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"Blah blah blah" – Normal speaking.

'Blah blah blah' – Thoughts.

'Blah blah blah' – Thought-speak.

Blah blah blah~ – Parseltongue (or layman's terms, snake-speak)

"blah blah blah" - Spells.

~~~~~~~~~Scene Change~~~~~~~~~

^Obviously denotes a scene change^

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The Truth Revealed

It was a calm night in Little Whinging...the neighborhood was silent, the perfectly normal people all in their perfectly normal houses, ready for, you guessed it, a perfectly normal night. Up above, the night sky was finally losing the vibrant hue of the sunset, giving way to the soothing curtain of night with clear skies...a rare occasion in England. High above, the moon sat among its starry companions keeping a constant vigilance over the world below until the sun would come to release it of its duty. Its soft rays fell upon the perfectly normal neighborhood, seeming to bless the occupants within...however one such occupant was most certainly feeling quite the opposite. For he was the sole being within this quiet neighborhood that was most certainly not normal...his name is Harry Potter, and this is his story.

~~~~~~~~~Scene Change~~~~~~~~~

For what felt like the thousandth time tonight, Harry let out a sigh. Of course he was was only the fifth-sixth time tonight. 'And just how sad is that? I'm actually keeping track of how many times I sigh...bloody hell.' Once more he peered out of his window at the moon, quite envious of all the freedom it seemed to have, while he himself was literally locked in his room...the barred windows and padlocked door delivering that message quite clearly.

As he peered enviously at the moon, he recalled that it was just barely into his second week of summer 'vacation'...he still had at least two months before he could go back to what he enjoyed...magic and the world in which it resided. Ironically enough, he found himself missing the chores and the occasional beating whenever his uncle got least they would break this monotony. For a little over a week he had been back, and apart from bathing and using the bathroom he hadn't been let out once...they just shoved the bread and water in through a small flap on the door when he needed to eat. It would seem that perhaps the Dursleys weren't as daft as he originally assumed, they had at least pickup up on the fact that something had happened, and had changed him fundamentally.

As his mind wandered into these thoughts, it once more brought up the memories of Sirius' death, replaying his fall through the veil over and over without reprieve. Harry would never forget the look of utter shock on his Godfather's face as he fell back...he stopped himself from thinking further, chocking back a sob...he had cried enough. One would think that Harry would be angry at himself for what had happened...after all, it was he whom had put together a rescue party and led them right into a trap, which forced the Order of the Phoenix to come and rescue them, inevitably causing Sirius' death. And initially he most certainly was right pissed at himself, blaming himself for his Godfather's death.

However, this only lasted for the first day. Upon awakening on the second day and finding himself with nothing to do, Harry thought about what had happened during his stay in the wizarding world, right from the beginning. It was as he did this that he began to realize that the events which had happened were...quite convenient.

After five years of being immersed into the wizarding world, Harry knew exponentially more than he knew when he first arrived, and had matured quite a bit as well...where he once let others form his opinion, he now liked to make his own. That being said, he had over time found out that what people preached was not always true. Gryffindors were not always the epitome of light and good...quite often his house-mates proved to be highly prejudiced and haughty. On top of this, they tended to change directions between idolizing him and condemning him more often than a wind sail would in a hurricane, as evidenced by the Chamber of Secrets incident and the Triwizard Tournament.

On the other hand, he had learned that not all Slytherins were bound to become evil. Sure, for the most part they did not like him, and a few downright hated him, but there were those that he noticed held no malice towards him. If anything, they just seemed indifferent to his presence, as if they merely were neutral towards him. However, one fact that stood out above all else to that he greatly admired, though he never spoke of it, and it was the fact that they were united. He had no delusions that they were all chummy with each-other, but one thing was certain; they looked out for one another...if one was in danger they all came running, regardless of whether or not they liked said person. It was a trait that the "noble" house of Gryffindor failed to show with him. It was not long before he realized thatevery person had the capacity for both good and evil; their choice did not depend on the mascot they bore.

