He was finally able to get her alone at a formal dinner in Paris. When he had shown up unexpectedly at the end of the summer with his new girlfriend, they had run into each other multiple times, but she had always done her best to evade him and his inevitable attempts at an explanation.

So when she saw him at the dinner, she knew she would have to keep her guard up and avoid being caught unawares. She didn't want to listen to his pathetic attempts to rationalize his actions last May. But when she emerged from the ladies room at the party, she felt an all too familiar hand pull her into an empty room.

"Chuck, get your dirty hands off of me!" She said as she struggled against his grasp.

"No." He growled as his hands tightened on her arms. He gave her a slight shake to temporarily still her movements, "Stop it, goddamnit! You have to fucking listen to what I have to say."

"I don't have to do anything." Blair said with a defiant tilt of her chin, but she didn't pull herself out of his hold or move away and neither did he.

The pair glared at each other heatedly before Chuck spoke through his clenched jaw, "What happened last spring was-, it was like-, like a fucking car crash, and you think that just because you were taken by surprise, because you were thrown through the fucking windshield, that you were the only victim. But you're not, Blair. You're actually the lucky one."

An indignant looked came across Blair's face and she was about to interrupted and set him straight, but before she could Chuck shook his head and continued; "Don't you see? You got out, you were thrown clear of the tangled mess that was and still is 'Chuck and Blair.' But I'm stuck there. I'm stuck in the fucking burning wreckage and I can't get out."

The anger faded in Chuck's eyes and his grip on her arms loosened. He ran his hand over his face, "At least you were able to get out. I can't, Blair, I can't fucking escape. And I get it; that's my punishment. I have to stay and burn with the wreckage that I created. I can't get out and I don't want to. I deserve everything I get after what I did," His eyes narrowed as he pointed his finger at her, "But don't for one second think that you are the only one who was wounded. You think because you got hurt I couldn't possibly be hurt too, but I am, Blair, I'm fucking bleeding just like you are."

He smirked bitterly, "It might have come about painfully, but you were given a way out. I don't have that luxury. I can't escape this; us. I'm going to have this pain, this burning torture and regret, forever. I'm stuck." He said with a shrug, "At least you were thrown clear."

Without another word he released her and turned around. He forced himself to keep his back to her as he walked back to the party.

"Chuck!" She called after him as he reached the doorway.

He turned and looked at her for moment. Her eyes were pleading with him; for what exactly he wasn't sure and neither was she. So Chuck shrugged his shoulders again, "You got your freedom Blair. Enjoy it; not all of us were so fortunate."

But I'm not free, she wanted to yell, I'm stuck burning in that car right next to you. Don't you see that? And I don't want to get out, not if it means losing you.

But she didn't open her mouth. Instead she stood silently and watched him as he walked back into the ballroom and over to his perfect, stunning french girlfriend. She didn't tell him right that second, but she would eventually. She wouldn't let them burn in silence together. She was going to get out and escape the wreckage of their past relationship, but only with him at her side.

Wakey!Wakey! : "Car Crash" –- Listen to it. It is pure Chuck and Blair.