An. I read Animefan018's story and it gave me this idea, it has new characters, and old the main character is Cari, she's the same age as Gohan, B ardok managed to survive with Goku's mum long enough to have another kid, when she was born they died, but not before she was sent to earth, she is even more powerful than Goku, and she comes into it when they fight on Namek. She has long scruffy black hair and looks like a female version of Goku as a kid. She travels with Goku training, with him, this is when they come back to earth after the battle with Frezia, she gets there before him and takes part in the fight against Frezia, she's six years old.

I get out of the small space ship that my big brother let me borrow to come on ahead. I look around and focus. I can sense Frezia, some one else and another power that's through the roof. I run towards it, the area around me blurring.

When I arrive I see Frezia and someone else that looks a lot like Frezia, I nearly faint from shock, a boy is stood there, to be more exact a super Sayian! I thought that only me and my big brother could do that. I grin to myself, if there's another super Sayian here then this is going to be easy!

I grin, scrambling over the edge of a little wall. I run, jumping into the air and joining the boy and Frezia. Frezia gapes at me in shock, and his face goes very angry. I suppose he's upset that me and big brother beat him. The boy looks at me confused "Who are you?" he asks raising his eyebrows. I grin happily "My names Cari, my big brother's Goku, we beat this nasty man before." I say grinning proudly, he grins at me nodding. Frezias eyes widen in surprise, I guess that he didn't know how me and Goku were related. Me and the boy make short work of him. I turn to him and smile

"So, what's your name?" he freezes looking at me carefully, up and down.

He smiles, "I guess I can trust you. I don't know why, but you seem trustworthy, it's just something about you, my names Trunks."

I grin happily. "Thank you Trunks." I say happily, "I like your name." he laughs loudly. Shush, please don't tell anyone my name. I'll explain later when Goku gets here." I smile again, happy to have made a new friend.

Eventually the whole gang arrives. At the spot where big brother will arrive. When he does I run to him, flinging my arms around his neck. He laughs hugging me tightly. He puts me down and turns to Gohan, who runs and does the exact same as I did. After catching up Trunks asks if he could speak to big brother privately. I glare at him annoyed, he smiles lightly, "And little Cari, of course." he says shaking his head slightly in exasperation. I grin as big brother picks me up and tells the others that we will only be a few minuets.

Trunks tells his story, and for most of it I'm wide eyed in shock. When he gets to the part about Goku dying I gasp in terror, clinging to my big brother with everything that I've got. A thought occurs to me and I look at him in confusion,

"Trunks, how do I die?" I ask, afraid of the answer. He smiles,

"To be completely honest, I'm not sure that you do die. You have to leave, I don't know why, but you get ill to, but it's a different illness, and it comes around in about a year. It's a need to go some where, you were dying because of it. But you still felt it, you knew that if you didn't go you'd die, but Goku still had to make you go. I don't know what happens after that." I nod confused. We say good bye to my new friend after a bit more talking.

We get back to the others and find out that Piccolo was eves dropping, and he decided to tell everyone about the androids.

One year later.

I groan led in bed, big brother comes in, his face annoyed with me. He sits by my bed, glaring, "Cari, have you gone insane, you know what Trunks said. If you don't go the illness will kill you." he says, pleadingly, I close my eyes remembering that day. I groan, knowing that Gokus right "Pulease, of course I remember." I say, snarkily, trying to hide my distress. He rolls his eyes at this. "Al right, all right, I'll go, I just don't want to leave you, what about the androids." I close my eyes breathing deeply. "It'll be okay, trust me." he says. I frown and try to turn away from him, but gasping in pain at the same tome. Every day it gets worse.

I frown to myself, Gohan is crying, he and I have gotten pretty close over this past year, I'm going to miss him nearly as much as I will big brother. I hug them all goodbye, whispering to Chichi that she better not let little Gohan (I know we're the same age but I call him little because he's my nephew.

I cling to Gohan, telling him that someday, no matter what I would be back.

Finally it's big brothers turn, he pulls me into such a strong hug that it would crush most humans. But I'm not a human. I burst into tears, burring my face into the nape of his neck.

Eventually he lets go of me, placing me on the ground, I could swear that I saw a tear leaking down his cheek. He brushes a lock of hair out of my face, "Good luck Cari. I hope you find whatever it is you're looking for. And I brought you something." he says smiling at me, handing me a box. I turn it around in my fingers before opening it. When I do I see a small pink mobile phone. I turn it on and look at speed dial. The first number that comes up is his. Followed by the numbers of our friends. I smile at him and nod before hugging him again. I turn around and notice Piccolo smiling faintly at me. We may not be the best of friends, but he really isn't that bad.

"I guess I should go now." I say, swallowing the lump in my throat, I close my eyes, and turn around. Before opening them and setting out onto my journey wherever it may take me. With my new phone, three thousand yen (a lot of money I know, but still every one gave a bit so I would be able to get to where I'm going without to much trouble)

It's been two days, I've been running the whole way! I feel the pain that's been lessening day by day disappear as I run over the hill. I look around, confused I'm in a strange camp. I freeze as I see something weird, a dude with horse legs. This must be the place. I walk down slowly and walk up to the horse dude.

I pull gently on his tail. He turns around, surprised, "Hello, I haven't see you around camp," he says kindly. Then his face fills with shock, "How is this, you're not a half blood?" he exclaims in shock. I frown confused, what does he mean. "Who are you? Why are you here?" he yells, shaking my shoulders in desperation.

I look up at him "I have no clue what you're talking about, my name is Cari and I was hoping you could answer the last question.