Pulsations 10

"hey hidan…wake up." Kakuzu said quietly shaking hidan awake.

"huh? What is it?" hidan said sleppily.

"I wanna talk to you…privatelty… come on…lets step outside." Kakuzu purred saoftly in hidan's ear.

"ugh…fine!" hidan whined getting up and leaving the cave with kakuzu.

After a while kakuzu broke the silence.

"pain doesn't like me much…"

"no…he thinks that all vampires are bad…just because his parents were killed by one. But you're like Deidara I can tell."


"I don't know…I just have this feeling, you know? Like I can feel what you're gonna do...like I can tell if your threat…ive always been able to, but ive never told anyone." Hidan said, softly looking down.

"that's quite a gift." Kakuzu said looking at hidan, they had stopped walking a while ago."when did you start being able to tell?"

"after I got attacked by a weird shark."

"a shark?"

"yeah. It was pure white had it had my color eyes. But they were different…somehow…I don't know…anyway in my village there's this lake….its said that if you look into it something comes up and attacks you…drags you down to the bottom of the lake…well when I was 5 I got curious… and I leaned too far over… I saw that shark… and It attacked me… it drug me down to the bottom… but…it let me go… "I ever since ive been able to sense dangerous people… and I still have the scar on my neck… so Its like the shark let me go… so I could live and do something… but I still have no idea what…sometimes when im by myself I touch the scar and wonder what the shark wanted me to do…I don't know…its stupid…I don't blame you if you don't believe me…"hidan said.

" I believe you, and you don't have to… but may I see the scar?"kakuzu said intensly staring at hidan.

"shure. It doen't hurt anymore."hidan said softly unbuttoning his shirt.

Kakuzu watched as hidan softly slipped his shirt off of his left shoulder and softly touched the smooth skin. He could see where the individual teeth percied the skin . he noticed the pattern too. A curcumsized triangle with a circle around it.

"Ive never seen this before…sorryi couldn't have been any hel-"kakuzu immedently was sucked into hidan's mind.

He saw a building. A church to be exact. Suddenly they were on a balchony, looking down on a strange ritual. Someone was , were tied to a pole…with lit hay under looked up and gasped. The upside down trianglewith a circle on it was on the walls…everywhere. They heard someone start talking over the screaming. he said "our lord, jashin-sama, please accept this sacrifice of blood to you. Talk this sacrifice along with our blood to understand our loyalness to you! We give you our blood jashin-sama! Please keep you're light on us! Please see us as worthy!" the priest then slit his wrist and held it over the fire. …Suddenly kakuzu heard gentle laughter.

He turned to see…hidan…laughing? He seemed to be enjoying this

Then kakuzu understood why he was a vampire hunter. He had such a drawing to blood. He was a born killer.

The two immedently fell back and landed on the ground.

Kakuzu just stared at hidan.

"ow, OW!"

Two items had just fallen on hidan's head.

A necklace and a book.

Both had the symbol on hidan's neck on them.

They looked at eachother.

"ill put 'em on my pack."


"..hey 'kuzu?"


"why did that happen?"


"when you touched me…I had a vision…why?"

"i…I don't know…"

"d-…do you think it'll happen again if we touch again?"

kakuzu softly set his hand on hidan's sleve.


"you didn't touch the shirt did you? I thought u did…"hidan mumbled, leaning aginst the tree.

Kakuzu thought for a minute.


Hidan looked over to kakuzu and gasped.

Kakuzu had taken off his mask and pressed his lips to hidan's.

He was immedently taken back to the day with the shark.

"hidan listen to me. Don't go near the bridge ok?"

A young woman said, wagging her finger at a young brown-haired child.

the boy nodded, his brown eyes shimmering with excitement.

Hidan watched as him mom walked off and went in a shop. Through the window you could see her turn her back and start talking to her friend behind the bar,unseeing hidan as he looked around. A little girl called hidan was had dark brown hair that looked light brown thanks to her natural blond highlights.

"hi hi-chan! Wanna play truth or dare?"


Hidan happily sat down next to the girl, and looked around.'4 people'hidan thought'that's how many's playing'.

"soo, mimi, who spins first?"

"you since you just showed up!"

"ok!" hidan happily leaned over and spun the bottle.

It went round and round.

"kerri! Truth or dare?"hidan happily churped.

"t-truth…" the young girl answered.

"ok…have you ever kissed someone!"hidan said giggling.

"no!"kerri yelled," boys are icky! Except you hi-chan! Your cool!"

"thanks!"hidan said blushing.

"my turn!"kerri yelled spinning the bottle.

Round it went.


It stopped between hidan and mimi.

The two children's eyes were as big as dinner plates.

Everyone gasped.

Hidan had to kiss mimi.

hidan leaned over and gave mimi a peck on the lips.

Every one cried "EWWWWWWWWW~!"

Mimi and hidan just kept blushing.

"y-y-y-you spin mimi…"


The girl reached out and spun it, the game was back on.


"truth or dare?"


"go poke that man!"
the child eagerly jumped up and poked him,then ran back laughing as the man watched.

He smiled and shook his head.

Jonny spun the bottle.


"your turn!"
"truth or dare?"

"dare babby!"


"I dare you to go to the end of the peir, touch the water,and come back."a older child said as he walked up.

Everyone gasped.




everyone gasped again.

"I don't care!" mimi said."he could get KILLED!"

"so? You have to do a double dog dare."

"who votes for ending the game?"mimi said calling a vote.

"i!"everyone agreed.

"so? Hidan was the last dare. He has to."

"mom said that I cant go near the peer!"hidan said, trying to get out of it.

"he's right, little bro. go."hidan's sister walked up.


"go you brat!"his sister said kissing the older boy.


"no buts! Were 13 your 6! Go!"

Hidan couldn't win.

He quietly got up.


"its ok mimi…I wont stay long enough to get hurt…and the tides high…I wont even have to lean over!"hidan said giving a unshure smile.

The silver haired boy gently made his way over to the peer and looked back.

"GO!" his sister yelled and hidan stepped onto the peer.

He was terrified.

'its ok…just poke the water and run back…'

Halfway there.

'just poke it and go. Poke and go.'

He quietly looked into the water and smiled.

"oooh…sparkly…" hidan softly touched the water with his hand, and giggled.

"its so soft…like…feathers…or…silk…"

Hidan smiled to himself.

He reached forward with both hands, stroking the surface.

"hidan?" his sister called, seeing something white in the distance.

"HIDAN?"she called again.

Giggling was her answer.


She ran forward, to pull her brother away from the edge.

Too late.

The white shark's head bobbed up from the water.

Everything went slow for hidan's sister.

Hidan saw he shark surface and called to his sister.



She was a arms length away.

The shark looked at her.

She froze.

The boy ran forward.


The boy didn't see the shark.

The shark,quick as lightning, leaped and bit into hidan's neck,pulling him forwards into the water.

Hidan was always a strong kid but he wasn't strong enough.


Was the last thing he heard before he was too far down to hear anything.

Everything slowed down now.


He saw someone break the surface.

They were swimming down to him.

His hand drifted up.

He felt something tug his shoulder.

He turned his head.

The shark was looking at him.

Straight in the eye.

'such pretty eyes…'

Hidan thought, petting the shark.

He noticed the sharks eyes.

'A upside triangle in a circle?'

The sharks eyes flashed, the triangle spinning one way, the circle the other way.

Hidan just stared.

'jashin wants you to live…so ill let you go….goodbye and good luck…hidan…'

He heard a voice in his head say.

He felt someone's arms wrap around his waist.

He looked back up to see a fisherman.

Then he passed out.

