Last time, Edward, Sora and Alphonse opposed the Freezing Alchemist in a gruesome battle while Armstrong assisted Donald and Goofy with eliminating the Transmutation Circles which controlled the overgrowing Ice Wall, and as the dust cleared, our heroes won the battle...

But the battered Isaac managed to escape the trio via the alleyways of Central!

As the Elrics and their bodyguard pursued the former State Alchemist, they were surprised to find him dead, next to the fuhrer, Kin Bradley, who announced that he was proud of Sora and the Elrics for their work in saving the city. He even congratulated Ross and Block, the two officers that aided them, for their heroic actions. As the group were dismissed by their commander, Bradley took the time to secretly destroy the Red Stones...

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Fullmetal Kingdom: The Fanfic

End of Disc 1


In the Golem King's castle, Crimson forced the front doors open and was greeted by the Phantom Blott, who immediately said, "Welcome home my lord. Have you finished with your business already?" Crimson replied, "He was an open door, 'Blotty'! Edward was mine until the Keybearer interfered!" The Phantom Blott shook his head and said, "That boy seems to have a knack for wedging a quark in our plans, doesn't he my lord?" Crimson nodded, "Fortunately, I've managed to 'wedge' something inside his innocent little soul…"

Crimson then headed for the basement door and opened it. As he walked through the hallway, he asked, "But enough about the boy, tell me, have they been fed?" The Blott replied, "Of course my liege, I know how important they are to you, and the last thing I would do on my list would be to anger you." Crimson pulled out a set of keys and picked one out to unlock the next door, which led to a damper, darker hallway. As they walked, Crimson asked, "So, anything to report?" The Phantom Blott replied, "Our old friends from the Eastern Liberation have returned to our side. They were hopeless without the Freezing Alchemist and they needed someone to lead them against the military in Amestris, and you fit the bill as a replacement."

"That's bitchin' Blotty, bitchin'." Crimson said as he picked another key to open the next door. The two villains were then walking through a bridge, where they saw to their left, an enormous pile of Philosopher Stones! Crimson then said, "Our 'bling' has no 'bluff', does it? A hundred years of waiting and planning, and we FINALLY have enough Philosopher Stones to rid the world of Amestris and the devil who resides within." The Blott nodded, "Indeed, your army can transcend their limits with just one stone in their pocket."

"…hold on Blott, I'm not using this for my army." Crimson said.

The Phantom Blott was confused, so Crimson explained, "Give Man the power of God, and they crumble by the masses. No my friend, these stones will be used for a grander scheme. After all, limitless power comes once in every lifetime, to squander it away for mortals is just-…well; it's just so…careless! I want things to be perfect, no betrayals from power's corrupting grasp, no imbecilic demands that surpass humanity's imagination! I want this to be balanced, strategic, and most important of all; I want this power to END it all without any screw-ups!"

"And that's why you need the Keyblade?" The Phantom Blott asked. Crimson replied, "Yes, the original, beautiful, and Godlike Keyblade. The Keyblade we possess is merely a fabrication, a vessel for an attempt at ultimate power, but the real one, its power to proceed into other territories is magnificent! However, like the Stone, it's unpredictable in the hands of mere mortals, so when the Keyblade Master is at my beckoning, I'll have him open the doorway to Truth. Once that door is opened, the sacrifice will be made…TEN THOUSAND PHILOSOPHER STONES IN EXCHANGE FOR THE ULTIMATE TRUMP CARD, THE ULTIMATE DEMOLISHER! YEAH BABY, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT DESTRUCTION ON A GLOBAL SCALE! MY HEEL PLUS THEIR LIVES EQUAL MASS GENOCIDE OF THE HOMUNCULUS AND THEIR FOLLOWERS (maniacal laugh)! AND THEY WILL BE DAMNED WITH NO ONE TO STOP ME (maniacal laugh)!"

"Speaking of the damned…" The Phantom Blott said as he gazed to the door to their right…

Crimson opened it, revealing an endless cavern of cages and cells with huffing, growling roaring, and laughter! Claws reached out for them, eyes maddened with hunger and carnivorous pleasure.

Crimson then asked, "You didn't feed them, did you?" The Blott answered, "Well…" Crimson sighed and walked through the prison, examining the cells around him. He then came up to one cell and said, "And how are you today? Sorry we couldn't feed you a healthy meal, but you understand, right? The less you're fed, the likely you are to bite the nearest normal life form. We need more of you little one, and the more you bite, the more minions I have."