It was with this new mindset that Harry replayed his years through Hogwarts, and found an alarming amount of events that seemed either very coincidental or were orchestrated. First there was his admittance letter, addressed to one Harry Potter, Little Whinging, Surrey...cupboard under the stairs. He might have not found it odd then, having lived in one his whole life...but now he knew better. Only the headmaster or his second could send out admittance letters, and either way the headmaster knew. This being said...since when was it considered normal for a child to life in a bloody broom closet?The fact that it was addressed to that exact location told him Dumbledore had knew how he lived prior to Hogwarts. Second there was his initial encounter with Hagrid...the man was about the nicest person you could ever meet, Harry knew that very well, but he was also blindly loyal to Dumbledore. In fact, it was not long after Hagrid had taken Harry from his relatives that he began spouting the goodness of Dumbledore, and how he was a saint amongst wizards. In the same breath, Hagrid also mentioned each of the houses, and just coincidentally praised the virtues of Gryffindor while simultaneously condemning the 'evil' house of Slytherin. Of course, considering that Hagrid was Harry's first friend he felt compared to adopt his opinions...and so he did. When he had to find platform 9 ¾ for the train to Hogwarts, yet another blaring event occurred. It just so happened that the Weasley family just happened to be outside the platform as well, and Ms. Weasley just happened to forget where the entrance was. Back then he thought nothing of it...but now he knew that she had already sent two children through Hogwarts and had three more attending, with one about to join. That would mean she had been doing this for at least seven years...and she just happened to forget when Harry arrived, and then proceeded to proclaim such in a station full of muggles? was all too clear now that they were waiting for him, for the sole purpose of befriending him...and he had a feeling it was under orders.

Then came Ron. He, like Hagrid, praised Gryffindor and downright cursed Slytherin, and because he was Harry's first his-age friend...he once more adopted this view. When it came time to be sorted, he remembered how panicked he was when the hat told him he would do great in Slytherin...looking back, Harry found the hat was right...he enjoyed using his cunning far more than rushing headfirst without a plan, relying upon his courage and dumb-luck. But, because of the light-skewed views he had been fed for his entire stay in the wizarding world so far, he adamantly refused to be a Slytherin, and instead became a Gryffindor for the sake of his friendship with Ron.

After this was Dumbledore's announcement that the third floor corridor was off limits, and that attempting to go there anyways could result in a painful death. If you said this to a hall full of mature adults, they would most likely heed this advice and steer clear...but a hall full of children ages 11 through 18? He might as well have just said to explore it to their heart's content...and little Harry, having never had any kind of adventure in his life, was all to eager. It was almost as if Dumbledore wanted them to investigate the corridor..or perhaps wanted Harry to in particular.

Then there was s-s-stuttering Professor Quirrell, the turban wearing coward of a professor...with Voldemort's ugly mug plastered on the back of his skull. How, exactly, did Dumbledore not notice this; he had been fighting Voldemort for decades, and yet he could not detect the presence of the man sitting right next to him? And even better yet, Dumbledore happened to show up just after Harry had killed Quirrell.

Then there was the Chamber of Secrets incident. Harry now knew Dumbledore was well over 150 years old. Considering that and the fact that he was the headmaster of the most prestigious wizarding school, one would assume he had very extensive knowledge of all things magical. And yet, he could not recognize the signs of a bloody sixty foot Basilisk slithering around Hogwarts, nor could he detect the dark artifact that Ginny had nearly died from as she carried it with her everywhere? Even better yet, just as Harry was about to die it just so happened that Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix, decided to pop in and hand him what he needed to defeat the basilisk, and ultimately Tom Riddle. The coincidences were simply staggering.

Next was the Azkaban escapee, Sirius Black. He was kept out of the loop on the 'dangerous' man's escape for quite some time...and when he was finally told it was only after they came to the conclusion that the supposed mass-murderer was after him. Not long after that, he met Sirius and his innocence was revealed. However, upon the discovery of Sirius' innocence and the fact that Peter Pettigrew was still alive, was Sirius pardoned? One would think it would be quite easy to do so...after all, all you would need is a pensive with the memories of the event in the Shrieking Shack to prove his innocence, and if that failed, a simple veritaserum would clear up any remaining questions. And yet, Albus Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot...insisted that Sirius stay hidden in 12 Grimmauld Place, and did not even attempt to pardon Sirius. Because of this, Sirius was rarely able to interact with Harry, and thus could not influence him much.

In fourth year was the Triwizard Tournament. Dumbledore once again failed to realize that his supposedly old friend was actually Barty Crouch Jr. in would think Dumbledore would be able to tell an oldtime friend apart from a deatheater.

And then last, but most certainly not least, was his fifth year...and the prophecy. Dumbledore had only told him of the prophecy after Sirius' death, and more importantly told him that Voldemort wanted said prophecy, which was held in the department of mysteries. It was then that he realized it was not his fault that Sirius died...oh no. While it was mainly the fault of that bitch Bellatrix...Dumbledore also was to blame. Had he informed Harry of his suspicions beforehand, he might not have lunged headfirst into the place just because of a vision he fact he damn well knew he would not have...he would have seen if Sirius was alright by using the two-way-mirror he had given Harry.

