Full Summary: Bella is a street fighter in Forks. Edward is a street fighter coming from Phoenix who is moving to Forks. Bella is the best so is Edward. At FHS there are laws that street fighters follow. The best female fighter dates the best male fighter. So Bella is dating but what will happen when Edward moves in. Will he win her heart or will he be stomped on.

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"Mom please don't cry. I can't stand when you cry." I tried to comfort Esme even though it was succeeding any.

"I just can't stand you moving all the way to Washington while Phil and I are moving to Florida. We are the opposite sides of the country." Then she burst out crying again. I swear my mom was so god damn emotional.

"Mom stop crying, I'll try to write you a letter every day. "

"Don't say that you'll TRY you WILL, Edward." I had to laugh at that. Mom watches our words so closely if you don't say the right thing she'll get after you. Trust me that not a pretty sight.

"Okay, mom I WILL type you every day." When I can, I added mentally.

"Uh-huh. Sure you will mister." I smiled my crooked smile that no girl including mom could resist. She would give in to anything just for my smile. Ha, thanks for the genes Carlisle.

"I love you both but we have a plane to catch." Phil called out as we slowly started walking toward the car.

I would miss it here. I would miss the heat. I would miss my mother. Most of all I would miss street fighting. Maybe I could go to Port Angeles to find a place to fight.


"Bella, did you hear that Dr. Cullen's kid coming back to Forks?" Mike Newton asked me. I nodded. I looked around our group which consisted of Mike, Tyler, Ben, Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, Angela and Jessica.

We were considered the 'popular' group. It wasn't because we played sports. It was because we street fight. I was the best female. Second is Angela, then Rosalie. Tyler was the best male. Second is Ben, then Emmett.

We were all dating someone. I was dating Tyler. Rosalie was dating Emmett. Jessica was dating Mike. Alice was dating Jasper. Angela was dating Ben. We all followed one rule. That was, whoever is the best female dates the best male. This went to all places, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.

Mike was going to move away so we were going to do try outs. It took FOREVER doing tryouts. Let's just say, they have to show their moves. I was kind of curious about the Cullen kid. People say that he street fights but was he worthy? That was the question in my head.

"Yeah, I heard about him. Okay now let's get going. We have a school of three hundred students. 150 of the student body are male. So we have quite of a range of choices." I chuckled.

"Bella, do you want to do tryouts after the Cullen kid get here?" Tyler asked. I nodded.

"We might as well be fair. We never know if he might be a great fighter." Everyone nodded. "Then it is set. The day after Cullen gets here we do tryouts. Angela, Jessica, and Alice get the word out that we are doing tryouts on 17th. Rosalie, guys I need your help to put up the requirements. We wouldn't want kids to come that can't even do a back flip."

Edward Cullen, you better not disappoint us.


I walked out of the airport carrying my duffel bag. I started walking around looking for Carlisle. Just look for a man in a doctor jacket, I told myself. I looked toward the glass doors which led out of the airport. There stood Carlisle, of course in his jacket.

When he finally he seen me, he smiled. I walked over to him. Then he gave slapped me on my shoulder.

"So how was your flight?"

"It was okay, I guess." He laughed at my response.

"Your mother and Phil, how are they?"

"Um, they are doing good, I guess."

"Okay, let's get you going home. Oh, yeah. I got you registered at Forks High School. You're a junior, right?" I nodded. "Yup, everyone can't wait to meet you. I heard that the street fighters were having tryouts on the 17th. Do you street fight anymore?"

"Yeah, I still street fight when I can. There is a group that street fights?" He nodded. "How does everyone know about it?"

"Edward, Forks is a small town. Plus Chief Swan kid fights also. He keeps all of the police away when they are fighting. His kid is the best I hear. She is has a temper though." He laughed as we got into his Mercedes.


"Yes, she Edward. She is tough as nail like her old man. She doesn't take any shit from anyone. She is practically a black belt."

"Wow, I never heard of their group before."

"Of course, Edward you haven't, it was a secret back then. Since Bella is a street fighter, her old man keeps cops away. Otherwise, I don't much about them." I nodded.


The day had come. The 16th of March. Today the Cullen kid would come today. Everyone was waiting for his entrance. I looked at my watch, 7:30. Then a shiny Bugatti Veyron comes driving in. It stood out against the rusty, old cars. I looked toward Rosalie and the others. We watched the car. When the driver came out my eyes popped.

DAMN! He was hot. He had bronze hair, green eyes, and nice looking physique. You could tell that his legs were sturdy. The T-shirt he was wearing showed his six pack. His biceps were huge but not as big as Emmett's. He had cuts on his arms.

I looked over to the other a nodded then walked over to them.

"Okay, we have to get him to tryout tomorrow. I have all hands down for him." I spoke to the group. They nodded. Hell, even Tyler nodded. I don't what it was a felt something draw me toward him. I better now tell Tyler. The only reason, why I was dating Tyler was because of the rule. Hell, if I could delay that rule, I would.

"Girls, get Edward to sit with us at lunch time." Tyler demanded us to do so. I nodded. Then the bell rang.

I ran into the school building. I went to my locker and seen Edward right beside me. He was looking at a map, confused. Bingo, 10 points for Swan.

"Hi, my name is Isabella Swan but everyone calls me Bella. You look like you need help." I introduced myself. He looked up at me relieved.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm Edward. I am looking for the English classroom." I smiled.

"With whom, may I ask?"

"Um, Mrs. Cooper, I believe."

"Cool, I am going the same direction. Can you follow me? Also can I see your schedule? I can easily get someone to show you there." I led him to the classroom. Boy, this was too easy.

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