The creature reached for Crimson, but he stepped away and said, "Oooooh, eager to get out, are we? Blott, fed these things their muck, I want Plan-B prepped and hungry when Plan-A fails!" The Phantom Blott then asked, "Would Plan-A happen to be the 'Ultimate Transmutation'?" Crimson answered, "THAT…is a failsafe plan, just in case all else fails. Plan-A will be a typical plan; hopefully, the military's bitches won't interfere. Oh wait, they can't! After all, the 7 Purest Hearts aren't in Amestris…are they, your majesty?"


Back in Central City, Sora had just left the train and met with the Elrics who waited for him at the station…

"Two days since we saved the city and on the next day, you're going off alone without us? Where did you go anyway?" Edward asked. Sora answered, "I though dad told you! I went to Destiny Islands to drop Tidus, Cecil, and Kain off at Y. O. U. T. H. Edge and the others could use the help. Rebuilding a home isn't as easy as thinking up reasons to tick you off. Besides, this was something I had to do, I'm still looking Ed, and the more clues I get, the closer I am to reuniting my family."

Al then said, "But I thought the Hughes' were your family." Sora explained, "They are, but I'll always think of the orphanage as another home Al. I can't just forget about my friends, they're the only part of my past I have left." Ed then said, "Well at least you're done, so let's investigate that library!"

"I can't."

The Elrics were surprised by the Keybearer's words, so Sora explained, "Another thing dad forgot to mention was that Aeris gave Marcoh a letter intended for me. It said they were going to North City to try and return home to Radiant Garden. Aeris said she would return…but I haven't seen her since the Guard Armor attacked and I met Donald and Goofy the first time. Something's happened to them, and I have to find out what!" Ed then said, "OK, your friends are missing, we get it. But here's the question of the day; where's the letter?"

Sora reluctantly pulled out the letter and gave it to Edward, who read through it slowly…

Ed then asked, "…you have a choice, and you made it, didn't you?" Sora nodded, forcing Ed to ask, "Then answer this, who's gonna protect us while we look for the Stone?" Al then said, "Don't forget Scar, he has it out for all State Alchemists!" Sora explained, "Relax guys, I'm still part of the team! By the time I get back, you'll hardly realize I was gone. You'll still have bodyguards to look after you, and trust me when I say this; they're as dependable as me. Huh? H-hey, here they come now!"

The Elrics turned around and saw who Sora was waving at, Ross and Block, the same soldiers who aided them against the Opposite Armor and the Eastern Liberation's attack. As they arrived before the trio, Block said, "These kids…they're faster…than we thought!"

Sora introduced the officers, "Ed, Al, these two will take over for me until I get back. Guys, why not say hello?" Ross then said, "Are you REALLY telling us what to do Sora?" Sora kept his mouth shut as Ross saluted the Elrics and said, "As he said boys, we'll be your temporary bodyguards. I'm Lieutenant Maria Ross." Block then saluted and said, "And I'm Sergeant Denny Block, reporting for duty sir!"

"It's an honor to meet you Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric sir!" They both said to Al…

Alphonse and Sora pointed to Ed, who said, "Damn it, it's always the same! Alphonse is 'full-metal' and I'm 'half-metal'! Bradley probably planned all this when he gave me that stupid name!" Block then said, "W-wait, you mean this little guy's the-?"


"S-S-SORRY ABOUT THAT SIR!" Block said as he swallowed his pride. Sora then said, "I know, I know Block. He's not what you thought. More 'full' and more 'metal', that's what they hear (laughing)!" Ed snapped, "AW SHUT UP! Hmph, whatever, look for your kidnappers and get back here, we can't travel with the deadweight forever!" Sora then said, "Come on Ed, don't treat them like that, they're reliable in a pinch, trust me."


Donald and Goofy arrived at the train station, where Sora asked, "Donald, Goofy, what are you two doing here? I'm going alone on this one!"

"Sorry Sora, but you aren't allowed to go on your own."

The group then saw Maes Hughes arrive with Elicia holding his hand. Sora, Donald, Goofy, Ross and Block saluted the Lieutenant Colonel as he said, "Don't forget, we bought you as a bodyguard for the Elrics, abandoning a job is something the military takes offense towards." Sora tried to explain, but Hughes interrupted, "We know you're trustworthy kiddo, we just don't want you getting killed out there. You are considered a member of the military after all, and the fact that it's a father's responsibility to keep his children safe before letting them out into the world."