As Harry finished going over his life at Hogwarts...he was still angry, and very much so...but not at himself anymore. Oh no...he was angry at those whom he had called allies and friends. They had betrayed him in the worst of ways, and all on the orders or suggestions of Dumbledore. Dumbledore...that man he now hated with a passion which would have impressed Voldemort...that damnable old coot had manipulated his entire life! He had made Harry into his personal puppet, pulling his strings in the background, and all to make sure Harry became what Dumbledore wanted him to be.

But...those revelations had occurred almost a week ago; now he was just tired of it all. He would most likely regain his anger after he got some sleep, but for now he was content to just envy the moon. Harry spent the next hour just staring at the moon before he decided it was time to sleep, and so he did.

However, he woke up only hours later. Glancing at the clock, Harry noted it was only 1 a.m. 'What in blazes...what woke me up?' Silently Harry got onto his feet, years of being the prime target of an insane dark lord had toned his survival instincts and reflexes. Grabbing his wand from underneath his pillow, Harry backed up into a corner of the room and fell silent, listening for anything out of place.

For a minute everything was silent...until heard the very faint sound of something sliding up the stairs. Harry knew all to damn well that something wasn't right now...none of the Dursleys made that sound, and they were all fast asleep anyways. As the sliding stopped just outside of his door, Harry dearly hoped that the lock which kept him in would also keep whatever was behind the door out. However his hopes were dashed as he heard a crunch of metal breaking...which only made him more nervous; that padlock was quite large. He held his breath as the door opened slowly and quietly until it was just past halfway open, yet Harry could see nothing in the darkness of the hallway.

Once again all was quiet for a moment before a sleek, long, and very large form sprung out of the darkness and straight at him like a bullet. He had only enough time to move the bulk of his body away from the impact, but the impact still sent him spinning as it hit his right arms, sending his wand to the opposite side of the room. He quickly rolled away from whatever the hell hit him and tried to see just what was attacking him...and felt his face drain of blood upon the discovery. The jet-black scales with a dark amber diamond pattern along a sleek form gave him his answer immediately: a snake...and a very large one at that. If he was honest with himself he found snakes to be very interesting creatures...that fact that they could talk to him helped boost this fact. And, he had to admit this snake was quite beautiful...however, all of this was pushed into the back of his mind at this moment...for while beautiful, the effect was lost when said animal was trying to kill you.

Just as he was getting ready to make a break for his wand, he was tripped by a lithe appendage and found himself once again on the floor. However, before he could get up he felt more than saw the thick coils of the snake begin to wrap around him, and he knew he was royally screwed. As he was wrapped up more and more, he was frantically looking around, trying to figure out some means of escape.

It was during his frantic inspection that his eyes fell upon two very faint blue glows coming from just in front of his head...and realized that it was the snake's eyes. 'Strange...I've never heard of snakes having eyes that glow, not even the magical ones had that, in fact it kinda looks like...' Here he froze, the possibility just seemed to surreal to him. 'It looks like the same glow Krum has in his eyes in the last part of the Triwizard Tournament...the Imperious Curse! But...then that would mean that Voldemort is controlling this is not willing!' With this in mind he formed a desperate plan, one that was very unlikely to work...but he had no other option.

Even though the snake was now constricting him quite painfully, Harry managed to clear his mind and focused upon one thought. 'Finite Incantatum! Finite Incantatum!' Come on dammit, this has to work!' He had only heard rumors about wandless magic, and that in theory it was possible, but only will a very strong wizard or witch and an even greater will. And so, as the snake constricted tighter and tighter, so did Harry's will to wandlessly cast the dispelling spell. His vision was beginning to fade at the corners when he thought of Sirius...if he died now he could not avenge him. This was the spark that he needed, and with a silent scream Harry unleashed a soft blue wave which passed over the snake, and promptly passed out.

When Harry came back into awareness an hour later, he groaned as he sat up, and quickly found his head back on the floor as it collided with something.

~Ssstupid human! Watch what you're doing next time! I ssswear, humans never use their senses, incompetent moneys...~ here the sibilant hisses trailed off into what could only be the snake version of grumbling.

