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With The Wind

Written By Princess Anthoniette

Chapter One: Unknown To Things

The whipping of the wind was calming. The scenery was breathtaking. Dastan leaned forward against the balcony railing that was built just outside of his chambers given by the Princess herself. He was different, he knew that. He was not the same man as he was before - when all of this had happened. He was carefree without a care to who gave orders - and it didn't cross his mind to obey them. But now…after through the trials of hurt and confusion, being betrayed by his own Uncle…the whole journey of it all was because of a dagger. The most powerful weapon on earth, the mythical sands of time, held in the sacred dagger that was believed to be a gift from the Gods. Yet, it was the same dagger that made the one of the most noblest man to seek after its powers to be the heir to the throne of Persia; the dagger to which Dastan's fate was inevitably tied to; the dagger that Tamina was sworn to protect with her life; the dagger that caused Dastan to lose her in the time before.

Dear God, he did not want to suffer the loss again; to have to see the fear shining through her glazed eyes as tears threatened to spill over; to have to hear her anguished cry when she slipped away from his grasp. The thought caused his heart to clench painfully as he remembered sorrowfully of how he was not able to hold onto her, to be able to save her.

It was true that the dagger held great power. It was true Dastan had seen it with his own eyes, witnessing oh so many deaths of loved ones. Framed he was for his father, the King of Persia, and his death. And then there was the lovely, yet insufferably infuriating Princess Tamina. The trials were long and difficult, many sleepless nights and occasional thoughts in mind. The one person he thought he could trust turned out to be someone filled with greed. Greed and a mischief mind. Right then and there…as he was nearly killed by his own Uncle…betrayed…all hope was lost for him.

"You had what any man could want. Love. Family. But that wasn't enough."

It was enough for Dastan to have a family - to be brought into one. To have love. It was enough for him, but apparently it was not enough for Nizam.

With a heavy sigh, Dastan closed his eyes, feeling the wind brush against his face. Calming, it was. He could almost fall asleep if it were for not the approaching footsteps behind him. Soft and cautious, they were. They belonged to one person….

"How are you fairing?"


"As far as I am concerned," Dastan said. "I appear to be fine as light rain."

"Even the lightest of rain can turn into a downpour Prince Dastan," She replied.

Slowly, he turned halfway, an eyebrow arched with his eyes filled with sorrow. Guilt. Hurt. Confusion. "And what, may I ask, Princess, is that suppose to mean?"

"I am sure you can figure that out yourself," she said, her tone sharp; catching Dastan off guard.

"I am sorry," he started.

"For what?" Tamina asked, crossing her arms across her chest. He opened his mouth to speak - but she, once again, interrupted. "For invading my city?" She took a step towards him. "For ambushing my army?" Another step. "For forcing me into a marriage I do not wish for?"

"That was entirely not my decision."

"But you stepped up to me and presented me a gift."

"It belonged to you in the first place."

"You stole it from me," she hissed.

"I did no such thing," Dastan defended and her eyes blaze.

"I think you are lying," she said. The way her eyes shined with leashed fire sent shivers up his spine. He knew what she was capable of from past experiences. She was no damsel in distress and if she could, she would smack him across the face. It would not be something he would have favored in, but he supposed it was far better than being murdered by her, as she had attempted before.

"And what makes you say that?" Dastan ask, his voice seemingly a whisper now.

"Because," her voice matched his; "you are danger. You are mischief. You have not been up to any good. You-"

"I am a warrior of Persia," he said. "And such that…has changed me."


Dastan only smiled cheekily, his eyes shining brightly. He won; he knew he won this matter of argument. He was a warrior of Persia, if or if not no one knew or thought so of him like that. He saved everyone - saved the city, but time has been restored back but only he knows what happened and in his heart … he was a warrior. Of Persia, a Prince or not by blood, he knew he has changed. He knew that.

