Daemon Spade's existence in this world was a paradox as he already existed as Rokudo Mukuro. Even more ironic was the fact that he was to test his own future self.

"After you do this you can rest." Giotto had said after he explained about how Daemon could be here. This was because this was the part in Mukuro that was once Daemon Spade, and due to the special powers of Giotto and the Arcobaleno, this memory was able to take a conscious and allow Daemon Spade to exist.

"I do not answer to you or the Arcobaleno." Daemon said as he walked away without turning to look at the others.

"After everything that you have done – " G was yelling out.

"No, leave him." Giotto said. "Regardless of everything, Daemon would do his task."

The confidence was enough to tempt Daemon into deliberately not doing so, but he knew that the other was right. He was very curious about meeting the temporary guardian of the mist because that was actually her. It seemed that she was right by saying that they would meet again. Not only did they do so, they now had a very strange but firm bond with one another.

The young girl was clearly startled at seeing him but he was no longer upset when she failed to recognise him because he understood due to what happened the last time that they met.

"I have never seen you this little before." Daemon said as he took a step closer.

She was afraid of him, but he did not condemn her for it. It was smart to be afraid of one whose power was much stronger then yours.

He continued walking toward her despite the trident that suddenly appeared in her hands. A faint smile appeared because the determination in her eyes was rather familiar. Contrary to her seemingly fragile appearance, she did have a strong will once she made up her mind.

The girl was similar, yet not completely like her.

So what was Rokudo Mukuro like? It was ironic that he did not really understand who he becomes. However, there was one thing he wanted to find out, the most important thing.

Would his future self make the same mistake and lose the one the most important to them?

Contrary to what the others all thought, he actually did not fully enjoy hurting the girl that she had become. After all, it was still her. However, this was necessary in order for him to carry out his plans.

Therefore, he chose to hurt her again.

When she dispelled the barrier that he created, he was actually rather pleased instead of being irritated. He was glad that she had such powers because he knew that she hated being the one who was constantly being protected. It seemed that this girl was like her in that aspect.

"You remind me of him." Daemon suddenly said to Tsuna and the way he said it made it clear that this was an insult instead of a compliment. "He made the same foolish decision of showing mercy and giving others second chances. That second chance…was the chance of killing her."

The last bit was said in a very low tone with real anger that still appeared.

"Therefore, I will not acknowledge you or your guardians!" Daemon declared out as his cane appeared.

The truth was that he was being more then a little emotional as he was thinking of what had happened in his very first life. Perhaps he was even being very irrational by blaming the young man for her death just because he was making the same mistake by having the same personality.

"Then I will show you that I am right by letting you see how your foolishness will take away the very same people who you claim you will protect." Saying so, he turned to where Chrome was with the other girls.

Chrome was crouching down as she was still rather weak, so they could not see her face. Therefore, the first one to notice that some thing changed was I-pin, as she had been holding onto Chrome.

"…can you never be content, Daemon?" it was Chrome that spoke, but her voice was very different and it was not just because anger was present. She raised her head and many of the others blinked or even rubbed their eyes as her face suddenly seemed different. She suddenly seemed to be much older.

Daemon clearly recognised her as he spoke a single word: a name, an alien name to everyone but the two of them.

"How is it that you are here?" he asked after a long silence.

"The memories of our past are in us. I think your appearance made me appear…" she said thoughtfully before she shook her head. "But why are you doing this? Why is it that you are not willing to rest? Why are you trying to change our own future?"

"I don't like seeing the same mistakes happening." He said, which was true enough.

"But you are the very same." She said softly. "Do you forget why is it that I ended my own life last time?"

Daemon was clearly upset by this as his fist clenched together, and it seemed that he was going use his cane to smash the floor.

"Must you remind me of this?" he hissed but his anger actually turned to concern due to seeing her face distort in pain, although he quickly made his face appear emotionless.

"…he is worried." She said softly. "She is very important to him. They are different from us. They will not repeat our mistakes so it is time for us to leave."

She walked up to him and placed her hands on his checks.

"What is it that you truly desire?" she whispered again. "You know that my answer changed, but has your's? Is it still power that driven your actions?"

Because it was her that asked the question, he decided to tell her the truth.

"It is not just power." He admitted, although he quickly added the following, "However…"

"Nothing could have saved me on that day." she said gently, knowing what he intended to say.

"It could have prevented you from being injured in the first place…"

"We made our mistakes and we have to accept it. But it doesn't matter anymore, it is time for us to rest and live as Rokudo Mukuro and Chrome Dokuro. Daemon…don't make me wait too long."

The others could tell that she was disappearing, however, it was not Chrome that returned.

It was Mukuro.

"…I do not care what happened in the past but I cannot forgive you for what you did to Chrome." Mukuro stated, the hand that held on the trident ready to strike anytime.

"So you are the current mist guardian…" Daemon begin, only to be interrupted by Mukuro's: "I do not enjoy being called that."

The character in Mukuro's eyes turned to four and he lounged forward with his trident. "You have played long enough."

"Oh? Why are you fighting me if you are not the current mist guardian?"

"I do not like seeing Chrome being upset." Mukuro said bluntly.

"Not for the Vongola but for her…" Daemon smiled mockingly but the mockery seemed to be aimed at himself. "Perhaps you are smarter then I was by realising what is truly important before it is too late."

Or destroy it yourself, he added inside his head.

"Rokudo Mukuro, I will accept you as the mist guardian." He finally said.

It was strange how he could be jealous of himself but he realise that his future self was much smarter then him. Unlike him who did not realise what he felt until it was too late, Mukuro already realised how important Chrome was.

Most of all, he would never repeat that mistake. Due to not wanting to lose her, he ended up pushing her away from himself.

Perhaps it was because of this that allowed Chrome to be with Mukuro.

But she was right, it was time for them to rest and continue to live through their future selves.

Between Daemon Spade and Rokudo Mukuro, thirteen lives had passed as they were in the world of the humans three times. Therefore, they had three chances. The first chance was missed because he did not recognised the opportunity, while he made the wrong choice when he had a second chance.

However, the third chance did not go to waste.

Author's Note: I am not sure why but someone the last chapter was really short. To be honest I am quite surprised that I ended up writing this although it ended up being quite different from my original plan. But I quite like the result. Initially, in part one, it was Daemon's fault that she died, and he only realised how important she was in the second part, after he travelled through the six realms, and part 3 was going to have Mukuro understanding how important Chrome was to him. But after watching episode 188, I feel that Mukuro already realised how important Chrome is to him.

But I guess I want to write a somehow darker story when the reincarnation idea come to mind (The Permanent illusion is very sweet and light hearted although the latest story is a bit darker).