AN: First, I would like to apologize to anyone reading my story Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Doors of Death for not updating in forever. School just let out and it's been hectic. So, I am truly sorry.

Second, I need to explain some things about this story to you. This is an AU story. Thalia, Nico, Percy, and Annabeth are all kids. They know that they are half bloods already and they are all friends. They are currently in a New York school since it isn't summer yet. That is where the story starts.


The kids all sat in the brightly colored classroom for the last time. Some kids thought about going to Europe with their families, others imagined cruising around the Caribbean. Unlike the rest, however, four of the kids had one thing on their minds: Camp Half Blood.

"OK kids, so today is your final day as third graders. After today, summer will be here and before you know it, fourth grade will be right around the corner."

Some of the kids groaned at the thought of being back in school when summer hadn't even begun yet.

"Is fourth grade hard, Ms. Winters?" Asked Angie McLaurentes. Angie was one of those kids that never stopped asking useless questions. In other words, she was one of those kids that Annabeth Chase hated.

"Now, Angie, if you work hard and never give up, fourth grade will be simple," Ms. Winters replied. The look on Angie's face showed that this was not the response she had been hoping for.

Before the kids had a chance to ask anymore questions about what was awaiting them next September, Ms. Winters, the class' third grade teacher, passed out a 3" by 5" note card to each student. The lined side was carefully placed facing up.

"For our last day of school, I have a fun activity planned. I want you all to imagine yourself as an adult. All you need to do is write one thing you want to do when you grow up." She quickly wrote the prompt "When I grow up, I want….." on the chalk board. "I am not going to read these, since they are personal, but I do want you to think about your answer. Don't just scribble something down. Take a moment and imagine what you want to be doing ten of fifteen years from now."

Every kid in the class had a sparkle in their eyes. You could practically see the gears in their minds turning at immense speeds.

"What are you guys going to write down?" Percy Jackson asked his three friends, Annabeth Chase, Nico Di Angelo, and Thalia Grace.

"I'm going to write—" Nico tried to answer, before he was cut off.

"Don't tell him!" Annabeth hissed. "I think we should keep them a secret. Like Ms. Winters said, it's personal."

Nico huffed, but finally agreed when he saw that Thalia liked the idea.

"Maybe," Thalia said, "we can bury them when we get to camp. And in ten or fifteen years, we can dig them up and see if what we wrote came true."

Everyone nodded. They all liked the idea. Of course, none of them thought about the fact that half bloods don't always make it to that age.

They all looked down at their blank note cards. "Ten minutes kids!" Ms. Winters said to the class. She wanted to let them finish and then after that they would have some time to share their summer plans with the class. Kids always liked talking about what they had in store for the next three months.

Nico was the first to start scribbling down his future in his sloppy handwriting. He didn't write a tremendous amount, just enough for him to understand what he had written ten or so years from now.

Thalia and Percy soon followed, after allowing enough time to get an idea of what they wanted for their future.

"Annabeth, you haven't written anything. You need to hurry up if you want to finish," Nico said after he completed his own card.

"I know, I know. I'm thinking. There are a lot of things that could happen in my future. I need to pick the best one," she said.

"Oh, no. We're going to be here all day if we let her weigh through all of the options!" Percy said. He laughed, but he wasn't kidding.

"One minute, kids. Hurry up and write down what you can," Ms. Winters said from her desk at the head of the class room.

"Ugh!" Annabeth said, exasperated. She quickly copied down the prompt on the board. Without thinking, she wrote the first thing that came to mind. When she looked down at what she had written, she was surprised. She wanted to erase it, but Ms. Winters told everyone to stop and put their pencils down.

She couldn't change it.

She was vaguely aware of the fact that what she had written was about to get buried and would eventually be read by her and her friends. How mortifying.

Thalia collected the four friends' cards and put them in her backpack, after swearing on the River Styx that she wouldn't look at them. Not even a peak.

The entire time that Zeke was telling the class about how he would be going to his grandparents beach house or how Taylor would be scuba diving with her cousins, Annabeth couldn't help but stare at Thalia's backpack, wishing more than anything that she could grab her card and erase what she had written.

It wasn't that she didn't think what she had written was true. It was just the fact that it would be read by eyes other than her own. She hated that feeling.

Annabeth never got the chance to dispose of the card, however, because before she knew it, she was at Camp Half Blood, standing over a patch of freshly dug earth. And under the pile of dirt was a box with four note cards in it.