer and never told us. I just…well…I could have done something; anything. Of course whenever I thought now because I had given myself completely and willingly to Edward at the slightest hint of these thoughts he was suddenly at my side showering me with comforting kisses and the tenderest of embraces.

If only dad could have told us then we could have come back and stayed hidden in the cottage whilst taking care of him; he knew the risks for us by then, the non-ageing gave it away. I still remember him nearly having a heart attack when Jake phased in front of him. Although he said he didn't want to know at the time, the ice cold and pale white skin, my new red and then golden eye colour meant he couldn't help but play detective. He was in denial at first "vampires…oh come on Bell's you gotta give me a better excuse than that" Edward told him the long twisted stories of the past about the newborns and the treaty with the wolves, I mean it was easy for him to believe Jake; not that he wanted to. It was only easier for me to bear the burden of his illness as I knew that Nessie, my half human, half vampire daughter and my best friend Jacob were living on the reservation at the time. But it still kills me that he felt that he couldn't tell anyone. I have even thought that if we knew, he could have had the choice like me to join our immortal and slightly dysfunctional family, it was too late now for that; he was gone and never coming back. We did attend the funeral in Forks from a distance as most of the local would have easily recognised me and the fact that I still look like I am 18 frozen in time would have sent a few of my friends parents into shock at their age. We stood at the edge of the woods like shadows in the mist. Fortunately you could always count on the weather in Forks to be gloomy.

The second reason for my sadness of late was that me gorgeous daughter also distraught by her grandpa's death, had been imprinted on by my best friend Jake. I still could easily tear him limb from limb for that. The thought that he had kissed me and….."Bella please don't think those things its bad enough being able to hear my daughters and Jacob's loving, yet sordid intentions for each other I don't need to be reminded of that night" Edward bellowed out from the next room. If I find it difficult to stomach then I cannot imagine what Edward feels like sometimes. Now Renesmee was grown into a lovely young woman with poise and dignity about her and Jacob was free to make that move that he had been waiting for all these years. The protector would now become the lover and friend. I remembered Jake telling me all those years ago about Quil and Claire who was 2 at the time. Jake and Nessie had moved away as well which must have broke dad's heart, she started college and Jake followed her like the good faithful puppy he is! I am so very proud of her to be able to complete her education and then decide on her future but also knowing that Jake would be loyal to her and protect her all the time was more reassuring. She was at Dartmouth spending her daddy's money; well we sure as hell didn't need it so she might as well enjoy herself, at least she is staying in her own house there with no nosy friends. Alice keeps a watchful eye on her future too although I'd rather not hear some of the things they have planned! Alice and Jasper were close we are never quite sure where but they can be reached by their cell if we need them. Rosalie and Emmett had stayed in Alaska as Emmett liked the "wildlife" up there and our kind don't have to hide as much, the weather is always cloudy and cold.

Esme and Carlisle were actually back in Forks with us now they had taken up the house again however it was much quieter for them. They had just come back from another honeymoon of their own which they enjoyed immensely on Isle Esme; although Esme wasn't to happy when the cleaning lady had quit due to believing evil spirits had possessed the place and a hefty bill for all the mess Edward and I caused on our honeymoon. I have some very mixed human memories of that place, both eternal bliss and horrific pain. Edwards stunning model-esque naked form as he walked from the sea in the moonlight I have never been able to shift from my mind and I don't want it to go either as so many memories had since my transformation.

The one thing I had remembered was my best friend Angela and whilst running a few errands in town and trying to keep a low profile I found myself heading towards her house; the lambo wasn't exactly a subtle car in forks to drive. But something made me want to catch a glimpse of her. Deep down I knew she would have moved away like Jessica and Mike did when they went to college, she was always going to study photography and journalism or at least that was the original plan. The house was still there a little run down and a car in the drive that was more modern that I'd expected. I parked a little down from the house and crept up to the window. I saw a girl standing in front of the fire place, she was young, pale and had her head bowed. Her eyes were closed and her hands were palm up by her sides. And just at that moment I was face to face with Edward lying on the bed at the cottage. He was softly stroking my face and talking on his cell at the same time thanking whomever was at the other end. I had lost a whole part of my day, this was seemingly impossible for a vampire as nothing except other vampires and werewolves should be able to hurt our kind and my shield repels everything so no one except Edward can get into my thoughts.

When I was back on my feet and in …. urgh not again. What is it with this family and satin night dresses! Not that I slept anymore but I can guarantee it was from Alice's original wardrobe choices when they unveiled our adorable cottage to me as a wedding present. I looked straight into Edward's eyes and asked if Alice had been here looking down and around at my bright blue dress, he chuckled "well not here in person but of sorts yeah she was"

"what do you mean by that Edward, my heads fuzzy, no riddles tonight please" He smiled eyeing me up and down "please don't object to the dress, it was one of my fonder memories of you once you had just changed and we went hunting, you tore the other to shreds and I like the fell of it between our skin. I wanted to put you in something more comfortable until you came round; you gave Alice and me quite a scare"

I couldn't resist that crooked smile so I forgave him easily "do you know what happened?" I asked "I got a frantic call from Alice saying you were going to pass out outside Angela's old house, I knew you had the grey lambo from the Cullen garage so I ran instead, at first I thought Alice was trying to wind me up but I could read her mind and she was extremely worried. When I got there you were indeed on the floor in a heap, I couldn't wake you and I heard a ringing in my ears so I popped you in the car and sped home, I've just got off the phone from taking to Alice" Edward was looking at me intensely, looking to see if there was any damage? Emotionally? I wasn't sure really but I'm glad he was there.

We were sitting on the bed just staring at each other for a while " I cant believe how lucky I am to have you, there is no way I'm letting you out of my sight for a few days" he swung that crooked smile my way and I just melted; a thousand emotions exploded into one with that smouldering look. He took his hand from my knee up the outside of my thigh until it slid effortlessly under the satin dress; which did feel exquisite against my skin now he was there. His hand was perched now on my hip under the dress and he gently lifted me further onto the bed and we laid together with him half over me his hand still on my hip as if he could control my world from there. The sun glistened through the open bedroom glass doors and I the mirror I could see his whole back shimmering with diamonds and from my toes to my exposed right hip was all a glow. His soft kisses still made me feel dizzy with pure pleasure he started with my lip then my chin and under my jaw bone, down and along my collar bone, he came back to my neck and his breath even though warm to me now I was a vampire was sending intense shivers down my spine, I just wanted him right now my body ached to feel him inside me again, I was so much more aware of all my sense now and I wanted MORE, much more. I started to hitch up my dress dragging the satin over my skin, it felt silk and smooth as it traced my contours it help keep the fire burning inside me.

"Oh there is something I forgot to tell you" he muttered, damn he knew just when to put out my fire, could my day get any worse!

"before I drove away I saw something and I'm still not sure what to make of it" Edward looked perplexed; no wonder he wasn't concentrating properly on me before "what is it Edward, come on spit it out why don't you or did you get me all worked up for nothing"

"I saw someone in the house a young woman about 18 years old I would say" "yes I saw that too right before it happened" I answered "at first I thought that it was the daughter of the owner and then she turned around" he paused "come on Edward, the suspense is killing me, so you saw a girl did she sprout wings or something?"

"No Bella the point is… it WAS Angela"