Part 3 – It's been so long

I'm not gonna lie I was majorly nervous even though I was this "powerful vampire" I really didn't know what to say or how to conduct this meeting. Where did I even start; does she know that vampires exist? Edward was obviously listening in again as his head cocked up and to the side. Within seconds he was at my side and suggested some fresh air. Huh that's a joke I don't need air to live anymore, but the thought was nice so I indulged him with a walk to clear my thoughts.

It wasn't s much of a walk, we exited Carlisle and Esme's home and no sooner had I jumped from the last step I didn't touch the ground. Edward had scooped me up in his arms; even though I was more than capable of running myself, it was nice to just stare at his beauty for what felt like seconds and I had no idea where he was taking me, nor did I care at that very moment. We were alone, with no cares in the world. This was the feeling I always got from his loving golden eyes. I knew he would not bump into anything as he never did, even when he was staring at me the whole time.

When we finally stopped and the world stopped blurring by, I realised quickly that we were in our meadow. It had been a while since we had been here; he laid me on the soft grass amongst the flowers and daisies (coming from Arizona I didn't really know anything about flowers so as long as they looked nice it was great). He lay on his side beside me and ran his fingers softly from my neck down following the contours of my body and down my leg. My body quivered with passion and all the tension just fizzed away from my mind, my back arched in eager agreement to is touch and I started to bite my bottom lip through the pleasure, "I think we have some unfinished business" Edward spoke gently and seductively "I'm shocked Mr Cullen" I replied softly still writhing under his touch "what do you take me for? After all it is broad daylight and we are in a very public meadow!" I gave him a sexy smirk and he continued to tease me this time with kisses along my neck and across my stomach as he lifted my little grey tank top up "I'm pretty sure no one will see us, we are right up in the cloud bank remember, you have to be pretty super human to find us and anyway" he continued between his kisses "if anyone did find us they could join us for 'lunch'" he looked up and gave me that utterly gorgeous crooked smile. I knew he was kidding there is no way he would bite a human, but we could disappear faster than lightening so I fancied our chances. I just let myself completely go to him in mind and soul and I realised as soon as we were "connected" through our minds as his kisses came quicker and more urgent and his hands moved to cup my breasts. He could tell clearly in his mind just how much this excited me and that always pushed him further too. If for one minute he knew I was thinking about something else he would stop, but that would never happen, I don't know how anyone could resist what he was making me feel right now, and what my mind was thinking of doing to him! Maybe that's what had him so aroused and seemingly urgent I actually loved this part about our "connection", it was easier when he knew just how I liked things or what I preferred. The feelings were so intense I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and slid them off; I hadn't noticed that he was already unbuttoned, he quickly discarded my underwear and gently slid on top, he kissed me passionately and moved gently; I was completely lost in ecstasy and my head spun. I was feeling these sensations for what felt like hours until I heard some voices.

"I'm pretty sure that's north?" one spoke

"No it's definitely east. I'm the one with the compass remember" said the other. Edward suddenly was on alert, although he did not lift his head I could feel him sensing what was going on in their heads, he looked up at me smiling with his eyes and put his finger over his mouth to make a "shhh" face without the noise, I smiled and tried to convey understanding in my eyes and not the giggling that was going on behind them. Almost caught with our pants down; as the saying goes and by two humans as enlightening as the feelings I was experiencing were to me and Edward I don't think they would have felt the same way. He gestured to be ready to make a run for it but the voices trailed off we were safe in the deep grass and just then I realised that they would have had a complete view of Edward naked sparkling body as he lay on top of me. I couldn't help but giggle then and Edward laughed like school children; not too loud however we didn't want them turning back. "Mrs Cullen I do believe we should take this back to our cottage before we really do get caught" I smiled at him "that might be a good idea, I'm sorry I got carried away" "don't be" he cut me off "we both followed our senses and urges, you should know by now that as a vampire sometimes an animalistic urge is hard to resist". That word 'animalistic' and the way it dripped from Edwards lips just made me want to throw him back down right here; I cleared my head for a second "well its 12 noon and we've got about one and three quarter hours until I have to be ready to meet Angela" my eyes and smile gave him all he needed to know and as we were already redressed except Edwards shirt was wide open and the sun was sparkling off the surface which distracted me always, I was knocked off my feet again and we were racing at some speed towards the cottage. My mind was in sync with Edwards and he knew what I wanted, I guessed he was only too happy to oblige me. We rushed through the door and straight into the bedroom "now where do you want me to start" he said.

I laid on the bed, my head swirling in a good way, I knew I had to get up and meet Angela but it wouldn't take long to get ready and drive into town, so I slipped into my jeans and picked up a green tank and shirt to cover just like the old Bella would look and how I looked when I was being comfy or reminding myself of home. Edward kissed me and said "I won't be far; I will be able to hear the conversation and what Angela is thinking so you will be safe"

"SAFE" I repeated "I'm a vampire why the hell wouldn't I be safe! I can take care of myself now Edward; but I like that you will be close its still comforting" he smiled back. I hopped in the Chevvy which amazingly still ran and was stored in the Cullen garage mostly.

I pulled in at the dinner and walked in, I took a seat in the corner out of the way from most of the customers there. Angela walked in; it was like déjà vu just when we were in school again. She caught my eye and walked over.

