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Too late?


I can hear how the Colonel calling my name and instinctively turn around. Only just in time to see a blast from a staff weapon heading in my
direction, but too late to avoid it. Everything seems to run in slow-motion and yet I can't move. I only seem to stand there and wait for the blast to hit its target.
I'm hit. I can feel the energy throwing me backwards. Slowly. So slowly that I somehow manage to confront a few thoughts I had not yet managed to sort out but wanted to. Some minor, some major. I'll never have children of my own. One of my greatest wishes and I waited to long to act upon it. Now it will never come true. It's strange. You take so much time thinking about a future but truth is you can die any day, any hour or any minute and not solely in my line of work. Funny how you only come to realise that when you're dying. It is part of my job. I've always known that. So often finding myself in near death situations, but never really thinking that someday it could actually happen. The risk of being a soldier and fighting against the Goa'uld. You only realise the truth in the statement when it actually becomes reality. Never mind 'Nah, it won't happen to you Sam', how wrong can you be. Now it is too late. I can't change it.
What will the others do without me? Will they continue to live like before or change their lives somehow? What will Dad do?
Funny. Now, when everything is going to end, everything is suddenly so clear. All emotions and memories. Why do we discover our true feelings, when it's too late? Now I will never tell Martouf, what my feelings for him are.
Life can be so unfair. It's such an irony.
Breathing is slowly getting harder. I hear the Colonel saying, that I should keep up and stay with them. That we will be back at the SGC soon. I can feel him picking me of the floor and starting to run. Then I feel the cold of the wormhole. I open one last time my eyes and see the walls of the SGC. Then everything goes black and my last thoughts goes to what could have been, when I would have realised earlier what I feel. But now it's too late.