Sora then realized, "These two are coming with me because you ordered them to?" Hughes nodded, "You're not a solo agent Sora, you're my responsibility, and the Elrics kinda own you, so leaving them for about three days without our permission is considered an act of treason. Son, I know you care about these people, but remember…you're my son now, and honestly, I want it to stay that way. I want you to grow up with a family and friends who care for you. I am glad you never took a life, but Y. O. U. T. H. is and will always be a part of you; I just want to keep you from-."

"Dad…I want to stay that way to." Sora said to his adopted father. Sora then looked at Donald and Goofy and said, "Why don't you guys get seated inside? I'll be in later." Goofy nodded and said, "OK, we'll be waiting."

As the Genomes got in, Sora shook Block's hand and said, "Thanks for your help earlier, Block." Block blushed, "Naw, it was the Lieutenant who did all the work." Sora and Ross neglected to shake hands, so they saluted one another instead. Sora then said, "Those two are trouble, keep them safe." Maria smiled and said, "Understood, come back as soon as you can." Sora then shook Al's hand and said, "You know, I never thanked you for that 'faith' in Lior." Al replied, "And you'll never have to. Take care Sora." Sora smiled and gave Al a hard hug; embarrassed, Al simply patted Sora on the head.

Sora then bowed to Elicia, "Keep daddy safe, will ya?" Elicia patted Sora's spiky head and replied, "Mm-hmm, roger." Sora blushed and thought, Aww, so cute-WAIT, SHUT UP SORA, YOU'RE NOT HUGHES! Sora then offered a hand shake to Hughes, who instead hugged his boy and said, "Gracia's gonna miss having you cook for her!" Sora then asked, "Wait, I almost forgot, how are Vivi and Eiko?" Hughes answered, "They're great, it's like we've adopted two more members of the family. Eiko's learning how to cook; she said it was for her 'knight' for some reason. And Vivi, he's handling most of the chores to help Gracia. He takes after you, you know?" Sora then said, "Vivi's eager to help when we need him, huh? Maybe I could train him someday…but for now-." Hughes interrupted, "I know, I know. Take care, son."

Sora then came up to Ed, whom he said, "So Ed, I'll see you in two days. By then, we'll probably be searching for the Stone again." Ed was a bit confused, "Tch, by the time you get back, the library will already be done with. And as soon as we find the clues to making the Stone, we'll be all set to restore our bodies." Sora then said, "…Edward, check the library, there's something you need to see." Ed asked, "And what's that?"

"The remains…there might be a book left to read, but I doubt it's the one Marcoh was keeping for you."


Ed rushed away from the train station, followed shortly by Alphonse, who waved, "See you later Sora!" As Al left, Block then yelled, "W-WAIT, I HAVE A CAR WE COULD USE!" Ross sighed as her partner went after them. She then said, "Don't worry about the boys Sora, we'll keep them safe." Maria then went after them, leaving Sora and the Hughes' Family.

Minutes later, Sora waved to his adopted family from the train. Afterwords, the Keybearer sat back down in his seat. In the seat before him, he saw Donald and Goofy, sleeping next to one another. The two snored and dreamed about their home country, Fantasia. As they dreamed, Sora looked out his window and thought to himself, Sorry Edward, I know I'm being reckless, but I can't let the people I care fore end up in jeopardy. Rose, the Y. O. U. T. H. orphans, the civilians of Lior, Leon, Aeris, Yuffie and Rin, I have to save them. Not only that, but I have to watch out for these things Isaac called 'Homunculi'. Crimson hinted Kairi to be one of them, but for now, there's no proof of that. For all I know, those people probably went to the same tattoo artist. I'll have to wait until I meet the real deal up close and personal-.


Suddenly, Sora's hand caught on fire, but the fire wasn't any ordinary fire, it was black fire! Sora tried beating the fire away with a pillow while blowing it away, and after the fire was gone, Sora's hand was entirely replaced with a black arm with colorful veins pumping through it, and Sora's fingers were now replaced with sharp claws. The claw then started to reach out to Donald and Goofy until Sora grabbed the claw and pulled it away! Sora looked at his friends then at his arm…which changed back to normal!

