My family was killed an a car accident. That he supposedly had set up. His views on the world where that if he couldn't have me no-one could. He made sure that i was alone. We had dated since highschool. He wanted more, but I thought we were perfectly content where we were. He proved me wrong. We had been together through a lot and he blames everything bad that ever happened on my family. He chose to get ride of them, the wrong way. He killed them. Everyone knew this. I did, he did, his family were the only ones in the dark about what was going on. He ran the American, Italian, and Irish mafia. He worked all around the world making millions of dollars. I was always on the move from him. I couldn't be near him. He scared me because he would pop up into my life, getting me fired , and kicked out of numerous things. I couldn't deal with this. When i had left him i had left two little girls behind with him. We decided to adopt children when we were 18, and we did. Two girls, Mason and Morgan. Morgan was 13, and Mason was 10. They were both so adorable. I felt horrible for leaving them with him. I shuddered at the thought of him being near those two girls. Legally they were both of ours. But for me to get them would mean maintaining a permanent residence and him knowing where i was. I wasn't having that. I didn't want him know where I was. I laid my head onto hotel pillow. This was how I was living now. When I woke up, something felt off, but i shrugged it off because i was always so paranoid. I walked into the living area and froze. He was their sitting on the couch. His green eyes glimmered when he saw me. He had finally found me, he had me where he wanted. I stared at him as he began to rise of the pastel colored couch and watched had he crossed the teal blue carpeted floor. I gulped as he made his way closer and closer. I had no idea how he found me. I started searching for a way to escape him. We had encounters like this numerous times. Each time I had been able to flee from his presents. Not this time. I tried to slip to the door, unaware of his hawk-like eyes following me until i reached for the brass knob on the green door. He lunged for me as I made a feeble attempt to open it. He caught me, and there was no telling on what he would do to me. He clutched my waist tightly and hauled me back to the living area.

I was pulled down in to the armchair where he sat. we sat their for many long moments, him just playing with my hair or stroking my face. I tried to squirm my way out of his firm grip, but he wouldn't let go. " no, no more running away. Your staying with me now" he had said. Hi voice quivering with glee. He finally had what he wanted.