The Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist franchises, put together in an epic tale of action, adventure, vengeance, friendship, and freedom! This is the story of how two heroes will change the world forever! (Think of this as Final Fantasy XVI, since the other one, that's XV, will come after a few years)

Warning: Kingdom Hearts and Fullmetal Alchemist are both licensed by Square-Enix. The secondary licenses for both franchises are Disney (Kingdom Hearts), Aniplex, Bones Inc., and Funimation (Fullmetal Alchemist).

PS: There will be spoilers.

Fullmetal Kingdom: The Fanfic

Chapter 1: Sora Begins

A train arrived at 11:17 AM, many passengers came out to visit and spend the seasons on pleasant eves and vacation. Only one passenger, a military soldier, was here on business.

The soldier passed through crowds of joyful families reuniting, sharing pleasant chatter about what was, and what news came their way. The soldier smiled, enjoying his walk past these happy folk, wishing that he had times like that to spend with his loved ones, but alas, he wasn't here to play, he was here to speak with someone. "Destiny Islands, a resort made by families, for families."

The soldier approached a large building, it appeared to be a daycare center, quite a noisy one in fact, he could hear children laughing and playing inside The soldier entered the building, and all around him, he could see countless children running through the hallways, and down the stairs. In front of the soldier was a man sitting behind a desk, that man greeted the soldier, "Maes Hughes?"

The soldier replied, "Yes sir, Maes Hughes, the one and only. I was the one sent by the colonel to search for a bodyguard." The man shook Hughes's hand, "The name's Cid, no last name, no need, just Cid, pleased to meet you. Welcome to the Orphanage" Cid stands up and opens a yellow door behind him, "Right this way Mr. Hughes."

As Hughes follows Cid, he notices a large window on the left side, there, he noticed children who, unlike the children from outside, fight each other, with wooden swords, poles, and even some who use their feet and fists. Cid stops and turns toward Hughes, "Strange isn't it? These kids have only each other to know and acknowledge, trained by many teachers young and old to survive on instinct and knowledge. Yes sir, your looking at the next assassins." Hughes looked through the window again, "Children? You train...children to be assassins?"

Cid shook his head, "Why are you saying it like that? They also make good bodyguards, speaking of which, you asked for one, right?" The two enter the next room, where many teenagers were sitting and meditating. Cid smiles "These are the kids I was telling you about. The kids who are most qualified as bodyguards."

Hughes was still unsure about the state using children as weapons, but he walked toward them to make a formal greeting, "Uh, h-hello there. I'm Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes. I was ordered by my superiors to find a bodyguard for one of our own, and, well, one of you have been given permission to come with me to Central." One of the teens stood up, "Who do we have to kill?"

Hughes was startled by what the teen said, "Uh, no one. We just need someone to protect one of our soldiers, that's all, no killing." The teen's stare went from cold, to calm afterwords, and then he sat back down. But then another teen came up, his hair was gray and his eyes were a bright aqua colored, "Sorry about that, some of us can be a little...scary. But did you just say that you were only looking for someone to protect one of your own?"

Hughes was surprised at first to hear one of the unusual teens speaking like a normal person, but he shook off that feeling and approached the silver haired youth, "Yes, that is all we need, uh..." The silver haired boy smiled and shook his hand, "I'm Riku, No. 307. It's a pleasure to meet you." Hughes smiled, "Nice to meet you to Riku. So, are you interested in the job?"

Riku replied, "No, I'm currently training." Cid interrupts, "Riku you don't need anymore training, your the best there is. You've even controlled your inner strength, your perfect for the job!" Riku shakes his head, "Sorry, not interested. But I know a beginner who could help you Mr. Hughes, if you'd like, I can take you to him."

Hughes was curious, "Well, sure. I'd love to meet him." Cid immediately realized who Riku was talking about and took Hughes's arm, "RIKU! Not him, he's terrible! He's one year younger than you, but his skills are as weak as the younger ones! I'm telling you sir, your best chance would be from one of these kids, even Riku here."

Riku crosses his arms, "Cid, for once, give him a chance. Mr. Hughes, I promise you, this one's the perfect companion." Hughes decides to follow Riku, leaving a ill tempered Cid standing with the other teens.

Riku and Hughes finally make it to a door with the number 516 on it. Hughes asks Riku, "Who's No. 516?" Riku replied, "Well, true he's close to my age, but he does tend to mess up sometimes. He failed at math, running, and even catching his target, a vase, a ball, anything, except...he never fails when it comes to protecting someone alive, he does whatever he can to help people, even those who are younger...and he's a true friend."

