The Isshu Issue


06-11-2010: Hey everyone! Not sure whether or not this has been done by someone already, but I'm writing a fan fiction about one of the new official Pokemon that'll be made available in the new 5th generation! Seven new Pokemon just leaked out today, and for those of you who don't know already, the new region will be the Isshu Region, and one of the newly revealed Pokemon of this region is Chiramii, a chinchilla Pokemon. Please look it up if you don't know what it looks like. I just saw one image of this Chiramii, and I felt as though I must WRITE about it… So here I stand.

Since no one really knows much about the Isshu region or of the Pokemon it contains, I can't tell for sure what type of behavior this Chiramii displays. I'll just improvise throughout the story, and in the future, when Pokemon Black and White has been officially released in every Pokemon-loving nation in the world, keep in mind that this story was written before it was even released in Japan, so if some brainiac is going to come in here and point at all of my inaccurate "guess-timations", you'll just be making a fool of yourself. I'm certainly not going to keep changing the story around just to make it accurate and in par with whatever does happen in the new generation. I'm also aware of the fact that "Chiramii" is the Pokemon's Japanese name, so it'll more than likely change on its way over seas to other countries. However, I will keep referring to the Pokemon as "Chiramii" and refrain from changing it to its American, European, or whatever other name it'll gain in the future.

But anyway, to keep things safe, I'm setting this story in the Sinnoh Region: a land we should all be familiar with. So enjoy the tale, R&R, be nice, and perhaps even share your own predictions. And for the record, yes, I do look forward to owning my very own Chiramii someday when Pokemon Black and White comes to the US. Hurrah for making a team made up of Pokemon that you like and not a bunch of legendaries! ^-^

UPDATE: Well… to all who might have read this story before the update, you know that I was "assuming" that the heroes/players/protagonists from Pokemon Black and White are named after their respectful games (Male hero = named Black, Female hero = named White). So, um, after a small, rather helpful complaint, I will change White's name so that it doesn't sound too racist to readers. XD

I've actually got the perfect alternate name for her: Yin! ^-^ As you might know already, two of the legendary Pokemon from Black and White are to be based on Chinese philosophy: the concepts of Yin and Yang; Yin being the feminine characteristic, commonly displayed by the black teardrop half of the Taijitu symbol you should all be familiar with. Yang, the masculine characteristic, is Yin's counterpart, represented by the white teardrop "thingy" on the same symbol. Zekrom, the Dragon/Electric-type legendary is based off of Yin, and Reshiram, the Dragon/Fire-type legendary is based off of Yang. SO, instead of referring to Chiramii's trainer as "White" and bringing unwanted controversy upon me, I will rename her Yin, since Pokemon Black and White might be based heavily on this concept.

With that out of the way, please enjoy the story! -Aviecat


It's a rare occasion today, and not just because Chimchar was stuck indoors, sulking around the lab in a very un-Chimchar-like manner. Today, the clouds brought rain, and they'd been giving it since early this morning. It was noon. Or rather, it was supposed to be. Past the grey clouds of terrible, impending lightning storms, the sun hid, and it might as well have been nighttime in the Sinnoh region. Chimchar sighed at the glumness of today, occasionally glancing down at the bright tongue of flame that seemed to be glued right onto his rear every waking moment. It's not like the hardy little fire would go out if he set foot outdoors in the pouring water. It was just a constant reminder of the fact that he was a fire type: the water's prey. How he wanted so badly to be outside with the others.

He gazed out the window longingly again, watching as Piplup splashed around in a deep mud puddle. To the side, Turtwig could be seen rolling around in the soaking grass, his eyes shimmering in utter enjoyment as he basked in the pouring… glimmering… wet… cold… rain. How blissful it would be to be a grass or a water type in the rainy season…

A female scientist, her nose in a book, walked over to where the little chimp was sulking at the windowsill. "Chimchar, why don't you go outside with Piplup and Turtwig? The rain won't hurt you…"

The tiny Pokemon narrowed its eyes at her. This was true, but why on earth would a fire type even want to consider going out there in that… that… pouring nightmare? Getting water gunned in the face seemed more pleasant…

She grinned at his serious expression. "Well, if you don't want to, Chimchar. I'll just keep you company. The lab's been really quiet as of late." She took a seat in the plastic chair positioned near the window, flipping a page in the old book that she was holding in the process.