"Bella, ohmigod it's so great to see you, I was glad when you contacted me, I never see any of the old gang anymore. It's been so long since we've seen each other"

"It's good to see you too" was all I could muster

"Talking of seeing, your eyes are such a golden colour, didn't they used to be brown?" here we go I thought so I decided to tread carefully and instigate the lie that Edward had told me.

"Yeah after the wedding I became very anaemic and my blood went all funny the docs said it changed the pigment in my eyes" even I didn't know if that was possible but hopefully neither did Angela.

"And you…how did you keep looking so young, I mean its been 20 years and you're looking good, what's you're secret?"

"Speak for yourself; you look wonderful how is Edward I presume you guys are still together?" great deflection of that question, but no signs of fear she was bordering on the edge of cocky which was a little unlike Angela.

"Edward is fine, we are visiting Carlisle and Esme, how about you; what brings you back to Forks?" I'm packing up the house my mom and dad split and neither wanted to come back to face the memories of their old life together so I opted to come and clear up a few things".

"Clear up; yeah that sounds familiar" I said trying not to stare at her "hmmm" was all she could make in response then "oh I'm truly sorry about your Dad, he was just so nice"

"That's ok Angela I dealt with that a long time ago; I still miss him but it's easier now" I almost felt like my best friend was showing herself again with so much compassion for my loss, she was dodging my questions so I was going to have to take a more direct approach. "Can we take a walk" I said "it's a little crowded in here" I actually meant that it would be easy for other customers to hear us if we were actually going to tell each other the truth.

"Of course, we can sit on the bench outside where it's much quieter" she exclaimed. I was hoping she would agree to this as I couldn't let anyone know our secret, but I had to find out if she already knew!

"so I was passing yours the other day and I didn't expect to see you there, I noticed you in your front room and you were looking at an old wooden tablet" I paused watching for a reaction of just a little shock on her face.

"I didn't mean to pry and I was going to knock on the door but then…..I got a phone call which called me away" "The tablet I looked kind of old and wiccan related…am I right" I was trying to show interest in her new 'hobby' to avoid showing my own suspicions. "Yeah; actually it is a very spiritual object and used to ward off evil spirits in my culture"

"Your culture?"

"I found out well after I left Forks; when my parents split up, I stayed with my grandma for a while and sadly I found out she was very sick, she told me of our ways and taught me in the art of witchcraft; good of course before you presume different. Just simple protection spells, and purification rituals to keep the bad people away"

"Bad people" I replied slightly confused and a little worried about what side exactly she was on here.

"Grandma told me of people who can get in your head and make you do things; I don't know about that but I know there are some bad things out there, lurking in the darkness" We don't lurk I thought and I made me feel bad, then I remembered Edward WAS lurking right now somewhere and listening in to our conversation. But I knew we would never use our gifts to control people's minds; that wasn't in our nature.

"What do you think 'they' are?" I asked

"Oh come on Bella" she took me by surprise with her abrupt tone. "I know what you are, I'm not stupid, I know what Edward is and I've known for a long time"

"What? How?" I started to panic "All the funny things at school with Edward, never coming in when it was sunny; no parent would deny a kid a great education for camping! His eyes were sometimes dark other times golden like yours today. I didn't know the truth fully until my grandma told me stories of people living unnaturally long lives and then disappearing without a word and never aging. Also her coven was attacked by vampires who were just 'passing through' the village, no one had ever seen them before and were gone as soon as the mayhem ended"

"I don't know what to say?" I exclaimed. It didn't shock me that nomads had found her Grandma's coven after all they passed through Forks as well 20 years ago. "All I can tell you Angela is that we don't hurt humans. Us, as in 'the Cullen's' well we only live off animals, so we don't pose any threat to you at all or anyone in Forks; I hope you can understand that"

"I think if you were some badass vamp then we wouldn't be sitting here as old friends would we" It was really a question but more of a statement and she was bang on.

"I'm glad you can see that we mean no harm" I replied with a courteous smile "Then you might as well tell Edward to come out and say hello!" she smirked.

Oooh crap busted! I thought and Edward suddenly walked out from around the corner of the building, he had that 'I'm not completely comfortable with this' pained look on his face. He came straight over to me and kissed my forehead "Hi Angela, I see the last 20 years have been kind" We all looked at each other awkwardly and the started giggling. "Ok so I know why you two haven't aged, stuck in perpetual teenage status I bet from whatever age you actually died at. Well I do age but it really slowed right down after my Grandma passed away. It was like she passed something down to me that I really didn't expect or want the responsibility of but I'm getting used to it now"

I wasn't going to admit to her that we were pretty much rendered useless by that tablet thing that would be too much information to give away right now, but it does explain why Edward couldn't use his gift if the tablet channels some kind of energy that would protect their minds similar to my shield I suppose.

"There is something you should know" just as Angela trailed off Edward phone rang "Not now Alice, we are kind busy….." he fell quiet all too quickly. "Edward please what did Alice say" I cried out.

"Something's coming, but that's what you were trying to tell us isn't it Angela"

Angela nodded slowly and Edward was looking straight into my eyes, I knew this could be bad and all I could muster was "aw crap what is it with this town and danger, I thought I was the magnet" It made Edward and Angela smile for all of one minute and then the expressions dawned and an uncertain future with new allies.