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Okay, no hating on me. This is my first Twilight, Jasper/Bella story that I have ever writen. I know lots of people have done these but I wanted to give it a go.

Chapter 1: Jasper?

Its has been one month, five days, three hours and twenty-four minutes since Ed... He left me. My breath caught as I thought about his messy bronze hair and the crooked grin that always had me dazzled. I shivered as the wind from my open window blew gustly into my warm room, I tightened the blankets around me, my eyes gazing around the dark room before I caught the shadow of someone in the corner.

"Edward?" I whispered, before shaking my head, was I that stupid? Why would he come back to me? The shadow had moved and I felt a cool hand glide over my cheek and a deep and husky voice whisper my name. My breath caught once more as I recognized the voice to be of no other than Jasper Hale.

"Bella, Bella, Bella," he whispered over and over again as he glided his nose over the part of my neck which was showing, he took a deep breath and I froze. Enjoying the bouquet while resisting the wine, as Ed...Edward had once put it.

"Jasper, How...?"

He cut me off with a short whisper, "Don't worry about that, relax Bella." As soon as the word left his mouth I relaxed under his touch. Something in me urged myself to lean up and kiss him. "I can feel what you feel Bella, please don't resist," he breathed leading me to lean up and kiss his cool but soft lips, my arms instantly wound themselves around his neck pulling him as close to myself as I could. Would he resist if I wanted more? Is his reactions like Edwards? