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Author's Note: To be honest I am quite amazed that I wrote this story but one has to admit, the resemblance between the tenth guardians and their current guardian are too similar and I think I got the idea for this story when someone pointed out: since Daemon is so much like Mukuro, then he probably has someone like Chrome by his side. I then had the idea of "What if there is, and Mukuro and Chrome's bond are a continuation of the bond that Daemon and her past life had?" Although now that I have seen episode 188, I feel that Daemon and Mukuro are actually rather different.

Initially I was going to give the give Chrome's past life a name but I somehow just didn't get around to using it.

"What is it that you desire the most?"

"Power," Daemon Spade answered without any hesitation as this was merely one of the numerous times that he answered this question.


"To be the one who choose instead of one that obeys." He told her.

She was wearing a pure white dress with her hair loose instead of in some elaborate hairdo. Without meaning to, there was an air of purity around her that even he could not be sceptical of.

"And does my brother give you what you want?" she continued.

"Do you know what is it that your brother can give?" one of the rules Giotto gave to those who were important enough to know about his sister was that they should never let her learn about the real nature of his organisation. But then, Daemon did not intend to follow the rules since he didn't really regard Giotto as his boss.

Not to mention that he shouldn't even be here in the first place.

"My brother is not a good liar," she said honestly. "I think he is very different from you in that aspect."

At this he chuckled, "Do you know who I really am then?"

She nodded, "But I don't understand why you are here. I doubt that you being here is an accident."

"I am curious." He said simply.

This was not a lie, but nor was it the whole truth. Daemon decided to discover where Giotto's precious sister is because this might be of use to him in the future.

"And now?" she asked. "You have seen me and know where I live. So what do you plan to do now?"

"That depends on what you will do." He pointed out.

"What would you like me to do?" she asked.

"To not do anything." He did not think that she would agree as his sudden visit was really too suspicious.

However, the answer was: "If that is what you wish."

"You are very much like your brother in that aspect." He said with a slight chuckle.

"By being naïve?" she said without looking at him. "I am naïve but I am not exactly the same as my brother. Unlike him, there are times where I pretend to not see even though I can see."

"What is it that you desire the most then?" he asked.

"I want to be needed." She said very softly.


"Because I am not needed."

She was certainly not what he expected. While he did thought about the possibility of her knowing what her brother was really doing, he didn't expect this answer.

"I might come again." He said- more to see her reaction then stating a fact.

"If you wish."

She did not have visitors since it was much too dangerous. With the exception of her brother, the only other person who would come was G- and that was usually because her brother could not come. While she could understand why her brother protected her this way, she was not fully happy about it.

She wanted to be needed, but she could only play the part of the one who needed others.

Initially, Daemon Spade did not seem that different from G as he only came to see her due to her brother. However, he actually visited her a second time.

"Why?" she asked. "Did you not already discover what you wanted?"

"I want to see you again."

There was something about her gaze that actually made him feel a bit uneasy at times: understanding would appear only to quickly leave after she closed or even just blinked her eyes.

"I will pretend that this is true." She said. "Because I want to see you again too."

The second visit was followed by a third, and his visits eventually ended up becoming a part of his routine.

"Your brother will not be very happy if he discovers this." He suddenly said one day.

"I do not think you will be daunted by this." She was playing the piano again, what she often does. However, he noticed that the music that she played began to consist of the music that he liked.

"Do you never think of yourself?" he finally asked, exasperation creeping in. "You know the truth about you brother but hide it from him. You want him to be happy by fooling him into thinking you are ignorant, even though you rather know the truth. You keep my visits a secret from your brother because this is what I wish. Now you think of what will happen to me instead of what will happen to you should your brother ever know."

A loud misplaced chord interrupted the originally flowing playing when her hands smashed the keys in front.

"What else can I do?" she snapped angrily. "I am a person that is not needed. Therefore, I can only be needed by letting those around me have their wish."

At this he actually chuckled- the role of a martyr has always irritated him and the woman who finally lost her patience was of more interest to him.

