Chapter 15 - Safe From Danger

Paul looked at Jaci like she'd grown a second head and said, "Uhhhh...What?" Erica couldn't help but snort out a laugh and said, "Way to come back Paul." Jaci shot a glare at Erica and she got quiet again. Paul looked at Jaci and then looked her up and down and said, "You're not screwing with me are you...You're really...You really are...Ummm." Jaci said, "You can say it Paul...It's not like it's a disease or something." Paul chuckled a little and said, "Wow...Really?" Jaci couldn't help but laugh and said, "Erica said the same thing."

The girls couldn't hold their giggles in...They'd finally decided to just call the guys over to Jaci's one by one...Paul was the first to arrive...Paul said, "And you're sure right?" Jaci couldn't help but laugh as she said, "I'm 2 months. Can't be anymore sure then that." Paul nodded and said, "Right." Paul's pink tongue came out and snaked along his bottom lip...Suddenly he grabbed Jaci and pulled her against his hard body and captured her lips. Jaci relaxed against his body and let him take over. When they pulled away Jaci said, "So..." Paul said, "So...Can we have a boy?" Jaci leaned again Paul's chest laughing hard.

Jaci said, "So...You're okay with this then?" Paul said, "Why wouldn't I be...Didn't you realize I imprinted on you?" Jaci giggled and said, "I couldn't tell if it was you or the baby..." Paul smiled sheepishly and said, "Yea it was me...I wanted to tell you...But I thought you felt it...And I thought you didn't want to discuss it." Jaci touched Paul's cheek and said, "You maybe a hothead sometimes...but I think we can fix that." Paul said, " the way...You just imprinted on me...I felt that." Jaci couldn't help but laugh as he held her in his arms.

Jacob was the second to show up at the house. Erica was standing on Jaci's porch leaning against the railing. Jake jogged up with his shorts and sneakers on and said, "What's up...Embry told me you needed to see me. Are you ok?" Erica said, "Yea...I'm fine...but we really need to talk." Jake said, "What's wrong Erica?" Worry evident on his face as she said, "Well...First kiss me." Jake smirked and said, "You pulled me off patrol to kiss you?" Erica laughed and said, "Just humor me please." Jake laughed as he leaned down and pulled her to him and slowly kissed her lips softly. When he pulled back he noticed the unshed tears in her eyes as she looked into his. Jake grabbed her hands in his and said, "Erica what in the world is going on...You look like you're about to break down in tears."

Erica blinked and the un-shed tears rolled down her cheeks and said, "I have to tell you something...And it's going to change our lives forever..." Jake said, "You're not leaving La Push to go back to Europe are you?" Erica said, "No...I'm never going back to Europe...Well unless your reaction to what I have to say is not good..." Jake chuckled, he loved it when she stalled, he said, "Stubborn ass...Stop stalling and tell me." Erica took a deep breath and said, "I'm pregnant." Jake stood there staring down at Erica...trying to process what she'd just said to him...He stood there silent. Erica said, "I'll fully understand if you don't want to do this right now...I know you have to take over the Alpha position and bringing a kid in the world right now would just be ridiculous." Jake said, "What do you mean if I don't want to do this...You're telling me you're having my baby and you think I don't want to."

Erica said, "I don't...I know it's a lot to drop on someone...I mean hell we haven't even told Sam about us and now to drop that and the fact I'm pregnant on him I don't know what he'll do." Jake said, "Well...First things first...I'm in. Completely...I told you I loved you and you already know the first night we made love on the beach we imprinted on each other. You standing here telling me your carrying my child just seals our fate more complete." Jake said, "So how long do we have to tell Sam?" Erica giggled and said, "Approximately 8 months...give or take a few weeks." Jake said, "So...What kind of excuse can we come up with before you start showing and I can say is was like a sex rescue mission." Jake held onto Erica as they both laughed.

Sam walked up to Jaci's house...Not sure what the heck Embry was talking about...As he got closed he noticed Erica sitting on the front porch with Jake. Sam said, "Are you supposed to be patrolling tonight Jake?" Jake said, "Yea...Momentary break...It seems Erica had something to say to me...And wanted to do it face to face...By the way we've been dating for the last couple of months...Just so you know." Sam said, "I knew that...Shouldn't leave your mind open to wonder so much when you phase." Erica said, "Go on into the house, Emily is waiting for you in the living room." Sam nodded as he stepped into the house.

Jake kissed Erica's forehead and then lips and said, "There I told him the hard part the rest is up to you...and he's right I have to get back on patrol." Erica laughed and said, "Thanks a lot wolf boy." Jake chuckled as he opened the front door and said, "Paul c'mon we have to get back on patrol." Sam watched as Paul and Jaci walked out of Jaci's kitchen and Sam said, "Is everyone having a momentary break?" Paul grinned as he pulled Jaci behind him and to the porch...He kissed her lips one more time and took off into the woods with Jake. As Jaci and Erica made themselves comfortable on the porch swing. Erica said, "So...Do you think she told him yet?" Jaci opened her mouth to say something...


Jaci said, "I do now." The girls giggled and enjoyed the cool night air.

Meanwhile inside Emily was giggled like crazy...Sam stood there with his mouth gaped open staring at her. She finally put her hand under his chin and pushed his mouth closed. Sam put his hands out and was a little scared to touch her...Sam said, "How far along are you?" Emily smiled and said, "3 months." Sam counted back and figured it all out in his head and said, "Jesus...Em...Why didn't you tell me...That's why you left isn't it?" Emily said, "Yes...I was scared to death...You have no idea how terrified I was exactly...We've waited so long to get married and then I find out I'm pregnant...I figured great a reason to literally rush the marriage finally...and you almost took it all away."

Sam hit his knees in front of Emily and said, "I almost ruined it all...Em...I'm so sorry...I don't care anymore...I'll step down from the pack, Jake can take over as the alpha...I'm completely devoting the rest of my life to you and our child...No more phasing, unless it's absolutely necessary...I swear on the life of our child and on the sanctity of our marriage vows...When we take them." Emily squatted down and said, "Listen here...Jake and Paul are going to need your help too...I know you probably don't want to hear this...Jaci and Erica are both pregnant as well. So no more patrolling for them...They have to be kept safe in their homes..." Sam said, "Erica...My baby sister? I'm gonna be an uncle?" Emily chuckled and said, "And a father. Think you can handle all this at once?" Sam said, "Hell Yes."

Once the girls had been imprinted on from a wolf, they gave up their heart, mind, body and soul...from then on out it was the guys jobs to keep them safe from danger.

The End