Chimchar watched her curiously, wondering why so many of the humans in this laboratory were so fascinated with these numerous letters and words within these books. Piplup had said that there was a special combination of letters that one could use to create any word in existence… a different pattern of letters for every word. But she might have just been pulling his leg. There was no way only 26 of these letters would be able describe every word in existence!

The scientist gazed up at him, catching the chimp Pokemon's wondering expression. "Maybe someday… you'll be united with a wonderful trainer who will teach you many things. Perhaps even how to read and write!"

Chimchar blinked at her and inclined his head. Would his mind really be able to contain such a powerful skill? He doubted it, and it was not like there would be such a mentor of a trainer out there for him…

She saw the doubt in his eyes. "There are many nice trainers out there in the world. You've lived here in Sandgem Town and in this lab for all of your life, so it doesn't really look like it. But trust me. There are those who'll just touch your life and make a mark on it; Pokemon and humans alike."

Chimchar let his two rounded ears twitch slightly. She made it seem like the world was so huge… But there was no way this world was, oh say, five times bigger than Sandgem! Not even four times… It's impossible to live in such a big world and not have it make itself known right in your face. Nothing ever happened here in Sandgem, which meant that nothing was probably happening outside of its borders. This was just a world that contained some Pokemon, their trainers, other people, and some nature. And all of this… supposedly… could be described in words… which were made up of letters. Such tiny letters that were tiny like the world. Everything about life is small. It is so small, it cannot contain the bigness of miracle trainers, unknown breeds of Pokemon, other worlds, or even… the bigness of small words.

The chimp Pokemon hadn't even noticed the lady scientist take up her book and leave him to ponder on his own. She'd returned the book to its shelf and was now typing noisily on a computer at the far end of the lab. Pitter patter patter. Perhaps she was making small words with small letters. But… what was the point in having words if you could just speak the words instead? Without speech, all was silent. Silent like the lab. Boring. Like the lab.

The scientist looked up at the Chimchar. "Oh, so you've decided to go out?"

He gazed back at her and gave a small eep! With that, he poked his head through the rubber doggy-door that had been installed at the bottom of Professor Rowan's Laboratory's front entrance.

The breeze of the grey afternoon brushed against his face. It smelled of rain. Just a sweet, calming scent of droplets of water falling from the sky. For some reason, he found the smell to be wonderfully unnerving. Wonderfully unnerving… did that even exist? He disregarded the thought and looked out into the sea. It was grey like today, the clouds, and the piercing emotion of sadness. The way the waves lapped up and seemed to lick the sandy beach seemed to be going at its own steady tempo. 1... 2... Ocean's roar… 1... 2... Ocean's roar. Chimchar wondered what the end of the ocean looked like. Maybe if he ventured far enough behind Professor Rowan's Laboratory, he'd find it. It would be like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Or, in this case, the roaring waters at the end of this world…


The chimp Pokemon was immediately attacked by a freezing wave of water. He spun around to see Piplup standing behind him, a bubbly smile drawn over her beak.

"Finally! You came out to play with us!" Piplup splashed more water from the puddle she was standing in at Chimchar, who nervously backed away from her.

"I… I was just a little bored, is all. And don't splash me like that."

"You're such a pushover when it comes to water, Chimchar! HEY, TURTWIG! Chimchar came out to play with us! We finally have enough Pokemon to play hide-and-seek with!"

Turtwig rolled off of his back in the grass he'd been laying in. He waddled over to the two, gave a welcoming squeak to Chimchar, and a very excited squeal to Piplup's statement. A man of very little words, he is.

Piplup hopped up and down. "I'm not going to count! I called it already!"

"Piplup, you never count… It's always either me or Turtwig."


"Alright, alright. Let's have a competition to make this fair!"

"Good, let's do Rock, Paper, Scissors!"

"No, not fair, Chimchar! You're the only one who has enough fingers to throw scissors with!"

"Twig, Twig!"

"No, Turtwig. We can't play charades, either. Piplup and I aren't as good as expressing items using no words at all, unlike you."


"How 'bout Red Snover?"

"I don't think we even have enough Pokemon to play that game with…"

"Well shoot! I dunno what we could do then… Oh! But how 'bout this? The first two people who shout 'Aye!' get to hide! AYE!"


"Great! Looks like Turtwig is the one counting this time!"

"But I didn't say 'aye', I said 'I'…"

"One, two, three, GO!" Piplup was already off like a rocket.

