General POV

3 years later…

Liz and Dean were happier than ever. They loved each other more with each day and knew that nothing would ever tear them apart. After deciding that the city was no place to raise a child, Dean and Liz bought a house in the suburbs. Liz was a little emotional at first about selling her apartment because she loved it so much and also because of the beautiful nursery but she realised she loved her husband and child more. By now, Dean was earning a lot at Paul's Garage and decided to buy the house and then leave. He took another job at a garage in town close to their house. Liz had taken a job at the local school's library and loved it. She would get teased by Dean who would call her a book worm. Of course, the teasing led to something else.

Liz became pregnant again a year after Jenny. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him John Benjamin Winchester. After Dean's father and hers. John was now one and Jenny was three. They used all Jenny's pink stuff that was once in her nursery in the apartment, in her bedroom in the new house and now they were using the changing table, rocking chair and cot in John's room.

Even though the kids got on their nerves, it didn't change how much they loved them. Dean and Liz had been married for four years but they felt like they were still dating. Liz's parents had sold the house in Ohio that Liz had grown up in, and moved 20 minutes away from Dean and Liz so that when they needed time away from the kids, they went to stay with her parents.

Liz would now only go to work when and if they needed her. She found it hard to be away from the kids for too long. She loved them too much and her hunter instincts still kicked even now. As did Dean's. Even with that, they still never tried going back to hunting. Their top priority was their children now, and nothing would ever change that. Nothing that Cas said would make them change their minds either. Cas didn't show up unexpectedly like he used too, he knew that now he had no reason too. But he still popped in now and then to see Dean and Liz. Somehow, Dean, Liz, Sam, Jenna and Cas had become really great friends.

Sam and Jenna were still very happy together. Their wedding was really wonderful and Liz and Dean were very happy for them. They were even happier when they found Jenna was a few months pregnant. Liz always thinks after all the horrible stuff that she and the boys have seen; their lives were finally falling into place. Dean had a job that payed well, Liz and the kids. Sam also had someone that made Dean feel really happy. He didn't need to look out for Sam anymore; he had someone else to do it.

Liz was sitting on the porch watching Jenny bouncing around the back yard. Both the kids had inherited Dean's green eyes, even though Jenny's had a slight blue tinge. Liz instantly knew that this was the dream that she had when she and Dean had met again. Even though Jenny looked like she was five in the dream, she knew this was the dream. Sure she wasn't holding a cup of coffee but this was it. This was what she had dreamt. She heard Dean moving around in the house behind and she stood up. She turned around and saw Dean walking up to her and then he wrapped his arms around her waist. He kissed her, passionately.

"Morning beautiful" he said.

"Morning sexy" she said and then kissed him. She started to deepen the kiss and forgot that Jenny was standing right there.

"Ewww" Jenny whined. Dean and Liz pulled away and laughed.

"Sweetie breakfast is ready" Liz said. Jenny ran into the kitchen and Dean and Liz followed her. This was fairly similar to her dream. Before Dean and Liz went in, he pulled her aside and kissed her again.

"I haven't told you I love you in awhile" he said. Not the exact words he said in the dream but almost there she thought. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

"No you haven't" she smiled.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too" she said and kissed him. They walked inside and Liz brought John into the dining room and sat him in his high chair. He smiled when he saw her and Dean. Liz smiled at him and then sat down to eat.

"Hey, my parents are taking the kids for the weekend" Liz said.

"Really? And what do we plan on doing?" he asked.

"Oh, you'll see" she said wiggling her eyebrows.

"Liz, not in front of the kids" he said.

"I know" she said and smiled.

A few hours before dinner time, Nicole and Ben picked up the kids and took them to their house. Liz and Dean wasted no time. As soon as the kids were gone and her parents' car was out of sight, clothes were flying all over the place.

"Holy crap" he sighed.

"I know" she said breathing heavily.

"We still got it" he said.

"Yeah we do" she said.

"Thank god the kids weren't here" he said. She laughed and then kissed him.

"Alright, I better start dinner" she said and kissed him, leaving the bed.

Liz had finished making dinner and decided to set the mood a little. She lit a few candles and put them around the room and a few on the dining table. She had sent Dean to get some beer for him and wine for her. When he came back, he saw the room and smiled.

"So this is why you wanted me out of the house" he said. She nodded and walked over to him. He saw that she was wearing a tight figure hugging dress that came to her mid thigh, showing off her legs and swallowed the lump in his throat. I think she likes to torture me by showing off her legs he thought. She wrapped her arms around his neck and his landed on her waist. After two kids I still look awesome in dresses. But I've never been one to put on weight. I always lose it somehow she thought.

"Have I told you how unbelievably hot you look in that dress?" he asked, sliding his hands down her ass. She shook her head and kissed him. They sat down to eat and talked and laughed. It felt like they hadn't done that in awhile. After dinner, Liz washed the dishes and put them away and Dean turned on the radio. He flipped through stations until he found a slow song. Faithfully by Journey started playing and Dean put his hand out for Liz to take. She laughed and took it. They started slow dancing and Liz laughed again.

"What are you laughing at?" he asked.

"Nothing, it's just weird seeing you like this" she said.

"What romantic?" he asked.

"Well, yeah" she said.

"This isn't the first time I've been romantic" he said thinking back to the night of their first anniversary.

"And definitely won't be the last" she said. He leaned down and kissed her as they swayed to the music. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"What?" she asked.

"I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you" he replied. She smiled and kissed him, passionately.

"Well, don't worry about it because you'll never have to find out. I'm not going anywhere" she said.

"Yeah, me neither" he said and kissed her with more love that she could ever imagine. Liz knew that nothing would ever change between her and Dean. Nothing.

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