Riku opens the door, but to his, and Hughes's surprise, the room was empty. Hughes scratches his head in confusion but then noticed an open window. Riku covers his face in embarrassment, "(sigh) And, at times...he can be very mischievous." Cid rushes toward the room of No. 516, and notices only Riku and Hughes in the room. In anger, Cid yells out, "SOOOOOOOOORRRRAAAAAAAAAAA!"

"YES!" No. 516 yells as he kicked the soccer ball into the goal, the village kids cheered for No. 516 as he made a perfect score. One of the children approached No. 516, "Can you teach me to kick like that someday?" No. 516 patted the child's shoulder, "...Sure, someday I'll teach you but for now, who wants to see an Olympic classic?" The children cheered in acknowledgment, "Alright, LETS GO!"

Maes Hughes and Riku followed Cid as he ran for the beach, "That troublesome little snot! He's going to spoil everything we've worked so hard on!" Hughes tries to talk to Cid, "Well, doctor, he's still a kid, kids do kid things, they laugh, they play, that's how it's been since cave man Adam and cave woman Eve gave birth to the first cave kid."

Cid, Highes, and Riku finally make it to the beach, where Sora was racing three kids while the other children watched, "Go Sora! GO!" Hughes asked Riku, "Is Sora the one you were talking about?" Riku scratched his chin while watching the race, "Well..."

While racing, one of the racers were starting to catch up with No. 516, "You're going down!" No. 516 smiled and tried to catch up. Suddenly, a group of surfers were rushing toward the beach, the kid who was beating No. 516 accidentally bumped into them, Oh, sorry about that-." One of the surfers grabbed the kid, "You think I'm gonna buy that, brat?"

No. 516 rushes to the boy's side, "Hey, he just bumped into you. Leave the kid alone." Another surfer quickly punches him, knocking him down, while the other surfers were laughing, "Shut Up! This kid has no respect for people older than him, he needs to be taught a lesson!" No. 516 tried to stand back up, "He's just a kid! He doesn't need to be taught anything!"

The surfer kicks 516 back down, "I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP!" 516 tried to get up again, "...Leave...alone!" He was kicked again, "SHUT UP!" but every time the surfer kicked 516 down, he stood back up, "SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Then the kid pushed the surfer away from 516, "Leave him alone you creeps!"

The surfers grabbed the kid, then the one who beat 516 approached the child, "Tell me, you like tattoos? Why don't we leave a mark on you? A" The surfer slowly pulled out a knife, "...VERY painful mark. Would you like that?" Suddenly, a hand grabbed the surfer's arm, squeezing it, "RAAAAAGHH, WHO'S DOIN-?" The surfer saw the very teen he beat up, start to stand up slowly while still keeping a grip on the surfer's arm.

"I thought there was a law against littering on the beach..." 516 then began to lift the surfer over his head, The surfer dropped his knife on the sand, 516 turned toward the ocean, "...Time to take out the trash." But before he could toss him into the ocean, Cid rushes toward 516, "No. 516 AKA Sora, what do you think your doing!" Sora then noticed Cid, "Dr. Cid! Uh, hey there." He then tosses the surfer away, to make himself look innocent.

Riku then smiles and turns toward Hughes, "...Yes, that is Sora." The child grabs the knife and points it toward the other surfers, "Get lost you freaks!" Sora then stops the kid and takes the knife away, "I can't let you do that! (sigh) How can I say this? People like them are the real losers when they take out a weapon in a fist fight. If you pull out something as dangerous as a knife towards someone innocent, who can't defend themselves, you'll regret it for the rest of your me."

The kid looks down, "But, you tried to help me, and they hurt you! Why not teach them a lesson? Why not give them what they deserve?" Sora replies, "Because no one should play by there rules, no mater how unfair it is! ...In time, they will understand, believe me. You were very brave when you apologized earlier, those guys were uglier than Cid." The boy laughed while Cid frowned, "You know, I'm right here, 'kiddo'!"

"Just keep that courage while growing up, and someday, you will beat me in that race, OK?" Sora said to the boy, the boy replied, "OK Sora, thanks, someday, I will out race you! I will!"

The sun was starting to set, and the children went home, but not before saying goodbye to Sora, "Always trying to be the hero, huh, Sora?" Sora noticed Riku behind him, "Oh hey Riku. What's going on?" Riku replies, "Nothing much, anyway, you did a good job scaring the pants off of that creep and his weasel friends. Next time though, keep it cool, you almost blew a gasket when the nearly hurt that kid."