Turtwig blinked in the direction she'd gone. Then, realizing that he was peeking, the tiny turtle Pokemon buried his face in the ground, counting aloud: "Turt… Twig… Turt… Twig…"

Chimchar shook his head in disbelief at how quick and hyper Piplup could be. For a penguin Pokemon, she certainly didn't look like the type who could waddle at a slow pace to get where she was going. In fact, she was so frantic and full of energy, Chimchar wouldn't be surprised at all if she were to jump off a tree, flap her wings, and actually fly.

By now, Piplup was probably already positioned in one of her usual hiding spots, which were always clever and well devised: hiding in a mailbox, crouching within pipes that were big enough to contain her, and even going as far as to retreat within other people's houses. Keeping these things in mind, Chimchar tried to find himself a good hiding spot without making things too hard for poor Turtwig. The last time they'd played hide-and-see, the turtle had been searching for Piplup for a whole hour before she burst out of the trash can she'd been using to conceal herself, complaining loudly of her rumbling stomach.

"Turty-Turt… Turty-Twig… Turty-Turt… Turty-Twig…" Turtwig was getting closer to one hundred. Chimchar leapt onto the nearest tree trunk and clawed his way up. Yes, a tree was a bit of an obvious place for a chimp to be hiding, but he might as well take it easy on the slow-paced turtle. When Piplup was the one seeking, he'd probably pick a first-class hiding spot, like the underside of someone's house, perhaps…

"Turty-Twig… Turt Turtwig!" Turtwig sprang up from his counting session and gazed around, never seeing the glowing flame within the foliage of the tree nearby. Chimchar sighed as Turtwig waddled off towards the lab, beginning to investigate discarded boxes and crumbled up newspapers: the usual hiding spots the turtle would normally hide in. Chimchar leaned harder against the tree, letting his feet dangle off of the branch he was sitting in. He began to swing them impatiently back and forth, wondering how long it was going to take for it to be his turn to seek. Rain dripped off of the tree's many leaves, making icy droplets ping onto Chimchar's head. What luck it was for him to choose such a wet hiding place, and while Turtwig was seeking, too… Maybe he should just let himself get caught. Make it seem as if he was still looking for place to hide and intentionally dash past Turtwig in the process…

He considered this, counting the annoying rain drops that were hitting him on the head… until something much larger landed on him…

Turtwig was turning over a soggy cardboard box, hoping to find Chimchar in there, but was once again unsuccessful. Before he could move onto investigating the next suspicious-looking box, however, he heard something crash behind him, followed by Chimchar's surprised yelp. Turtwig turned around and finally spied his friend collapsed on the ground at the roots of a big tree. There was something white laying on him. So Chimchar had been hiding underneath another Pokemon this whole time? How clever of him! Turtwig would have to try that out in their next round of hide-and-seek…

The tiny turtle Pokemon pranced over to the chimp Pokemon and tagged his head. "Turtwig Twig!" he cheered, meaning, I found you!

Chimchar crawled out from underneath the white heap of fur and shook the dizziness out of him. "Ugh… yeah… You found me…" He directed his attention to whatever the heck had fallen on him.

It was another Pokemon… one that he had never seen before. It was a white little rodent with a long, fluffy tail and large ears. The new Pokemon was asleep. Perhaps unconscious.

"Turtwig, do you know what kind of Pokemon that is?"


"Yeah, I didn't think so. Maybe Piplup knows?" Chimchar began to call out to her. "PIPLUP! Come out! The game's been cancelled! We found a Pokemon!"

No response. Only the roaring of the waves at the beach answered.

"Turtwig Turt…" said Turtwig: She probably thinks we're tricking her to come out.

"Probably. I guess we have no choice but to find-."

Chimchar was interrupted by the rodent Pokemon's sudden gasp as it stirred awake. The Pokemon shot up into a sitting position, breathing quickly.

"Turtwig!" shouted Turtwig: Hello there! What's your name?

"H-huh? A Turtwig…?" The rodent's eyes were big and dark. They glimmered with confusion, or perhaps it was fear…

"Are you okay?" asked Chimchar. "You fell out of that tree while I was hiding in it. You landed on top of me…"

"I fell out of a tree…?" The Pokemon eyed the tree's thick trunk. Did he even know how to climb a tree? He doubted it. And where exactly… was this…?