"What…what just happened to me?!" Sora asked as he looked at his hand. After he carefully examined the arm, he sighed in relief and said, "These trips across the country are starting to get to me. Maybe a little nap will settle me down."

"Care for a pillow, sir?" Two stewardesses came up to Sora, and since one of them asked, Sora answered, "Y-yes, thank you mam." The first stewardess smiled and gave him a comfy, soft white pillow. Sora then thanked her, but before he could close rest his head, the second one asked, "Care for some tea while you wait?" Sora nodded, "Mmm-hmm, thanks!"


The first one 'accidentally' swatted the glass of tea from her assistant's hands! The first stewardess then bowed and said, "S-SORRY, I loved the tea and wanted to try some before you, but wouldn't you know it, I got careless and slapped it out of his hands!" The second stewardess then said, "If you want to see 'careless' why don't you try reaching out the train for a bit of snow, the result's will sweep you off your feet." Sora then said, "It's alright, I wasn't thirsty anyway. But thank you both for the pillow."

The stewardesses walked away, and as Sora was beginning to rest, the second stewardess asked, "What the Hell did you stop me for?! He's a liability, not a love interest! You should've let me poison the bastard, so why-?!" The first stewardess threw off her hat, revealing herself as Kairi and answered, "Shut it Envy, he's still in the dark, and until he's in the light, we back off, GOT IT?!" Envy replied, "…no, I'm afraid you'll have to make it 'loud and clear' for us ALL to hear." Kairi realized Envy wanted her to be heard by Sora, so she backed off and the two headed for the next car…


Envy however caught her by surprise by slapping her and pushing her against the wall! He then said, "Ever since Lust took you in, you've been under MY sight for what seems to be a lifetime. And I've seen you wine and wine for that brat to be alright and you know what? IT SICKENS ME! You've been given new life, and if THAT'S not good enough for you, maybe being strangled alongside your dear sweet childhood friend will make it all better (licks Kairi's cheek). Now 'get this', when I say 'kill him', you fill that pinecone head of his until I hear rattling coming from it when I kick it!"


"Cry for me…"



Kairi couldn't overpower her 'partner', she was sick to death of Envy's cruel words and his threat against Sora, but she cried anyway, she cried to keep Envy from doing anything more. Envy smiled and said, "There, feel better now, knowing that true love's nothing to believe in? He's never going to love a FREAK like you, especially since you've neglected to tell him the truth! From now on, everything you do or say will be ordered and approved by Father, by Mother, and by us…GOT IT?"

Kairi slowly nodded, and so Envy pushed her away and headed out. Kairi wiped her tears off and followed…until she felt enraged…and ran the other way!

Kairi came back to the other car, where Sora was sleeping. Kairi sat down next to him, and cried as she held his hand…

Just then, Goofy awoke, and noticed Kairi wearing the stewardess outfit. With his eyes still foggy from waking up, he looked at Kairi and asked, "…How many cups o' sugar does it take to get to the moon?"

"U-uh…about 4." Kairi answered. Goofy nodded, but suddenly, he recognized her and said, "Y-Y-Y-You're the lady who pointed a-!" Kairi then said, "C-calm down, will you?! I've made up with Sora days ago! I'm a friend again." Goofy wondered, "Whaddya mean by 'again'? Did you two used to know each other?" Kairi replied, "Well yes-…in fact, there's something I need to tell you…and the duck if he wakes up." Goofy smiled and said, "Aw, don't worry mam, Donald's easy to wake. (ahem) Donald I got's me some bean puddin' over here if ya want any-."


Goofy instantly grabs Donald's beak and said, "Shush! Sora's asleep!" Donald pushed Goofy's hands off and said, "Alright, so who's the girl." Kairi replied, "(giggle) it's Kairi, and I'm pleased to meet you."

Elsewhere, the hooded figure that helped Sora and Edward was walking through a baron wasteland, searching for something…just then, he noticed something startling…

…he noticed an enormous crater!

"There it is…the Atomos Crater! Here, lives are toyed with, and lives are lost, all in pursuit of a madman's quest for knowledge. And here, Rose and her people will suffer unless I get them out!" The hooded figure threw off his hood, and was revealed to be Riku, who pulled out a strange and extraordinary Keyblade that appeared to be made of heavenly angels and hellish demons! Riku then said to himself, "Hang in there Rose, dawn is coming…"

End of Disc 1

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