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A Cradled Soul

So tired. Heavey eyes that are closed. A warm light could be felt. Was it a dream?

The ghostly women appeared in the room. Holding her lovely skull staff she stared at the child. Sleeping soundless in her bed. "My love. She is so cute when sleeping."

"No Lujei...please...spare her..."

"Hmm...this world is very boring...Lujei wonders..."


"Love! I'm just going to see what her future is. Everything is planned in this world. From birth to death. Their life is set..." The women layed her hand inches away from the girl's sleeping body. A shinning light materialized into a book. The women opened the book and skimmed the pages.

"Hmmm...interesting..." she mused. A curl on her pale lips. "What is it Lujei?"

"It seems...this girl is going to have...a very sad life here...Ah! Lujei has an idea!" she closed the book and put it back into the girl. Raising her staff up, the skull could already tell his master was up to something. "Lujei..."

"I will let this girl have a real life. Her life here will not be short. Lujei is such a good girl." she smiled. And so, hitting the bottom of her staff on the ground. A flashing light appeared. Warm light engulfed the sleeping girl. Not that she noticed...

Soon to open her eyes the girl would be forced to see the world differently. See herself differently. Life will never be the same...

I opened my eyes. The sky was a clear blue. Not a cloud in to be seen. Sky?

I felt my stomach. Still had pjs on. Shivering from the breeze I raised my head and took a look at myself. Yup. Still in my pajamas. Oh look, bare feet. No wonder I'm freezing.

"...ok..." I sat up and calmly examined my surroundings. This place was familiar. I crossed my legs and kept my gaze at the ground.

"...last thing I remember..." I crossed my arms and tapped my head. " was Friday...I'd just finished playing Soul Nomad...I saw the ending...I never saw which ending I got though!" I pouted. Then easily shrugged it off. Something I did very often "Oh well! I wish I could have played Kingdom Hearts! But no Emily had to borrow it!" I stood up and held my hips. "That sucks! Man I wish I could get sucked into a Kingdom Hearts thing just like the ones on the fan fictions I read! That'd be so cool! Have an adventure and meet some hot guys. Ha. That'd rock." I rambled. But after a minute or so I realized I wasn't alone. Turning my head slowly I saw a soldier...just like the one on Soul Nomad. He looked as if he just had a heart attack. " I drea-"

"W-WHO ARE YOU!" he screamed while raising his shaking hand that grasp a sword. A rather sharp sword might I add. I put my hands up in defence. "Take it easy! I'm not going to hurt you!" From the corner of my left eye I caught a glimps of something big. I slowly raised my head up. Up...up...up...up...

"...oh...shit..." The words were quite. What I saw was a huge creature...not just any creature. But Fienne...the World Eater.

" eater?" I muttered with a hint of a gasp.

I twisted my attention back at the soldier. This time I was majorly freaked. Friday night I was playing Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. Now I was seeing Feinne the World Eater. This could NOT be a coincidence. "Hey soldier boy, Where the hell am I?" I shouted. He was shaking like crazy. Even more scared than I was.

"H-H-How should I know...y-you just fell from the sky!" he yelled with fright. What was I an alien to this guy?

My mouth dropped open. I had to take a minute to realize what he just said to me.

"...are you serious?" I paused. So much for getting stuck in Kingdom Hearts. "...AW! Why couldn't this be Kingdom Hearts or Full metal alchemist!" I muttered while pouting. I looked back at the guy. "Um..." I needed a plan. And quick. There was no way I could waste any time. "Yeah this looks bad but...I...I don't remember anything...PLEASE HELP!" I dropped to my knees begging the guy. He stepped back when I came dropped forward. "Forgot?"

"Yeah that's what I said!"

"Whats with your clothes?"

"Don't ask me I don't remember!" I yelled with my lie. Hey I gotta start somewhere right?

"Wait here I-I'll get my captain! He'll know what to do!" The boy ran off in a rush. I waited until he was out of sight then stood up.

"...Jackass..." I muttered and looked back up at Fienne the World Eater. I'd already known who she was, I knew everything about this game. But how exactly did I get here?

"Hey Feinne's your name right?" she said nothing. "Do all these people scream like girls?" I asked. Nothing again. I shrugged, may as well wait. I sat on a rock and gazed at her. She was huge and crimson. Well almost almost... she was really big though.

" you just stand there all day?" I asked her trying to start up a conversation. She stayed silent. Nothing. My eyes travels to my bare toes. Better get some shoes later on. Lifting my head up and giving her my attention again I asked, "Where are the other World Eaters?" She said nothing. No surprise. Too bad I'm stubborn. "I know Raksha is in the forest...well his body...and Thuris is somewhere being a creepy scientist." I stared. Nothing. I took a sigh, whats the point...she won't say anything right?