Still somewhat drowsy, Harry replied without thinking. ~Sorry, I didn't mean to, I'm not quite awake yet.~

At his reply the quiet hissing abruptly stopped and was replaced by one loud startled hiss. At the same time Harry became aware of this hissing, as well as the events that had happened tonight. As if he was never on the floor in the first place, Harry was across the room and looking wide-eyed at the very large form of a snake which was illuminated by the moon outside. However, while Harry was remembering the crushing squeeze of the snake, said snake was focused on something entirely different.

~You are a ssspeaker! I thought there wass only one left...thisss iss perfect, now that we can communicate, maybe you can help me!~

Although Harry was still quite frightened, he did find it quite odd and a little funny that a snake could form such a pleading visage. 'I'm getting the puppy-dog eyes from a snake that could swallow me whole...and nearly did...another day in the life of Harry Potter I suppose.' Instead of freaking out more, Harry just decided to accept it...too much weird shit happened to him to really be surprised anymore. So, Harry slowly and carefully walked around the snake and closed the door; after all, if his relatives woke up to the sound of him hissing, he'd never see the light of day again. Turning around, he walked to his bed and sat down before looking at the snake, just now noticing that her (for indeed the voice was feminine) eyes were a vibrant amber with black slits 'Pretty.'

~Erm...alright, but first...can you tell me what happened before I passed out?~ This was a test...while someone can lie to him, he had become very adept at reading the initial reactions that gave away the true answer...although Dumbledore still managed to evade such tactics.

The snake cocked her head to the side in an oddly endearing way before she let off a hiss of frustration. ~You mean you don't remember either? Well that'ss jussst great, how am I sssuppossed to figure out where I am now?~

Both the expressions and the words told Harry all that he needed to hear, though it was still hard to believe. 'And here I thought snakes followed Voldemort because he is a parselmouth...well at least this one didn't.' He most certainly didn't want to be the one to give the news to the snake, but who else would? Silently cursing every known deity he could think of, Harry sighed before he dropped the proverbial bomb on the snake.

~...You're not going to like this...but the reason I asked you if you remembered anything was because I was testing you, to see if you genuinely did not remember anything. Tell me, do you know of magic?~

When the snake gave him what could only be described as a 'Did you really just ask that?' look, Harry faintly blushed in embarrassment before he continued on. ~Err...right, stupid question. Well do you know of the Imperious Curse?~

If the slight recoil from the snake was any indication, he'd say so. ~The enssslavement ssspell? Yess, I know of that dissgusting sspell...why do you assk, ssspeaker?~

He really didn't want to do this...and not just because the snake might get mad. The Imperious Curse did not have a long as it was refreshed occasionally it could keep the victim controlled indefinitely...and the mental repercussions could be great. would be wrong to just lie to the heaving a great sign, he spoke.

~I ask...because what you don't remember is that you attacked me with the intention of killing me...but there was one thing that was off. Your eyes glowed a faint blue, and only one curse has such an effect on a being...the Imperious Curse.~ There, he said it. 'Now to wait for the destruction to begin...damn it why does this happen to me? I'm about to have an enormous snake go mental in my room!' His deed done, Harry quickly backed into a corner and braced himself. After a minute of waiting and nothing happening, Harry peeked out from his corner and found the snake frozen on the spot, her eyes wide and seemingly lost in thought. It was only a moment before the snake noticed his gaze, and slowly turned towards him before addressing him.

~...Ssspeaker...what year isss it?~ The hissed words were quiet...and fearful, as if the answer had the power to crush the snake...and for all Harry knew it may have very well had such power.

Somewhat confused by the statement, but somehow fearing what the answer would bring, Harry answered in a voice just as quiet. ~...It is 1995...why do you ask?~

At Harry's answer, the snake just stared blankly for a few minutes before she simply coiled herself up and buried her head within the coils, softy hissing the whole time. This of course disturbed Harry, not because it was, it was because he still had a selfless mindset. The manipulations had certainly changed Harry on a fundamental level, but he still put others before least those that were deserving. And he could tell by the snake's question and her reaction to his answer that she had been under Imperious for a long time, though how long he did not know. 'Not to mention I can't stand seeing a girl upset, regardless of species...gah, I've never been good at these things...but I can't just leave her there...damn it all!'

His decision made, Harry decided if she had wanted to kill him that she would have done it while he was passed out. So, he slowly approached the large pile of coils and sat down next to her. Gathering his courage, Harry slowly extended one of his hands and gently rested it on her scales in a simple reassuring gesture...even though he felt quite awkward doing it. He felt her powerful muscles tense underneath his hand and hoped he didn't overstep some bound.

