Hot Chocolate


Two months later

Berthold Hawkeye's home still looked as intimidating as ever, Roy decided, as he unlatched the vine covered front gate. It hadn't changed much, to be honest. The house still loomed over him as he meandered up the cracked footpath – it was very much a repeat of his first day here but perhaps, this time, it would be a much warmer welcome.

In hindsight, perhaps he should have called to let them know the exact date and time of his return. The Hawkeyes had never really been fond of surprises, but this time was different. There was a little girl here who'd waited two whole months for him – he imagined it would be a surprise at least she, if not her father, would like.

Two months felt like years. He took a breath.

Knock, knock.


"Here's your tea, Dad."

Berthold gave his daughter a small smile and accepted the tray gratefully. "You're so like your mother, you know that?" he said, voice gruff but warm.

She smiled back. "You say so all the time," she answered. "How are you feeling?"

"Not so bad today." Berthold gave her a small shrug. "The tea helps." He paused as two quiet knocks sounded from down the main hall. He squeezed her hand gently. "Best go see who that is."

"Right." She squeezed back and nodded. "I'll be back in a minute."


Roy waited, breath catching in his throat as he heard the door unlock. In a last minute surge of panic, he smoothed his hair a little, other hand clenching tightly around his suitcase. What if he looked stupid? What if she wasn't prepared? What if she was angry because he didn't call? He should have called. He should have –

The door swung open.

"I – Mr. Mustang?"

He grinned nervously. "Hi Riza."

There was a pause.

And then Riza smiled. "It's good to see you."

Roy felt his shoulders sag with relief and he released the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. He grinned too, and he dropped the suitcase at his feet in favour of wrapping his arms around Riza's waist in a great, lung crushing hug.

She made an odd little noise between a squeal and a laugh and a wheeze, and Roy chuckled and loosened his arms a little.

"I missed you," he told her.

Riza giggled. "I missed you too," she said quietly. "I'm glad you're back."

"Me too."

He sighed. A warmer welcome, indeed.

It's a crime that it took me like 3 years to finish this, but HAHA I DID IT. HEEECK YEAH I DID.

Thank you to everyone who made it through the whole way, and for your reviews, because I could never have done it without you all! I hope you guys enjoyed it!