Author's Note: I bet you all thought I was DEAD!

Well guess wut. IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAK. 8]

Entry 3

Tiny One roaring at me some more.

He sure roars a lot.

Maybe he's just jealous he doesn't get out very much.

But he gets out more than Flamey One. Flamey One never gets out.

I got out today. And Toothless was there. I really like Toothless. He doesn't scratch or bite.

And he always smells good.

But... didn't get much time to smell him today.

But smelled him enough. He always has smell-stuff on him.

It's so good.

It's seriously... seriously good... really good junk I got in here.

Stick-Foot came and yammered a lot today.

There were many more mans outside. They rarred a lot.

And Tiny One roared at everyone, "Get ready! Be careful! Pay attention!"

And Flamey One made fun and hissed, "Wings out! Legs in! Tail straight!"

I laughed.

And the rars went away, and my door opened and I got out.

There were only two mans in the man-cage today. Toothless, and the scary Yellow-Head.

Toothless grew some horns.

But Tiny One roared at me to look at all the mans and look for the Head-Ripper. He said the Head-Ripper comes when there are a lot of mans.

So I flew around.

Hard to look at mans when the scary Yellow-Head keeps throwing his tooth at you.

Wait, no, no, that's wrong. Tiny One said that one was a she.

Hard to look at mans when the scary Yellow-Head keeps throwing her tooth at you.

But I looked at all the mans, and I saw the big tall fat one with the big red face-mane. That's the Great Head-Ripper.

Didn't want to try to get through the second door if the Great Head-Ripper was outside.

Couldn't get out today.

That made me sad.

So I looked for the next best thing. Looked for Toothless and his smell-stuff.

There were a lot of little doors in the man-cage today. Toothless was hiding in them. But I flew around, and I smelled and smelled and smelled until I found him. He smelled so good.

I saw him behind a door, so I flew down and I pounced him! I put my nose in his fur and SMELLED.

I got some in my nose.

But he smelled SO GOOD.

Think the mans rarred again. Can't really remember.

I was just smelling.

No, I remember. The mans rarred really loud.

Tiny One roared louder. Said to pay attention.

And I said, "Okay."

So I opened my eyes and looked.

I saw Toothless and the Yellow-Head, and Stick-Foot waving his paw and his big tooth, and all the mans rarred at the same time so loud and made noises and butted heads. But I just wanted to sleep in the smell.

The mans rarred and rarred and rarred and then they went away.

Except for the Big Mans.

Hate the Big Mans.

They pushed me back into my cave.

And I got to rest with my smell-stuff.

And when all the mans went away, Tiny One roared at me a lot. Always roaring, always cranky. Tiny One's a downer.

He said, "How many mans above?"

And I said, "Sixty-seven mans above."

And he said, "Was the Head-Ripper there?"

And I said, "Yes."

And he said, "Was the Man Matriarch there?"

And I said, "What's the Man Matriarch?"

And he snarled, "The tiny little female with grey fur and a claw longer than she is!"

And I remembered I saw the tiny man with the big claw.

So I said, "Yes."

And he said, "Was there a Choosing?"

And I thought and thought. And I said, "How does Choosing work?"


And I thought and thought and thought. Just wanted my smell-stuff.

And Spiky One said, "Try to remember."

So I tried to remember. And I remembered Stick-Foot pawed Toothless and the mans rarred.

So I said, "Sick-Foot pawed Toothless."

And Spiky One crowed.

And Tiny One said, "Toothless? The tiny one?"

And I laughed. Tiny One said tiny one.

And then I said, "Yes."

And then Spiky One and Tiny One started chattering.

They're still chattering a lot. They're chattering at Flamey One.

They're chattering about Toothless. And the man-cage. And man-teeth. And the Head-Ripper.

This smell-stuff smells so good.

Wish they'd stop chattering and be quiet.

Just want to sleep with my smell-stuff.

So noisy. Like when they chattered at the other Flamey One.

Oh. I remember Choosing now.

Now I'm scared.

Ugh, head hurts again.

Stupid smell-stuff.