"No one deserves to be treated like that Riku, I had to-!" Riku stopped Sora before he could continue, "I know, I know, you had to protect the kid, right? Hmph, honestly, that's probably the only quality your good at." Sora scratches his head, "I wanted to do the right thing. I didn't want to hurt anyone..." Cid stands in front of Sora, "Well that's what you were trained for you incompetent failure!"

Hughes steps forward, "Cid, I've made my decision." Cid expresses his joy, "REALLY? I knew you would! Now, if it's not Riku, then it was one of the others, right? I knew you would like Jerry, or was it Burton? Or maybe Creg? Or, uh, which child were you-?" Hughes points toward Sora, "That one!"

Cid was quite troubled, "Uh...what?" Riku smiles and pats Sora on the back, "Your finally going on a mission Sora. Wait till the guys hear about THIS!" Sora replies, "Yeah, cool..."

That night, Riku told the other children in the Orphanage about Sora and his acceptance in the military. All children and teens couldn't believe what they heard, some of them laughed, and some of them were impressed. Maes Hughes signed the paperwork to take Sora, while Sora spent his last night in the orphanage looking out of his window at the sky.

"There's going to be a meteor shower tonight." Riku said while opening Sora's door, Sora asked, "When?" Riku replied, "In a few seconds. By the way, you seem to be staring intently at the stars, what's up?" Sora turns toward Riku, "The kid with ESP in the noggin is asking me what's wrong, ironic." Riku was troubled to hear Sora say that about him, "Riku, what do you think happened to the last loser who went before me?"

"Your NOT a loser! How many times do I have to tell you? Do you have inhuman attributes? Yes you do. Do you have a specialty at defying gravity? Yes you do! Do you protect innocent people? HELL YEAH! So why are you so down? You can leave this place for good and never-!" Riku then realized why Sora was depressed.

Sora leaned on a wall, "That's right, I can't come home, I'm given a chance to live in the outside world with someone else. If I take this job, I lose all of you. Tidus, Loki, Tina, all of you. I can't see any of you outside unless you were all given a mission by the military. And what's worse, the top students of the Orphanage, including you, are dubbed 'too important' to give away! You'll be stuck here forever, while I grow up and in time..."

Riku stops Sora from continuing, "Sora, we'll see each other again. After all, I was the one who taught you how to escape, remember?" Sora felt unsure, "What about Cid?" Riku smiled and replied, "He can't keep me here forever Sora. You and me, were friends for life. No mater how many years roll past us, we'll always be friends, understand?"

Sora smiled and said, "I understand. Just to let you know that I'll come back, I want you to have this." Sora reaches into a drawer, "Ugh, I know it's here somewhere." Riku scratched his head, "Sora come on, were too old to be giving farewell presents to-." Sora finally pulled what he was looking for out of the drawer, it was a strange artifact, pieced together by random things, shaped like a star, " that the charm you had when we first met?"

Sora smiled when he looked at it, "It's been with me for so long...this charm was the only thing I had with me before we met. And since you and I have had a strong friendship for a long time, I want you to have this." Sora gives his charm to Riku, who was truly touched by his friend's kindness and honesty, "Well, you'd better come back soon."

The morning came, and by sunrise, Hughes arrived to pick Sora up. The orphans said their goodbyes to Sora, wishing him good luck on his mission, and hoping that he will come visit them. Though Cid immediately reminded the children that Sora was forbidden to return, Sora told them to ignore Cid, and promised them that he will visit from time to time.

Riku meanwhile watched from the doorway, seeing Sora say goodbye to everyone. Riku looked at the charm Sora gave him and smiled, "Come back safely, pal."

After saying his last farewell, Sora was on his way to the train station with Hughes. As they walked toward the station, Hughes tried to make conversation, "So, now that your working with us, I might as well introduce myself. I'm Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes. It's a pleasure to meet you Sora." Sora shakes his hand, "Nice to meet you to. So, what did you hire me for?"

Hughes smiled, "We'll get to that later, for now, I have something to show you...(brings out a picture) this is my little daughter Elicia, isn't she a cutie?" Sora replied, "Uh, yeah, she's a cute little kid. So, what's my mission?"

Hughes continued to talk about his daughter, "I was thinking about getting her a big stuffed animal, what animal do you think little girls like? I was thinking about a hippo, then I thought about a giraffe, and then the thought of a duck, after that, a dog, after that, a mouse caught my eye, what do you think, huh? HUH?" Sora started to worry about his situation, "Why couldn't the state send someone a little less annoying?"

End of Chapter 1

The next chapter: Sora's mission is revealed.

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