However, the snake just re-exposed her head and stared at him for a moment, before asking in a confused voice, ~What are you doing, ssspeaker?~

Harry gave off a nervous chuckle before he responded. ~Ah, its a human gesture that is meant to comfort someone else and show them that you are there to support them.~

If anything, this just seemed to confuse the snake even more. ~But if what you sssay is true, then it makess even lesss jusst told me that I tried to kill you not long ago, and now you comfort me...why?~

When Harry answered, it was with a voice lost in memories and tinged heavily with bitterness. ~Lets just say...I know what its like to just find out that what you thought was your life was really nothing but a in short, I emphasize with you.~

That surprised the snake...she thought her situation was somewhat unique, at least between the two of them...but as the thought crossed her mind a gleam caught her eye. Looking to see what is was, she saw the remnants of what appeared to be a lock gleaming in the moonlight...outside his door. Turning, she also observed that the windows were barred, much like a prison's would be. ' would sseem that I am not alone in hardsshipss...thisss sspeaker sseemss to have had quite the difficult exisstensse as well; well, like the humansss ssay, misssery lovesss company.' Her mental dialogue finished, she decided if he comforted her than she would return the favor, it was only fair. And so, she slowly slithered a decent portion of her mass onto his lap; since he had put his hand on her to comfort her, then it made sense that she would simply lay on him...well at least it made sense to her.

As for Harry however, he was just barely keeping in a wince. At first he thought she had just decided to finish what she started, but when she simply settled on him in a very large coil upon his lap that draped over onto the floor...he was a little bewildered. Oh and crushed, lets not forget that...she was heavy! Yet, apparently she was trying to return some form of comfort, and refusing such a gesture would be quite rude...therefore he would endure it. 'Oh well, who needs legs anyways? Not I! Oh no, the great and powerful boy-who-lived will simply gnaw Voldemort's knees off when the time comes, that'll show him, try taking over the world now, cripple!' Morbid humor aside, he turned his attention back to the snake that decided to speak up once more.

~It would sseem I am not the only one who needss comfort, am I right? Why were you locked into thisss room, sspeaker? From what I know of human culture, locking people in roomss often indicated that the persson committed a crime of sssome ssort.~

Harry couldn't hold in the amused snort that escaped at the thought...oh, he had committed a crime in his relative's lives all right.. ~Ha! Yes, I suppose it would certainly seem that way. Well you see, I am locked in here because to my relatives I am a criminal, and so is every other magical thing in this world. And so they lock me in here, trying to "keep the freakishness" away from them...that and they're frightened of my mentality at the moment.~ The last comment was said with dark smile upon his face, and it slightly concerned the snake.

~But you are a wizard! Ussing you magic to get out of here sshould be a sssimple tassk, sso why do you sstay?~ The bittersweet smile he gave her when she finished did nothing to ease her concerns...something was wrong here.

~Because if I try any magic here the ministry would detect it and come to break my wand and arrest me. Underage magic is not allowed outside of school grounds, and therefore there is really nothing I can do to stop my relatives from locking me in here. But enough about me and my life, we can talk about that later. Instead, I never got your name, what is it?~

The abrupt change of topic was not lost on the snake, and the fully planned on going back to it soon enough. ~My name is Nagini...and on that note, I never got your name either...what isss it?~

~Nagini, huh? A very beautiful name I have to for my name, its Harry Potter.~ Ah, there it is...seems even snakes know his name huh? 'I guess I can understand being famous with the magical humans...but snakes?'

~That sssounds sso familiar...wait! You were the one that ssuppossedly defeated that blight upon my kind, Voldemort!~

Hold on just a second...blight upon her kind? ~Yeah, that's me...though I really don't think I did all that much, I personally think my mum did something to me to protect me. But what do you mean by Voldemort being a blight upon your kind...he was attacking humans, not snakes!~

~That might be true, but think about it Harry. He came from Ssslytherin housse, his mark is a giant sskull with a sssnake wrapped around it...and mosst importantly, he isss a ssspeaker asss well. In everything he doess, he usses usss ass a ssymbol, and it hass put our sspeciess in a very bad light.~

Well...that was a bit of news to Harry. ~Well ok, I can see your point when you put it like that...but why is the fact that he is a parselmouth so important?~

This shocked Nagini...apparently Harry knew nothing about being a speaker...this would have to be rectified. ~I am ssurprissed that you do not know...but regardlesss, ssnakess of all kindsss are compelled to heed the wordsss of at leasst one parsselmouth. Becausse of the rarity of the ability, the few people who have it usssually have it have the command of many sserpentsss. Asss it iss, mosst of my kind think that Voldemort isss the lasst of the sspeakerss, and thusss musst follow hiss commandss. The fact that you are one changesss everything! When I ssaid that we musst choosse at leasst one sspeaker to follow, I meant that if there wass more than one pressent, and we did not approve of the actionsss of the other, we could ssimply obey the one we dessired to obey...namely, you.~ Nagini just barely held back a hiss of amusement at the gobsmacked expression that made its way onto Harry's face.

