Hey everyone! Remember UPS Eric? This is Eric's POV of everything that happened in Sign Here. I wrote this first chapter a long time ago, but Eric stopped talking to me so I moved on to other things. Then Sunkisz gave me a swift kick in the ass (read: guilt trip) and it just started flowing. So here's the deal: One chapter a day for 6 days since that's how many chapters there are.

Fair warning, there is a LOT of rehash in this along with some new stuff. If you don't like rehash, then please don't read and then complain that it feels like you've read it before. To me it feels new because we're getting Eric's perspective of these events and his feelings, and some awesome stuff with Pam! Just try to enjoy it!

To anyone just stumbling on this, it is not required to have read Sign Here before this. Both stories can stand on their own and this can be read before the other, it doesn't matter.

Big thanks to Krismom for beta'ing! You're awesome sweetie!

I hope you all like UPS Eric's POV!

Chapter 1 - First Taste of Lemonade

Bored housewives with their husbands' credit cards. That was who I delivered to all day long. Occasionally there was an old lady who was getting medicine for her insane amount of cats, but mostly it was bored housewives. When I was younger it was fun to think that a bunch of MILFS wanted to have their way with me. Now that I'd had more life experience and responsibility, these women kind of disgusted me. Every time one of them answered the door, especially in this heat, it was like they were undressing me with their eyes.

Luckily I was only doing the gig for another few months. There was no air conditioning in the trucks so I got quite used to sweating all day. Despite that, the women still looked at me like they'd like to ask me to come in for a glass of lemonade, and then have their way with me. I was thankful that it hadn't happened so far.

I looked at the next address on my route. It was one I hadn't delivered to yet, and I didn't recognize the name. Sookie Stackhouse. I couldn't decide if she would be an old lady or a bored housewife. I pulled up to an old farmhouse with flowerbeds and what looked like a well-kept vegetable garden. Old lady. Then I got the package. It was from Amazon. Hmm… bored housewife. Perhaps an older bored housewife.

I walked up the porch steps slowly, trying to make a final decision in my head so I could win a bet against myself. What can I say? This was my only form of entertainment while working. I knocked, and while I was waiting, I finally decided she would be an old lady. The old house, flowerbeds, and garden outweighed the Amazon box. It was entirely possible that it was a gift sent from someone else, though. I'd find out soon anyway, so I stopped speculating.

I was fully prepared to see a little, wrinkly old lady in a housedress, apron, and slippers, so when the door opened and a gorgeous young blonde woman in short shorts, and a tank top so thin I could see her polka dot bikini underneath opened the door, I thought the heat had finally gotten to me.

She was neither an old lady, or a bored housewife. For one, she didn't look like the type of person that was content with being bored, and for two, she wasn't wearing a ring.

"Hi," she said shyly, a blush creeping into her cheeks. I found myself smirking at her as she stared at me. Her eyes traveled down my body, taking all of me in, but for the first time I didn't get the feeling that a woman was really trying to imagine what was underneath, and for the first time, I wanted to show it.

"Hello," I said back, causing her to blush even more when she knew she was caught.

"You look hot," she said without thinking, and I laughed. "I meant the weather is making you hot," she rambled on, cringing.

"Of course," I said, and handed over the package. As she thanked me, I thought of something. What if she wasn't Sookie Stackhouse? What if an old lady really did live here, and this was just her granddaughter or home nurse? I pulled my electronic tablet from my belt, and hit a few buttons so that she could sign her name into it. She looked a little confused when I asked her to, but did it anyway.

"Sookie Stackhouse, huh?" I asked. "That's an interesting name."

"It is," she agreed. "And you are?"

"Eric. Eric Northman, your UPS delivery man," I said, cringing internally. I sounded like a cross between a James Bond wannabe, and an infomercial. She didn't seem to notice though, because she extended her hand for me to shake.

"Good to know," she smiled, a beautiful, genuine smile.

"I hope I have to come here more often." Jesus, I almost asked her if she had some lemonade.

"I hope so too," she said, still smiling, and still blushing.

"You have a nice day, Sookie," I said, and then got the hell out of dodge before I did anything stupid.

What the hell was wrong with me? I delivered the rest of the day's packages while thinking about Sookie. She was the only woman I've ever wanted to invite me in for lemonade, and that made me feel… strange. I wasn't sure what to think. She seemed so innocent with the blushing, but she had the body of a vixen.

I was still thinking of her smile when I went to bed that night, and I hoped for two things. That she would order something again, and that she wouldn't.

Three days later, I had finally woken up without thinking of Sookie first thing, and when I got my list of deliveries I didn't scan it for her address. I kicked myself for that a few hours later when her address came up. I wondered if she'd ordered something just to see me again, or if she just genuinely needed something.