"What if I say that I need you?" Daemon asked as he grabbed her. She was startled but she did not try to free herself. "Will you grant my wish?"

"I will grant your wish because I want to, not because this is what you wish." The emotions in her eyes were something that he cannot understand as he refused to acknowledge it. "Perhaps this is the first time I feel this way."

Saying that her brother would not be very happy upon finding out about his visits was probably a bit of an understatement. Despite how upset she was, Daemon had to admit that it was rather amusing to see the usually calm and collected leader of the Vongola losing his control. But then, any elder brother would probably be upset when they saw their younger sister in such a position.

"That was a bit more dramatic then what I expected." Daemon admitted. "I certainly didn't expect he'll punch me that hard."

"You did not need to say all that you did." She pointed out before she admitted, "But then you are that type of person."

"Are you disappointed that I didn't beg him to let me continue see you or entrust you to me?"

"I don't think he can stop you from seeing me, only you can. As for the other part…" she smiled rather sadly at this and he was actually startled by the realisation that he did not want to see that smile again. "I pretended, true, but I did not lie to myself."

The next time he had to attend a meeting, he was greeted by a punch from G. Since this was expected, he managed to dodge it. However, this then prevented him evading Knucle's fist.

"So, Primo, did your anger at me made you decide to be petty?" Daemon commented as he wiped the blood from his mouth. She would probably be rather upset at this, maybe he should do something about this before he visited her.

"How dare you- " G began.

"I did not do anything without her consent." Daemon said, knowing that this would only infuriate Giotto even more.

"…what do you want?" Giotto finally said.

"What is it that I want?" at this he simply shrugged. "Her company is rather interesting and I do not wish to end it just yet."

"Why?" Giotto continued, his tone extremely calm as he knew that to lose one's control when they talked to Daemon would be letting the other win.

"Why not?" Daemon said mockingly. "I do not see why you feel you have the right to control who she wishes to talk to. I would advice you against ordering her to not talk to me because that would probably make her desire to talk to me even more. After all, she is in that state of isolation due to you."

"If you hurt her…you will be sorry." Giotto finally said.

"Are you going to let him continue visiting her?" G yelled out. "He is too dangerous."

"Yet he is right." Giotto said bitterly.

"I doubt that this will make you feel better, but I am not doing this to spite you." Daemon added, deciding to do this one act of charity due to her.

Her house began to change because Daemon began to establish his presence by leaving gifts and belongings. She was very happy at this because she felt that her house finally had a personality. Before, she had little furnishing as she could not be bothered. But Daemon made her change because she wanted the house to be something that he found pleasing. In addition, what he gave her were all very precious.

"…be careful." Giotto had said.

"I love you very much, Giotto." Even though she answered him with a very gentle and soft voice, there was a firmness in her tone that prevented anyone from persuading her to act otherwise. "But you can not protect me from everything."

"Yes, I have been over protective. But he is dangerous!" he said. "With him, you will only get hurt."

"I know…" she admitted. "But I am willing. I don't know how to explain it but I just want to be beside him."

Daemon did not give her any declarations of his feelings, let along promises, but she did not mind. Perhaps it was because she did not really understand herself, but she really was just happy that he was beside her and will remain being there for some time.

One day, he found her sitting by the window and staring at the snow outside, almost as if she was in a trance. He took a seat beside her and wrapped his arms around her, enjoying her presence more then he would ever dare to admit.

She smiled at this and leant back.

"I would like to take a walk outside." She said dreamily.

"You will be cold." He said this a bit too quick for his liking. If she wanted to do so then wasn't it her own problem? Why should he be concerned?

"I can wear a cloak. The world seems so beautiful when it snows."

"It is an illusion- ugliness is merely covered up, it is still there." He said cynically. "Like most humans."

"But it is still really beautiful." She said stubbornly.

At this he chuckled, maybe he shouldn't be surprised at her saying this as she was rather like snow, one of the few purities in the world. Was that why he was drawn to her?

"It will be Christmas soon," she continued, "I hope I get to spend it with my brother and you this year."

