Band of Gold

Author – D M Evans

Disclaimer – Arakawa owns all

Rating -frt

Pairing– Roy/Riza

Timeline/spoilers– spoilers for the final chapter of FMA

Warnings– see spoilers

Summary– It was her grandmother's ring

Word count -241

Author's Note– written for both the 'token' prompt on fanfic_bakeoff and for Royai day (one day late)


It was her grandmother's ring, a band of rose gold done as a wreath of cherry blossoms. Her mother also wore it, but at the end, when she knew her life was drawing to a close, she refused to be buried with it. It had gone into a drawer for Riza on her wedding day. When her father died, Riza left it with her grandfather until she was settled. She hadn't planned on never really being settled but life had other ideas.

Roy wanted her to retire, to not wait out her grandfather's time as Fuhrer, but she couldn't do that. The foolish man just didn't see he needed her where she was for now, at his side, with her gun. She knew he understood that she didn't like hiding their love in the shadows, almost fearing it would fail to thrive like a sun-starved rose. They were stronger than that, and she took comfort in it.

But he could always surprise her. She broke down into tears at Ed and Winry's wedding when Roy took the battered old velvet ring box out of his pocket – leave it to him to get it from her grandfather. He put the ring on her finger then, a brilliant token of at least three loves. It couldn't be official, but they considered themselves married that day. If anyone asked, she told them she was tired of leaving her granny's beautiful ring in a drawer.