I herd a deep women's voice. My head shot up. Was it her? I spun around. Well, no one else could have said it. So I assumed it was her.

I smiled at her, "Well lets just say I'" I grinned. "Your master is Gig right?" I asked. "...Y...e...s..." that voice again. So I was right...I'm ACTUALLY getting somewhere! Sweet! First ever to have a conversation with Fienne!

I herd foot steps from behind me. I turned to see that soldier boy. "Man...Stupid sir Galahad must have run off..." he muttered irritated then he looked at me. "...wait...were you talking to it?" he pointed. I nodded, "Yeah? Is that bad?" I asked. That made him laugh, "Why bother? It's just a piece of junk!" he bent over and grabbed a rock then threw it at her. "Stupid World Eater! We wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for you!" he yelled at her. I went over to him, putting my hands on my hips I snapped at him, "Don't do that!"

"Why? It's just a World Eater." he laughed. "So? She's still got feelings! World Eater or not! What? Just because she's not destroying everything makes you get to kick her or throw things at her? What a lousy soldier" I insulted him then crossed my arms. "She's killed many people!"

"Not by choice! Didn't the World Eaters have a Master?"

"...wait I thought you said you didn't remember?"

I paused. Crap...

"...oh damnit what's the point!" He sat on the rock I was sitting on before. "Here I am stuck here guarding this THING when I could be out with my girlfriend! I never get to see her anymore to..." he sulked.

Ding ding ding. Did I just get an idea? Why yes. Yes I did.

"...maybe I can help..." I started to say. "You? No way!" he waved his hand in disbelief. I went over beside him and leaned on the rock.

"Come on! You want to be with your girlfriend and I don't mind talking to Fienne! I'm sure she gets lonely. I'll watch her while you visit her! What do you say?" I asked him taking my hand out. He stared at me like I was first. Then he let the thought sink in, "...maybe...but my shift..."

"Come back before it's done!" I said. "What if robbers come?"

"What'll they rob? If they try to hurt me I'm sure Fienne here will kick their ass!" I pointed. He thought for a moment eyeing my hand. In a way I felt like I was a demon luring a poor helpless human into a horrible deal...

It was pretty funny...

"Ok, no taking your eyes off it! Nothing stupid and if a soldier comes just say I went to the bathroom or make up an excuse, and you were passing by so I asked you to watch it. OK?" he asked with a serious tone. So I had learned this guy was named Jeff. He was a young soldier who usually got picked on. Meaning getting stuck with World Eater duty. "Okie-doki!" I saluted cheerfully just to disturb him. He rolled his eyes and ran happily. A two hour shift. Only an hour left. He said he'd come back 15 minutes before it ended. I shrugged, I needed to figure out how I got here.

I sat on that same rock as before. "I hope you don't mind me being here. I thought you'd be lonely. Then again you've been here for what 200 years?" I asked. She said nothing. I shrugged, "Well my name's -. Yours is Fienne right?" I asked knowing the answer.


"I'm human. Just...lets say I'm not around from here. I really don't know how I got parents are gonna be so worried...and I'll have so much homework to finish! OH GOD!" I screamed almost dying on the spot. This was going to be a long day...or more than that...

That 45 minutes before Jeff the soldier came back was mostly me talking to Feinne. She said a couple of things here and there. Some of it was in that Drazil language. But I liked talking to her. It was fun...well for me since she doesn't know who I am. And I was naturally quiet, so when I'm around other quiet people I start to blab away!

"Ok I'm back!" Jeff called. "Great! So hows your girlfriend?" I asked stepping off my rock. Yes "My" rock. I even crescend it. "Great actually! She was really happy to see me!...but now that's over..." he pouted. I was kind of feeling sorry for this guy. And for Feinne for having to be with him. Not that he was that bad but if someone throws rocks at you and hates your guts you don't feel to happy around them.

"Hey we can make this a daily thing! Tell me when your shift starts and what days you do it. I'll come and sit for you, while you go to your sweet heart." I suggested the plan. Not bad not bad. I thought. Hey I'm a schemer, I know my way. He thought for a moment, "...I don't know..."

"Think about it. Tell me the day, I'll come and if you've decided then we'll see. Well...if Fienne here doesn't mind." I looked up. She said nothing. But I didn't feel anything wrong about it. So I smiled instead. Jeff told me when he was on shift and when to come. "Wait where will you go?"

"I'll find some place! Don't worry about me! Later." I waved while walking. I knew my way around this place. I needed to make a plan, so I guess I'll start here...right? What else could go wrong!