"You have no idea how pissed off at you" i said pushing past Edward and going straight to the laughed and followed me only to take what i ordered away from me.

"This is you surprise welcome home party love, please try to enjoy it." he said kissing me on the nose. I glared at him as he walked into the living room to greet our guest. i also heard him say " Please excuse Isabella, we both have had a long flight and she's quite grumpy that we left London so quickly after arriving a few days ago."

The crowd laughed with him and i went upstairs to get into something more worthy for a party.

Picking the dark blue dress, i walked into the shower and instantly felt better. iI heard the bedroom door open and then close, and edward showed up leaning on the door frame watching me get ready.

"What are you doing" i finally asked him. He shrugged and then decided to grace me with an answer.

" Watching my beautiful wife get ready. why is that not allowed" he asked raising an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes and put the my earring in before taking his arm and going back to the party.

"Nothings allowed Edward." I said smirking. he groaned and finally told me that it was all Alice's idea. i already knew that but he continued to rat out his sister.

"Your such a rat Edward. I knew alice would do something like this. it was all a matter of when and where. besides i wasn't talking about this i'm not really fond of it right now. I was talking about our little fish fight back in london." I said walking towards the closet to get some shoes. I didn't hear edward behind me but i bumped right into him.

"That man wasn't someone that i thought you would be interested in and i didn't want you knowing him. he isnt a good man and to tell you the truth got on my nerves. i would never introduce you to someone like him anyway. your above him so it doesn't matter." Edward said.

I groaned and threw my arms in the air. iI didn't understand him sometimes. but that wasn't the point. i hated that he ignored me the entire time that we were there. that's when i thought of it. i don't like being ignored and i wonder how he would feel if i ignored him the enitre night. A smile went across my face and i walked passed him toward our party.

I grabbed a coke and sipped it while making casual conversation when i saw someone i really didn't want to see. Tanya. she was going to ruin my plan, unless i let her hang all over my husband tonight. but I wouldn't touch him for a month just to make sure all the disease was off of him. i went to find alice because I wanted to know why she was here but Tanya got to me first.

"its about time the mystical women of Forks came back. i was wondering when you were going to show up" she smirked and it irked the hell out of me.

"Tanya what an unpleasant surprise. why are you here, last time you where here i threw you out." i said smiling as sweetly as i could.

she laughed at me . the bitch had the nerve to laugh at me.i grinded my teeth together getting ready to punch her in her fake ass face. but then the idea of pushing her drink got to me. Edward and i could start dancing and i could accidentally fall into her.

i saw edward come into the room, deciding that it would be better to grab him now would be better then waiting until she was wasted.

"Hey lets dance" i said grabbing edward. the only thing that went wrong with my plan was that i got drenched in the apple martini too. she screamed and glared at me, her perfect white dress ruined and she wasn't wearing anything under it.

i started gagging and alice started laughing . she saw what i did, but so did Edward. he had one of his brothers escort Tanya out and the party went on for another hour. but i got a look from Edward meaning that i was going to be in so much trouble.

Okayyy sorry for the really slow update and poor grammar. But this Update is dedicated to one of my best friends Ryan who was killed in a car crash last saturday. i dont know who is from long island but it was in the news and i was distraught for days but before then i was in a serious writers block. im considering putting this story up for adoption or changing the story line a little bit so message me if your intrested or have suggestions.

xoxo Kay