I took a deep breath before walking up to the door, and dug deep to find that confident ladies man that I could be. Sookie opened the door wearing a thin, loose dress that showed a lot of skin.

I bit back a groan and handed over the package. "Well, fancy seeing you again so soon."

She tossed the package onto a counter, and I noticed the confident look in her eye.

"You look like you could use something to drink," she said.

"I could go for something to quench my thirst," I agreed, wanting to see what her game was. There was no way the innocent, blushing girl from a few days ago was now a full-on minx.

"Do you have time for a quickie? I mean, a quick drink," she asked, and my jaw almost dropped.

"I always have time for a quick drink," I said before I could stop myself.

"Good thing I have some fresh lemonade then. Please, come in," she said, and gestured for me to follow her.

I walked into the house behind her, and blindly followed her into the kitchen. She bent over really far to get something from the back of the fridge, and as the skirt of her dress hiked up I caught a glimpse of what wasn't under it. My heart started pounding in my chest. She wasn't wearing panties. Fuck. Me.

She handed me the full glass, and I stared into her eyes as I gulped it all down. When the last of it was gone, I knew my body was no longer taking orders from the brain upstairs. I set the glass down on the table, and wiped my mouth off. My upstairs brain had a small amount of control left, and I used that to take her in one last time while trying to force myself to walk away. Downstairs was having none of that, and before I fully realized what I was doing I had Sookie pressed against the counter as I kissed her hard.

Instantly, I felt a connection to her. I'd never felt like that while kissing anyone. I deepened the kiss, slipping my tongue into her mouth and lifting her onto the counter at the same time. She opened her knees to allow me to press myself against her, and then wrapped her legs around my waist tightly.

Suddenly, it was like a nerve ending fired in the correct head, and I pulled away.

"You have to tell me that you want this. I won't do anything you don't want," I said quickly, hoping she would take the out if she needed it. I didn't think I'd be able to stop otherwise.

"I want everything, I promise," she said evenly, and I attacked her lips again.

I pulled her against me as we kissed, and let my hands explore her voluptuous body. I'd never been lucky enough to be with a woman like this. I had known too many self-important women who thought it was attractive to be stick thin. Granted, I can't complain since I actually dated them, but it was annoying as hell to cook them breakfast and then have them refuse it because I'd used egg yolks, and then bitch that their ass was too big when it really could have used some more fat. Sookie felt like she ate egg yolks, and I loved every bit of it. A woman should have curves, something soft to caress and hold onto.

She reacted to every touch, caress, and squeeze with a moan, a pant, or a grind of her hips into mine, and when I gently rubbed her hardened nipples, she reached down and squeezed my ass. I'd never had a woman be so into my ass before, but I loved it. She massaged it for a couple minutes, and then threaded her fingers into my hair, knocking the knot I kept it in loose.

As she tugged gently on my hair, which had always been a huge turn on for me, I kissed down her neck and onto her very impressive cleavage. Unable to resist any longer, I pulled the loose fabric of her dress down to reveal her thankfully not bra-covered nipples. I took one into my mouth and gently nibbled and sucked at it, listening to her moans to figure out just what she liked, and then I did the same to the other.

She began to tug on my hair just enough that I finally lost it. I had to taste her. I knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do health-wise somewhere in the back of my mind, but I justified it later that she didn't seem like the type to be doing this sort of thing often, if ever.

I dropped hard to my knees, and lifted the skirt of her dress. Her thighs rested on my shoulders as I spread her open and took one long lick up the length of her glistening folds. Distantly I heard a dull thud, but I didn't stop to find out what it was. She tasted too good for me to ever stop.

She moaned and panted, pressing against the back of my head with her hands as I fucked her with my tongue. I got the sense that she was close, so I closed my lips around her swollen bundle of nerves, and slid a finger into her, pumping a few times before curling until I found her sensitive spot.

Sookie screamed my name as she pulsed around my finger, which I quickly withdrew and replaced with my tongue, lapping up all of her juices. After several seconds I realized what I'd just done, and slowly began setting her back to rights. I covered her beautiful breasts once more, and then picked my hair tie up from where it landed on the floor to put my hair back into its knot.

"What are you doing?" she panted.

"I have other deliveries to make," I said, and then I licked my lips, remembering her taste.

"But you … you can't just … what about you?" she rambled, and I felt my dick and my heart swell at the realization that she wanted to give me pleasure just as much as she wanted her own.

I stepped up to her again, placing my hands on her hips as I gave her a tender kiss. Even I was surprised at the emotion I already felt when kissing her. I really, really liked this woman.

I pulled away before we got too into it, and whispered, "I'll be fine." Though, I wasn't sure if I was reassuring her or myself more. I know my cock didn't feel all that reassured.

Before she could say anything in response, I broke away from her and walked out of the house. I could only hope that she would order something again, because I already missed her.