"Damn! Where'd he go? And he was a hot one too!"Sasori whined trying to find the young blond.

"Oh well… no use crying over spilt milk…hello!" Sasori had the blond second in his mind as he eyed a nearby nightclub.

"Awesome…THIS is PERFECT!" Sasori said happily as he looked over a tall blond figure with tanned skin, who was dancing with a brown haired figure with a fading black eye.

"Heh… serves him right…"sasori said softly ordering a drink, watching the blond practically grind his partner.

He smiled as his eyes drank up the scene that was Deidara. He was wearing black slacks, and a fishnet shirt with a black belly-shirt over it. He had some glow-sticks as a bracelet, a belt, anklets, and a necklace.

Sasori was so totally lost in Deidara he never noticed the bartender till he coughed loudly. "Huh? Oh… sorry…" Sasori silently paid for his drink. "Keep the change…"

The bartender just nodded. "Interested in Deidara?"

He asked looking form Sasori to Deidara. "Huh? Deidara? Who's that?" Sasori asked dumbly.

"The blonde…dancing with the guy that has a black eye…"

"Oh… yeah… but I don't have a chance with a guy like that…"

"I wouldn't jump ahead of myself…that guy is about as straight as a circle!"

They both burst laughing at that. "SO… you think I gotta chance with a guy like him?"

"Totally…go for it!" the bartender said playfully pushing sasori towards Deidara. Sasori noticed Joe had left the blond and started flirting with random people. He noticed the blond heading their way.

"Hey his drinks are free… ill pay…ok?"

"Sure kid…ill hook you up…"

"Thanks…" Sasori watched as Deidara ordered and got ready to pay he got a little confused when the bartender said it was taken care of.

Sasori smiled softly as Deidara came to sit by him.

"Hey thanks for the drink…this seat taken?" The blond said smiling at him.

God… he WAS gorgeous.

"Nope… it's open…"

"Awesome!" Deidara said sliding into the open seat. Sasori's eyes slid over Deidara, memorizing every detail of his body.

"You like?" Deidara asked his eyes sliding over sasori like his own eyes had just done.

"Do you?"Sasori asked, giving Deidara that evil smile most girls would die for.

"You're cute…I like that…"Deidara said, returning his smile with a smirk, and softly leaning closer.

"Cute? Heh… my comrade says in friggin hot!" Deidara's smirk grew to a full-blown smile, revealing his fangs.

"Vampire? Should have guessed…"

"Got a problem with that?" Deidara said leaning so sasori could feel his hot breath on his face. Sasori softly closed his eyes.

"Not one…"

"AHEM!"Both boys snapped up eyes flashing to the bartender.

"I hate to ruin the moment but we're goin to close up in about 5 min…"

"Oh…here…" Sasori paid for their drinks and got up with Deidara.

"Hey I got to check on something…wanna come?" Deidara asked looking at sasori. "Shure…I guess…but I have to be back soo-AH!"Sasori yelped as Deidara picked him up bridal-style.

"Don't worry… I don't bite…much…" both boys laughed at Deidara's little joke and sasori softly cuddled closer to Deidara, wrapping his arms around the vampire's neck, nuzzling It carefully. "Where are we going?"

"Somewhere I like to go just to relax…" as Deidara said that they emerged on a beautiful river. Since it was winter everything was frozen, the place looked beautiful…the trees were covered with ice and snow, the river was frozen solid, it was an eternal wonderland. "Wow…it…its...Beautiful…Deidara…" sasori softly looked at Deidara, who was still holding him bridal style. Deidara silently walked forward, sitting on the trunk of the tree he was listening to earlier. Sasori readjusted so he was straddling the blond. Deidara softly put his arms around sasori, pulling him into a soft kiss. Sasori happily kissed him back.

Deidara softly licked Deidara's bottom lip asking for entrance. Sasori parted his lips and was soon battling for dominance against Deidara. Deidara broke the kiss after a few moments of roaming Sasori's mouth.

As soon as he looked at Sasori, he whished he didn't. The way the sunlight hit his face made him look like an angel. He was panting, his deep muddy brown eyes were closed as he tried to catch his breath.

"Do you mind if I…?"

"That's the thing I needed to do…"

"What?" Deidara was completely lost.

"I have a blood disorder… my blood regenerates too fast so …I have to do a daily blood-letting…"


"Yeah… I haven't done it yet today…"

"May I?"

"Go right ahead…."

Sasori softly tilted his head to the side.

Deidara softly sank his fangs into the flesh of Sasori's neck.

"Nmmmmmmmmmm…." Sasori moaned as Deidara started to drink.

"You're gentile…" 'Yeah…so I've been told…don't freak out…when I'm drinking your blood can hear my thoughts but I can't hear yours.' "Cool…" 'So tell me about yourself…'

"Well my name is Sasori Akasuna, I live with my partner Orouchimaru, and the other Akatsuki members…" 'Akatsuki?' "Well…erm…you see… vampires killed my parents…and I…ummmmm…"

'The Akatsuki is an organization that kills vampires…'

"Yeah…but I don't kill… I was captured by them when I was 5… I've been with them ever since…"

'I see…go on…'

"You're not mad?"

'As long as you don't come after me I'm fine!'

Sasori laughed as Deidara finished drinking.

"You're sweet…"

"So I've been told…"

Don't let nobody tell you

Your life is over

Be every color that you are!