He stood in the grassy fields just outside of the city of Persia, among with over five-hundred of the Persian army, along with a handful of Alamutian men. The wind swaying in the air just the slightest, the whistling sound from it calming, they eyed the body that was being covered with dirt. As soon as the prayers finished, the marshy area cleared out, soldiers, men and women who had attended the ceremony departed.

When the last men, Tus, Garsiv and King Sharaman had left, Dastan slowly walked over to the buried body, glancing down. Distaste evident in his eyes. There was a long moment of silence before Dastan spoke.

"Here lies the beloved Nizam," he murmured gravely, his eyes dark filled with anger and hurt. "Beloved is not the word for him. He does not deserve a burial for his unforgivable deeds."

"And what are these deeds, Prince Dastan, if I may question on my account?"

Dastan whipped his head around, startled by the voice. Surprise was evident on his face as he saw Tamina standing a few feet away in her traditional prayer robe, her hair braided thickly with beads of gold jewels imbedded in it, that fell over her left shoulder. In his mind she could not be any more beautiful and if that be the case, he would be awestruck by her appearance and her sharp personality. One would be a fool to believe they would have a chance with her, one would be a fool to believe they could marry her with ease.

But he wasn't fooled, not in the slightest. He had learned a few times - quite a few times - that he always needed to keep a close eye on her and her actions. She was deceiving…dangerous, even. But she would not be dangerous now, that was something he knew positively.

"It's in the past now," was all he said. "and it is to be forgotten."

But she wasn't going to give up that easily, something Dastan was afraid of. Lifting the skirt of the appropriate, grey robe she wore, she took a step closer to him, their eyes locked on each other. "If it is to be forgotten," she started, "then why do you have anger within you still?"

Dastan paused, lips parted slightly. He was going to say something, but now he was silent with his eyes covered with confusion. With hurt. He was confused to why someone he had trusted for so long would betray him - his family - like that. He was hurt he had been betrayed; hurt that right then and there he could not trust anyone but himself. His trust to all had been broken and it would take weeks, months, for his trust to be gained.

But most of all, he was to marry someone - the Guardian of the Dagger, that has the duty to protect the powerful weapon, with her life. And he was not willing for her to give up her life for it.

"I am waiting for my answer, Prince."

"I have no answer," was all he said, a murmur.

"If you cannot answer a simple question such as," Tamina said, an eyebrow arched, her eyes shining with curiosity. "then how can you-"

"I have anger because I could not stop him," Dastan snapped. "I am angry because I could not protect you. I am angry because I was framed and accused of murdering my very own father who saved me from the streets - I am hurt by someone who I have trusted for so long betrayed me like that!" Dastan took in a deep breath and closed his eyes, letting his held breath out, eyebrows furrowed together, releasing when he opened his eyes and gazed at the Princess, who has been listening intently the whole time. "I am angry because I have been lied to. Betrayed."

It certain answered her question, but there was one part that could not cross her mind correctly. He could not protect her. Those words stung her for a moment as her eyes gazed into his sorrowful ones, trying to think over what he had said. But all she could think about was how he could not protect her, but it was something she would have to question later.

"In due time, Dastan, things happen," Tamina said, her voice surprisingly soft and gentle. Usually it was sharp and firm - just as it should be as a Princess when she must deal many things - many tiring things. "Things happen, event occur; but it makes us stronger and teaches us to know what to watch out for. What to be wise and cautious about; it makes us strong."

"All the strength in the world cannot describe what I have been through, my Princess."

Her gaze was sharp as a knife. "What have you been through?"

But Dastan did not answer, his gaze elsewhere and that is when she knew, that he had been through some trials that she did not know of. And she needed to know. For whatever reason she could not find, but all that mattered is that she needed to know.

"Dastan?" She reached out hand to touch his cheek, but he moved away.

"It is nothing to worry over," he said. "As long as you are alive … my inner being is fine."

And then he left. Tamina watched after him with confused and concerned eyes. There was one thing she could not bring herself to understand. What did he meant by as long as she was alive, his inner being is fine?

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