"An ironic festival." He said. "But what would you like me to give you? I have no doubt that your brother would be giving you many presents."

"What I wish? Can you really give me what I wish? I don't think so." Her laughter was very bitter- what he disliked.

"If it is not too unreasonable. I have many resources to my disposal."

"I want you to be content." She whispered. "Because whenever I look at you, I feel that you are searching for something that you cannot find."

He did not stay for long that day and he did not come back until many days later. Like most men, he was not very happy when the truth he refused to admit was pointed out.

Christmas has come and much to her pleasure, she would be spending it with her brother and his guardians. Daemon was not fully happy at this arrangement as he rather be alone with her. However, he took comfort in knowing that she would be right beside him most of the times.

He was still unable to accept the truth, but he would admit that she has become rather special to him.

It was snowing very heavily and that caused him to be late. For the rest of his life, he would often wonder whether things might be different if he had not been late.

He knew something was wrong the moment he finally arrived as a large crowd has gathered around her house.

He was very accustomed to the sight of death and murder as he has committed numerous acts himself. There were even times when he saw the act as one of art. But for the first time, such a sight actually sickened him.

She was lying on the snow- the pure white snow she had admired and called beautiful was stained due to her blood. However, her eyes were not looking at the snow-they were gazing forward.

A smile formed when she saw him, and he realised that it was he that her eyes were searching for.

"I thought that you weren't going to come." She said happily, reaching for his hand but missed it due to her blurred vision.

"Were you outside due to me?" he asked as he grabbed her hand.

She did not answer…she could not answer.

"I pretended all my life," she said instead. "Yet my fantasy came true. I pretended that you would not be the one to leave me first, only to have it come true…"

"What is it that you truly want?" he asked.

"I want you to stay with me forever." She whispered. "I never want you to leave me. I never once thought that what I pretended would come true. But at such a cost…I am so sorry."

"So you will be the one to leave me instead." He muttered, knowing that her wound was too severe. The only thing that could help was a miracle but he had long learnt that there was no such a thing.

"…do you believe in a next life?" she whispered. "If there is one…then let us meet again."

"I promise you that I will come and find you." He said.

She smiled and closed her eyes.

He did not go to her funeral- this was because he was too busy punishing her murderers. They caused her to die due to the hope of injuring her brother. In a way, they were lucky because if they had done it to injure Daemon then their death might have been even more brutal. While Giotto and the other guardians could understand why he was so angry once they got over their shock at how much he had actually cared for her, they all had to admit that Daemon simply went too far.

Daemon went alone without telling anyone and by the time that enforcement was sent, he had killed everyone. The men that were sent were amidst the toughest of the Vongola and the sight was too gruesome even for them.

"Boss, forgive me for saying this," one of the man said to Giotto, "But what happened was not the actions of any human, but a demon."

"And these men who caused her to die are humans instead of demons?" had been Daemon's cynical comment. "To kill her because they wanted to harm you?"

If anyone thought that this ended with the death of her murderer, then they were very wrong. It was true that Daemon already desired power, but this ended up being an obsession. Perhaps he was like this all along and she had merely been a distraction, or maybe this was his way of coping, but there was no denying that his desire for power had rise to a new level with her death.

Then come the day when he decided that Giotto was not fit to be the leader.

"How can you be fit to be a leader when you could not even protect the one you care for the most?" Daemon had pointed out. "You are also too naïve- showing mercy to those who used the second chance to commit revenge."

A new leader appeared but Daemon did not stay for long because he had his own plans. He wanted power and he found a way to get it.

Initially, he had dismissed the stories of the six realms as yet another story of afterlife. However, he then discovered that it might have some truth in it due to the strange abilities that he saw in some men. After more studies, which he could do without any difficulty due to the new leader, he become convinced that the story was true.

"The six realms…if I could possess the abilities of the six realms then I can be more powerful then any mortal." He said softly as he stared at the depiction of the six realms.

It was a dangerous gamble but he was not unwilling to because he thought he had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

He chose to open the gate that should not be opened without any hesitation.