As for Harry himself...well it was a good thing he was already sitting down. 'Command of all serpents...all this time people thought that serpents were evil, when in fact they were simply following orders from what they thought was the last speaker. And it sounds like most snakes to not approve of his actions...this could change everything!' His reverie concluded, he decided to address Nagini. ~So what are you saying exactly? Now that there are at least two speakers, serpents can decide which one they want to follow? You make it sound like most do not like Voldemort.~ His response was what could only be described as a snort from Nagini...odd coming from a snake, but it was somewhat amusing as well.

~Do not like Voldemort? Mosst of uss desspisse the man! Hiss actionss have wrecked havoc upon our reputation, and he doess not care how many of uss fall while obeying hiss commandss! And I just bet it was him or one of hisss humanss that casst the horrible cursse upon me!~

~I'm sorry to say that you're probably right. He's absolutely nutters about trying to kill me, and sending in a snake to do the job would be just like the pasty bastard.~

At this Nagini let out a hiss of anger...that man would pay for what he has done! ~I knew it! He isss ressponssible for ruining my life then! Twelve yearsss...more than a decade I have been controlled by either him or one of hiss deatheaterss!~

Nagini's proclamation made Harry's eyes open wide in disbelief. 'She's been under the Imperious Curse for twelve bloody years? That's...that's insane! What possible reason could they have to keep one snake under the curse for so long...sure she's massive for a snake, but still!' Harry promptly decided he needed some answers, and badly. ~You've been under the curse for twelve years? That's...that's horrible, itsn't that almost half the life span of a snake?~

Nagini's initiall response was a hissing laugh, thought there was no mirth behind those hissing laughs. Finally she spoke, and it was tinged with a deep anger. ~For normal sssnakess you would be right, but I am not a normal ssnake. You ssee, Harry, my father wasss what you humansss call an Asiatic Reticulated Python. Ass for my mother...sshe wasss a Bassilisssk.~

At her proclamation what color Harry had on his face seemed to drain and he instinctively shut his eyes. However, all he got in response from his actions was amused hissing.

~Relax Harry, I did not inherit my mother'sss killing gaze. Even if I did, Bassilisskss have a ssecond eyelid that when covering the eye will render their gaze harmlesss, if not a little unnerving. But back on topic, I can only asssume thiss wass the reassson for my prolonged enslavement...but it doess not matter...for what that man hasss done to me, he will die; how doess not matter, so long ass the deed iss done.~

Her statements caused Harry to laugh, for while it was morbid it was also ironic how things turned out. 'Could my luck be finally changing? The very same snake sent to kill me now desires to kill the one that sent her!' ~Its funny isn't it? Where before you were trying to kill me, now you have the same goal as I do...well at least one of them.~

However, instead of Nagini becoming amused like he had thought she would, she instead fixed him with a very serious gaze, her head moving so that it was literally right in front of his face. It was all Harry could do not to fidget under that gaze. Finally after she had finished her inspection, Nagini spoke up in a voice that left no question of how serious she was.

~Indeed I do, Harry Potter. On top of thisss, I do not know the reasssonss behind it, but you are obvioussly misstreated. Do not think I misssed how emaciated you are...~ here she bumped her nose against his ribcage, easily feeling the protruding ribs behind the skin ~...and badly ssso. Consssidering what you have done, willingly or not, I would have expected the magical humanss to have treated you better. Inssead, you are here with hateful relativesss, obvioussly sstarved, and it isss all to clear that they do not care. Thisss, combined with our common goalsss and the fact that you are a sspeaker, hass led me to assk one very important thing of you, Harry Potter.~ Here she paused for effect...he needed to know how serious this was. ~If you would let me, I wish to become your familiar.~

