Itakisa Angel

"Itachi…calm down… don't start this again!" kisame said, desperately trying to calm his raven-haired partner before he killed the artistic duo who were pushing him to his limit.

Deidara and itachi were fully ready to kill eachother at the moment. Deidara was mad because itachi had had told him to quit blowing his stuff up with his stupid art.

Itachi got pissed when sasori told itachi to respect his elders.

Kisame finally *not without a few bruises himself…* managed to drag itachi out of the were currently in their shared room and itachi was lighting ramdom things on fire with the amaterasu. "IM GOING TO KILL THEM!" itachi roared trying to go back downstairs. "no… lay down itachi…tell me what happened." Kisame ushered itachi towards the bed and the weasel sat down, lighting the plant on fire. 'great zetzu's gonna kill me now…' kisame thought. Itachi sighed. Kisame always brought out the talkative side in sat softly beside itachi on the always shocked it was the way his small body moved or the destructive power of the young uchiha's growled and clambered into kisame's lap, snuggling his head into the crook of kisame's neck. "well it happened like this."

"Sasori and deidara and I were all in the kitchen. Sasori and deidara were arguring about art and i was munching on dango, zoning out. Deidara leaned in and whispered something to sasori and smiled. Then that little brat says "hey I heard a bunch of moans last night could you TRY to keep it down?" I pollietly told him it was hidan and kakuzu and he should talk to them about the noise peoblem. Then that little sex-puppet sasori stepped in and said " now now itachi don't lie, its disrespectful, and you need to respect you're elders!" itachi growled., his eyes spinning into was ready to kill the nearest person. 'time to be a kiss ass.' Kisame thought. "well sasori knows if he doesn't stand up for his little blond- fuck-buddy he wont get sex for a month…" "heh heh heh yeah! I know!" itachi smiled and his sharingan deactivated, showing kisame's ass kissing worked. "hey itachi…wanna piss em off?" itachi was smiling largely now. "how?" kisame smiled "sit back and watch. "well ita-chan the little puppet has to protect his seme otherwise who would he fuck?" kisame said loudly enough for sasori and deidara to hear. Seconds later they heard running footsteps and shouts of two extremely pissed artists running up the stairs. "the door!" itachi yelled running to the door as sasori's hand pushed through the crack. Kisame jumped up and helped itachi close the door, holding it shut as itachi locked the door tightly, still laughing." Good job!" itachi cried laughing and hugging kisame. Kisame happily hugged back, hesitantly pressed his cheek to the top of itachi's head. Itachi sighed and softly nuzzled into itachi's neck. Itachi's eyes drifted shut as kisame softly sat on the bed, still holding the young uchiha. Itachi opened his eyes and kisame gasped. Itachi gave a confused look and remembered this was the first time kisame ever saw him without sharingan activated. " I said wow….itachi…. you look like an angel…." Kisame muttered again loud enough for itachi to hear "Yeah…an angel of death…" itachi replied. "I know you did that for you're village's sake but don't worry…everything's fine…." Kisame said reassuringly kissing the top of itachi's head. Itachi leaned into the touch. Kisame undid itachi's hairtie and ran his fingers through itachi's sliky reclosed his eyes and felt himself drifting off to sleep. Kisame softly nuzzled itachi and kissed itachi'd forehead. "sleep now angel… ill be right here when you wake up…" kisame muttered holding itachi close.

" kisame?"


"i…I love you…"
"I love you too ita-chan… I love you too"

The two shared one gentle kiss before kisame slid under the blankets and held his weasel till they slipped into a deep sleep,itachi snuggling kisame, kisame holding his angel.