The Pokemon climbed onto its two stubby feet, gazing around at Sandgem Town. Why was this city so tiny? How could people live in such a little place…? It was nothing like… Was this even…?

Chimchar waved his hand in front of the Pokemon's face. "Hello? You still there?"

Their eyes met, the new Pokemon's ears twitching frantically. "What town is this?"

"Turtwig Turt!" Sandgem Town!


"He said that this is Sandgem Town."

Sandgem Town? Where in Isshu was that? He'd never heard of it! Or perhaps… this was a completely different region… But how? Why? What had he been doing earlier…? And where was his trainer…?

"What's your name?"

"My name…?"

"Yeah, we've never seen a Pokemon like you before. I'm Chimchar, the chimp Pokemon."

"I am Chiramii, the chinchilla Pokemon."

"Chinchilla Pokemon?" How long had those ever existed?

"Um… have you seen a trainer around here? She's really tall, she's a teenager, and she has long, curly brown hair. Her name is Yin…" (AN: Refer to the update in the author's note at the beginning of this chapter.)

"Yin? Never heard of her. In fact, trainers don't come here very much."

"Ohh, I didn't think so…" Chiramii stared down at his stubby little paws. How did he end up in this little town? What had brought him here? He couldn't remember anything, except for jumping… into… something… And a flash. A pure white flash. Perhaps it had been…

"Hey you guys! I've been waiting for ages for you to come find me! Was my hiding spot really that good?" It was Piplup, and she was covered from head to toe with what appeared to be dirt. Chimchar didn't even want to attempt to guess where she'd managed crawl into this whole time. "Oh, neato! Who's this guy?" She approached Chiramii and poked him on the shoulder.

A Piplup? Why was Chiramii suddenly surrounded by Sinnoh Pokemon? This made no sense. Sinnoh Pokemon were supposed to be quite rare in Isshu, right? "Excuse me…"

The chimp and the penguin seemed to be ignoring him. The penguin was a little upset about hiding in a Pokemon's nest or something, and asking why no one had come looking for her. And the chimp Pokemon was trying to explain… something… but kept getting cut off. Even the quiet turtle Pokemon paid Chiramii no attention. The three of them ignoring him at the same time gave Chiramii and almost familiar feeling. Was he supposed to be used to being ignored…?

"Tsutaja…" (AN: I don't know whether his name is Tsutaja or Tsutarja. Serebii says that the Pokemon's name is Tsutaja, but Bulbapedia says that it's Tsutarja…)

"I swear, I saw the Pokemon Center in THIS direction! That road leads to some random shop… or something…"

"Tsutaja, I think I know-."

"No, no! We came from THAT direction! See that bridge? We were on it just now, right?"

"Yin, I know where-."

"I know, I know. But what does that imply? We were lost before while we were on it. What makes you think that going back to where we were lost would make us unlost?"

"It's over-."

"Because familiar sights can retrigger lost memories! Duh."

"You guys…"

"FINE! Since you're the brilliant trainer, let's see you get us even more lost!"

"You shush. At least I picked you over a Pokabu and a Mijumaru…"

"Oh, I'm flattered."

"You should be. C'mon, Chiramii!"

"But the Pokemon Center is over-! H-hey! Wait for me!" Chiramii raced after Yin and Tsutaja, the Pokemon Center lingering just a few blocks away from where he'd been pointing…

"Hey! Snap out of it, dude!"

Chiramii blinked back into reality, the Piplup right in his face. He'd heard her. He'd heard Yin's voice. And Tsutaja…! How could he forget about his own teammate, Tsutaja? He'd been Yin's first Pokemon…

"Yeesh, Chimchar. The guy looks kinda pale…"

"That's because his fur is white, Piplup…"


"Hiun City…"

"What?" All three of the mysterious Sinnoh Pokemon said in unison, with the exception of Turtwig's puzzled "Twig?"

Yes, that's where the flashback had taken place. He, Yin, and Tsutaja had all gotten lost in the big city. He remembered the bustling crowd, the tall buildings, the feeling of claustrophobia, and the big golden sign at the city's entrance: "Welcome to Hiun City!" Perhaps if he went there, he'd regain some more lost memories. Or maybe… if he waited long enough at the Pokemon Center… Yin and Tsutaja would come looking for him. Or had Tsutaja evolved already…?

"Hiun City. I need to get there! Do any of you guys know where it is…? Maybe if you pointed me in the right direction…?"