At her request, Harry's mind went blank for a moment, then came alive again when Nagini bumped his chest again. 'She wants to be my familiar...I don't know a lot about that, but isn't Fawkes Dumbledore's familiar? Better know exactly what this entails before I jump in...heh...I really don't belong in Gryffindor.' ~Wow...well before I agree to anything, what exactly does this mean? What would happen, advantages, disadvantages, you know?~

His answer seemed to greatly please Nagini, if the gleam in her eye and the pleased hiss that escaped her was any indication. ~Very good, Harry. I would have been disssapointed if you jusst agreed without knowing what you were agreeing too. Cunning is a trait we sssnakess admire, and you have jusst sshown ssome. Now, asss to what exactly me becoming your familiar would do, there are sseveral thingsss. Firsst and foremosst, we would be telepathically linked, enabling us to talk to eachother in our mindss insstead of vocally. We would alsso be able to sshare memoriess, but only if the other agreesss to thiss. My ssensess are your ssensess, and vice verssa; it iss ssomewhat like having two bodiess at once, though not to ssuch a degree. We will alsso be able to feel each other'ss emotionss, and unlike our thoughtss we will not be able to hide thesse. Lasst put quite posssibly the mosst important thing isss that we will be bonded, and will not be able to break thisss bond. If it were to break, either by dying or by ssome magical meanss, it would feel paramount to having part of your ssoul ripped out. If one wasss to die, the other would mosst likely follow ssoon after out of missery. Ass I ssaid before, thiss iss a very important decisssion to make, Harry.~ Here sshe finisshed and waited for his response.

For poor Harry, he was having a hard time soaking this all in. 'Bloody hell...she really wasn't kidding when she said it was serious.' Giving Nagini his attention once more, he spoke. ~This...this is a lot to take in. Can I have the night to think over this? I can give you your answer in the morning, but I really need to weigh my options.~

Once more she let out a pleased hiss at this. 'Once more he wants to carefully think things through...oh yes, though he may not realize it, he acts shockingly similar to a serpent himself.' ~I would have took back my requesst had you not assked for ssome time to think on thisss. The fact that you desssire the entire night to do sso only pleasssess me more, of coursse you can.~

Nodding, Harry slipped out from underneath her girth and headed towards his bed and prepared to get in it...though he doubted he would get much sleep tonight. Once he was in, a thought occurred to him and he nearly smacked himself for his rudeness. Sitting up, he looked at Nagini, still coiled on the floor, and spoke up.

~I'm sorry, I completely forgot my manners due to all the night's revelations. I know tonight is unusually cool for summer, and the floor is most certainly not the warmest of places. That combined with the fact you are cold can sleep with me if you want and use my body heat to warm yourself. But please stay under the covers...the last thing I need is one of my relatives coming in and seeing a massive snake on my bed with me still in it.~

She was honestly taken by surprise...he was thoughtful enough to offer her his warmth? 'Yes, I think I have made the right decision if he cares enough about me already. The bond would only solidify this.' However, she was not one to turn down so generous an offer...and besides, he was right; now that she was no longer coiled on him the floor was unpleasantly cold. ~Thank you Harry, and I think I sshall take you up on your offer; it isss getting chilly down here.~ With that, she uncoiled herself and slithered towards his bed before traveling up it and under the covers where she draped her body over his, the majority of her girth laying on the sides of his body; she was not ignorant of her own girth and his complete lack of it.

As for Harry himself, he was amazed at just how big she was...while she was not particularly thick, she was very, very long; a little over 30 feet if he had to guess. And when all 30 feet of said snake was draped all over his body and the rest of his bed? 'Looks like I'm not doing any moving for the rest of the night..but at least I'll be warm...very warm.' And indeed, with her girth draped all over him, it felt like a heated, scaly blanket was draped over him...albeit a heavy one. After both were settled in, all was quiet for a while as Harry just lay there and Nagini slowly fell asleep. When he felt her coils relax and her breathing even out, he gave a small sigh. 'Well, at least one of us will be getting a good sleep tonight.' And with that, he began thinking about his upcoming decision.

'Well, I can't really say I'm surprised...I mean, after all that has happened over the years at Hogwarts I am too used to weird things happening around me. But anyways, back on topic: bonded; to be or not to be?' Harry snorted at his poor comparison to Shakespeare. 'Pfft, even Shakespeare didn't have this much drama! Now then,she said we'd be telepathically linked...not too many negatives there, and plenty of positives. I'd rather not think about the reactions I would get if I was constantly hissing to myself...on second thought it would probably make people leave me alone, but it wouldn't be a good idea. The only real downside to it is the fact that I'll have yet ANOTHER being that has access to my mind...but unlike he-who-has-to-many-bloody-hyphens, Nagini wouldn't be in there to show me disturbing visions; if anything, she'd be in there to prevent them. So telepathic link: good.