- in the hospital-

"hidan…hidan… "

He heard someone sobbing…

Sobbing his name…

"ive never seen anything like this…its unheard of…"

"I don't know…"

"that shark never let anyone go…but why is he an…?"

'Dr. patric...my doctor's here?'

"hey! His eyelids fluttered!"

"hidan? Hidan can you hear me?"





'sis…everyone's here…I could ave lived without sis though…'

"hidan try to open your eyes…"

' again…I better listen…now…where's my eyes…there they are…'

Hidan's eyes fluttered open.

Everyone gasped.

"what?" hidan said in a small voice.

Nobody said a word.

"what the hell is wrong with my son."

"what do you mean daddy? I feel fine…"

"you identified him as they pulled him out of the water no?"

"yes we did. And we never left his side. I know its our son."

"of course in your son mommy…"

Hidan said his eyes looking to his mothers.

he could see his reflection in her glasses.


"yes? What is it sweetheart?"

"why are my eyes the color of the pretty fishies?"


"yeah…the one I petted…"

"he means the shark." His sister said.

"hidan..i need to know everything the pretty fishey did ok?"

Hidan gave a nervouos glance at everyone.

"why is there so many people?"

"could I have some time alone with hidan please?"

"Of course. Lets go."the doctor said tapping his mom's shoulder.


"you can wait outside the door."


"mommy ill be fine…"hidan said, smiling.
a few moments later everyone was gone.

"alright hidan…tell me what the fishey did."

"well I was petting him then he jumped up and bit me… then he started pulling me to the bottom of the lake …but it stopped when I looked at it…I heard it talk in my mind it said…'jashin wants you to live…so ill let you go….goodbye and good luck…hidan…'…the pretty fishey knew my name! all I remember next is someone jumping in, the fishey letting go.. and seeing a fisherman grab me…not in a bad way though… I felt him start towing me to shore and then I blacked out….then I woke up here… OH! And the fishey's eyes are purple! They had upside down triangles in them… they had a circle around them too!" hidan said smiling.

"the fishey likes me!"


"what color was the fishey?"

"silver…with purple eyes…"

"hidan Im going to give you a mirror and you tell me the fist thing that comes in your mind."

handed hidan a mirror.

"I LOOK LIKE THE FISHEY!" Hidan said as he looked in the mirror.

"ok..hidan you just get some rest ok?"

"ok… I am a little tired…"

"im going to talk to my friends outside your door ok? If you need anything yell."



"can I have a lollipop?"


"what flavor?"


"ok…ill be right back."

'he never gets grape…'

a moment later hidan was being hugged.


Hidan happily hugged back.

"hidan? Are you ok?"

"im a little tired but other than that m fine!"
"good… I was so worried!"

"awwwww im ok mimi! Mabey when I get out we can play some more!"

"yeah mabey…"
hidan smiled.

"oh dear…are we in the right room?"

"mrs. Nightingale! Hi!"

"defiantly the right room."

Hidan happily hugged his friend's mom.

"hi hidan. I have a surprise for you…"


"im your teacher next year! AND that means you can spend the night on weekdays, too!"


Both of the children seemed so happy…

The doctor came in.

"hidan…we don't know how or why…but you're now an albino…that means you have a different color evey and youre pailer than other people…you wont be able to do certain things…but your parents will take care of you alright?"


walked in.

"here's that lollipop hidan."


Hidan was out of the hospital two weeks later.

-at mimi's house-

"hahha! Tag your it!"

"no! you are!"

Mimi chased hidan around the yard.



Mimi ran out in the road to get the cat.

"MIMI! NO!"hidan yelled…she didn't hear him.

She fell…




Hidan's parents moved out before he found out if mimi was alive or not.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~END FLASHBACKS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Kakuzu broke the kiss.


"I never knew….i never knew if she survived… but I found out a vampire ran her over…"

"lemee guess…you killed him…"

"not yet…but I will…"



"the person that ran over your friend…"


"that was krea…"