A HariPo ficlet

by mew-tsubaki

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"Love waits for one thing –the right moment." –Unknown

It was like looking into his own face and yet he wasn't.

No, no, of course he wasn't. She was a woman; he was a man. She was a dark-haired witch with coffee-colored skin. He was a blonde wizard with pink skin that would slightly tan and then completely burn under the sun. Her brown-black eyes carried a kind intelligence. His cerulean ones were tinted in an air of of-course-I'm-smarter-than-the-rest-of-you-ness.

The only thing they had in common was that they'd both been in Ravenclaw at Hogwarts. And that's where the similarities stopped. So why did he feel like he knew her so well?

He didn't. She'd gone to school with his mother, for crying-out-loud. She was a twin, but… But she was not the same kind of twin he was. She was quiet knowledge; he was in-your-face useless facts. She was like his twin, Lysander. Just there, ready to calm you. He was like her twin, Parvati. Just there, ready to make you laugh or cower if you pushed him too far…although he really didn't have anywhere near the same temper as Parvati.

Lorcan wondered why he had such feelings toward beautiful Padma Patil.

As he considered it, he thought it really didn't make any sense. He couldn't possibly be into shy, quiet, and polite girls. … Okay, so he'd once had a crush on Dominique Weasley, but that girl wasn't as quiet and shy as she looked. Anyway, that's not important.

Padma had an…air of regal elegance about her. She seemed to watch everything with a bemused smile, careful not to comment too much on whatever happened. Her gestures and words were never subtle hints, but nor were they clear statements. He wondered if she could ever love him in the kind of way he found himself loving her…

Ah, he thought. She is just like me, not Sander.

Indeed, she was more similar to him than he had ever imagined. She would not, could not state what was on her mind. She did her best to make sure that everyone was happy, most of all her sister. Yes, she was the older twin by a few minutes, but Lorcan knew that same kind of over-protectiveness. He experienced it all the time with Lysander; he, too, was the older one by a few minutes.

But maybe he admired how she lived, doing what she did with that majestic profile. She couldn't possibly keep all her true emotions bottled up all the time. No one could.

So he would wait for her. Ah, she'd just smiled. Of course it had no hidden meaning –oh. It really didn't have any hidden meaning. Maybe he would hear her troubles sooner than he thought.

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