'Alright, next we have the possibility to share each-other's memories...that can go either way. On one hand, I have absolutely no idea what her life has been like, though I'm pretty sure the past twelve years were not pleasant for her at all...though they may hold valuable insight into the inner workings of Voldemort's faction if she was held there...but I wouldn't intrude if she didn't want me to. And to be honest I'm not sure I want her seeing my memories. Its not that I don't trust her; if she wanted me dead I'd have been so long before now. Its simply the fact that my memories aren't all that good...I used to enjoy the memories of meeting my friends and such, but after finally seeing that what I thought were friends have been manipulating me all this time, those memories just bring anger. Well, there is Neville...he hasn't done anything, and I'm not sure about Hermione...though her blind trust in authority figures is disturbing. Oh well...if Nagini wants to view them I'll just give her a good warning before agreeing. So thought-sharing: good.

'Next up we have...the sharing of our senses...well that'd be cool. Though it will probably be a disadvantage at first, taking things in from two different perspectives and completely different senses, but once we've adapted it should be a huge benefit. Not too much thought on this one, sharing senses: good.

'Then we have feeling each-other's emotions...well this one admittedly makes me a bit uncomfortable, especially since we won't be able to hide them from the other. This means that we will be completely open to each other; trust won't be an issue because we will have no choice...hold on. Trust wont be an issue. I can confide in her with absolute confidence, and can trust her to tell what I need to know! That's absolutely perfect, and completely opposite of what I'm used to...hands down, feeling each-other's emotions: very good.

'And now is the last, and by far the most important one: we'd be bonded. Breaking the bond, either by magical means or death, will essentially be the same as killing the both of us...definitely a big deal. Of course, this probably means we'll be damn near inseparable; after all, if one were to die, the other would soon follow. On a more positive note, I'd have someone closer to me than any other; after Sirius died I thought I would never experience what it felt like to have a family again, but this will be very close to it...maybe even stronger. The only difference? My new family would consist of a 30-foot long snake instead of a human...meh, it certainly wouldn't be boring. I'm ok with being bonded too...that's five out of five...what the hell, I'll do it! Now I just have to figure out a way of moving her around without attracting too much attention...we'll work it out tomorrow. With that, Harry finally decided to get some rest as well, positive that tomorrow would be a turning point in his life...he truly had no idea just how right he was. Unlike the difficulty he experienced most of the time when he tried to get to sleep, this time he found the heavy warmth of Nagini pressing down on him to be quite comfortable and soon joined her in Morpheus' realm, but this time his dreams were soothing, not horrific.

~~~~~~~~~Scene Change~~~~~~~~~

As Harry awoke, he almost groaned at the wonderful sleep he'd just had. 'Blimey...I don't think I've slept that good since...well ever!' When Harry attempted to sit up however, he was met with a great weight on his entire body...a great, scaly weight. He was about to struggle when his mind decided to wake up, and what happened early this morning came back to him. Despite his current living conditions and the people he lived with, Harry beamed. He had a feeling that things were going to change, and maybe even go his way for once.

Unfortunately, his brief struggle had managed to awaken Nagini, whom after a few brief moments of reorienting herself proceeded to stretch...which Harry found was unlike anything else he'd ever felt. The only way he could describe it was that a spasm slowly went down her entire length starting just below her head, and considering she was draped all over was an odd experience. But that didn't mean he had to be rude to her and not greet her. ~Good morning Nagini, sleep well?~

The massive snake gave one last spasm for good measure before she decided to reply. ~Yesss, your body head made it quite comfortable, thank you Harry.~ At this she removed her head from the covers and arched it over his; after all, he still could not move.

He gave her a smile at this, he wasn't used to being given gratitude, especially for so small a favor, but he would take it where he could get it. Now it was time to make her even more happy. ~Its no problem, and I'm glad you found it so comfortable...after all, if you had not you would be quite uncomfortable for many nights to come.~

His answer made her jerk before she angled her head even more, looking down at him with an intensity he had never seen before. ~You mean...~ However before she could finish, Harry did it for her. ~Yes, I would very much like for you to become my familiar, Nagini.~

For the rest of his life, Harry would swear that a grin appeared on her snout, regardless of the fact her anatomy did not give her such an ability.

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