"Hee-what City?" Piplup tapped her chin. "I don't think there's a city like that anywhere in Sinnoh… Or at least none that I know of…"

"The Sinnoh region? This is the Sinnoh region?"

"Duh. Where'd you think you were? Kanto?"

"I-I thought that I was in Isshu…"

"Isshu?" Chimchar and Piplup asked at the same time. They stared at each other. Kanto… Johto… Hoenn… and Sinnoh. Those were the four regions, right? Where or what was this Isshu?

Chiramii was baffled, too. The Sinnoh region, as well as the three other lands, were supposed to be so very far away from Isshu… or at least that's what he remembered hearing very faintly. In fact, the only way one could reach another region was by boat or plane from Isshu. A boat…

"Th-then in that case, could you tell me where the nearest dock or ferry is? I-I think I've lost my trainer…"

"A dock… I know that there's probably two somewhere in Sinnoh, but I don't remember where…" Piplup searched her mind. Being the adventurous one, she was interested in studying the maps and pictures of Sinnoh that lingered around the lab. "But… none of us know where this Isshu region is. In fact, I don't think even the Professor knows where that is…"

"You mean Professor Araragi…?"

"No. I meant Professor Rowan…"


"But!, you might find someone who knows more about Isshu than us in Jubilife City! It's one of the biggest towns in Sinnoh, and it's close by. Hundreds of people live there. Who knows? You might just run into someone else who's from Isshu or whatever land you're from. As of late, a ton of people have been flocking there from all over Sinnoh because of this new Global Terminal thing that's been built there. That Terminal allows you to interact with people from all over the world, so maybe you can get in touch with the Isshu region there…"

Chimchar listened silently to Piplup's words. Hundreds of people? Was the world really that much bigger?

"Then where is Jubilife City located…?"

Piplup pointed at the road that ventured into the dangerously tall grass just behind Professor Rowan's lab. "You'll have to venture down Route 202. There's a ton of tall grass in there and some very uncivilized Pokemon to be found, so… be careful, I guess."

Chiramii flattened his ears. Wild Pokemon? He didn't know whether or not he even remembered how to battle, much less perform the four moves he'd been carefully practicing over and over again…

Chimchar raised a brow at Chiramii's blank expression. "Are you okay?"

"I… I'm fine. Thank you for the directions." The chinchilla Pokemon gave a small nod to the three Pokemon and quietly made his way towards the dangerous route.

"Chiramii," said Chimchar. "what moves do you know?"

"I… don't remember. I don't remember anything about myself. Not how I got here, not where my home is, not even my own attack moves." He reached up and placed a paw on his cheek. Did he even know himself? "But… it's not your problem. I'm sorry for burdening you."

Chiramii soon found Chimchar's hand on his shoulder. "I'll go with you to Jubilife City."

Piplup jumped up. "Chimchar! Are you crazy? The Professor will have a fit if you suddenly disappeared!"

"Twig! Twig!"

"It'll only be for a while. Once Chiramii has a lead on how to get back home, I'll come back to the lab. The Professor is all the way over in Canalave City, so he should be gone for a while. This should only take about an hour."

"Chimchar…" Piplup straightened up. "No fair! You don't know anything about Jubilife City! I wanna go, too!"

"Piplup, you can't. You're not as good at defending yourself against other Pokemon as I am."

"Oh, well thanks a lot…"

"If you and Turtwig stay here and pretend to be playing hide-and-seek, it'll look like I'm still hiding. Keep that up until I come back, and it'll be as if nothing ever happened."

"Well… I still feel like I'm the one who should be going…"

Chimchar smiled at her. "Patience. I'm sure that with a little patience, someday, you'll get to travel all over the Sinnoh region like you've always wanted to."

"Patience is the one thing I don't have." she shrugged. Piplup then nodded at Turtwig and two of them hopped into a fake game of hide-and-seek, Turtwig being the seeker again.

Chimchar turned to Chiramii. "Th-thank you." said the shy chinchilla Pokemon. "I-I'll try to not get on your nerves…"

"No, no. You won't get on my nerves. Besides, I'm doing you this favor as a chance to not only help you, but so that I may see how big this small world really is."

As the two started towards Route 202, Chimchar didn't even notice that it had stopped raining and that the sun now shone through the clouds. When he finally did notice the absence of the rain, he almost… missed it…