The Harris Files: Book One

by Hawklan

How Xander found out that a Chinese farewell can have consequences...

The Harris Files: Book One

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Chapter 1

"You won't believe what I have to tell you, you know vampires, demons and all the other things you have heard about in fairy tales? They exist. ...yes I can see your face and I know what you're thinking. 'Who is that lunatic? Should he be in a psychotic ward?'"

"No, I shouldn't ,and yes, it's true, they exist. Why am I telling you that? Simply, knowledge is power and the things that go bump in the night are as strong as they are because mostly no one believes in them anymore and so they can operate in the dark and hunt humanity without much resistance. Of course there are a few hunters out there and I've met several of them after my life changed for the second time."

"Again I can guess your thoughts. 'Why is he telling me that? Who is he?' And so on..."

"Ok, let me answer that one with who am I."

"I Ok, Ok I know my humor is strange. It always was, even before and I totally blame the drunken bastard who claimed to be my father. If I hadn't used humor as a defense... Who knows who would have killed whom, but back to the topic. I'm Alexander Lavelle Harry Raistlin Harris. Quite a mouthful isn't it? This time I blame my mother. Oh and I forgot to mention that I'm a Wizard."


"Don't look so surprised, I've already told you vampires and demons exist. Why would a wizard be more unbelievable?"


", I'm not a wizard like Harry Potter, they are a different kind of wizard."


"Yes, I liked those books about him too, at least until The Prisoner of Azkaban anyway, after that the series went downhill at Mach 3."


"Stop right there, we could discuss that the whole evening, but then I couldn't tell you more of my story so let's talk about the shortcomings of that book series later. Again back to topic, yes I'm a wizard. How has that come to be, you ask? Ohh that's a long story... "

Before the man sitting at the table in front of you could continue, a beautiful looking brunette with all the right curves sat down in Alexander's lap and sipped from his beer. "Hi there, I'm Faith and he blames the Chinese takeout quy," she said with a smile and then kissed Alex and you could feel the temperature rise a few degrees watching that kiss.

After a few minutes a slightly bedazzled Alex looked at you and said, "Ok, maybe the story how it happened is shorter than I think," before you could say anything Alex turned to Faith and said, grinning, "Hello my love, could I have another of those? I missed them quite a lot the last week."

Without another word Faith kissed him again.

Several minutes later they ended their kiss and Alex looked into your direction again, "Woahh, Faith can turn you mind from any topic if she wants to," he said, smiling.

After he ordered half the menu on the card he turned his attention to you again, "As Faith said, I'm blaming the Chinese takeout guy, but that's only part of the story. It all started in high school when I met the new girl in our year for the first time. As it turned out later, she would be the first of the fighters against the darkness that I'd meet. She turned out to be the Slayer, a girl chosen to fight against the vampires and yadayada...To make that a bit shorter, I overheard our new librarian and the girl talk about the Slayer and vampires and so on and shortly after that my friends Willow and Jesse were kidnapped. We freed Willow, but Jesse was turned into a vampire and later on I had to stake him in the Bronze to protect a girl I didn't like very much at the time. From that moment on Willow and I joined the fight and helped Buffy, stop giggling, that was really her name. That was the first change in my live, but not the last."

Here he paused for a moment, while you all eat the food you've ordered. You stare in amazement at the amount of food Faith was eating.

After you all finished your meals Alex continued, "We fought against several adversaries then and all was kinda normal, in our kind of way, until shortly before Halloween. A new Chinese food court opened and being his first customer, he bestowed a book upon me called 'The Dresden Files: Stormfront' and then after I thanked him for that he said goodbye with the words, 'May you live in interesting times'. Sadly I didn't know the meaning of those words at that time and so I took the book and the food and headed home. After I dodged the drunken bastard and reached my room I laid down on my bed and while eating I started reading the book. It pulled me in so much that I closed the book the next morning and then had to hurry to get to school in time. After I reached school, Buff, Willow and I were shanghaied by Snyder, our principal, to escort children for Halloween. So we went to a costume shop called 'Ethan's', where I bought all things needed to go as my newest hero from the book I'd just read. I bought a black duster, something that resembled a staff and a blasting rod and so my costume as Harry Dresden was perfect. That choice dictated the second change in my live and I became a wizard."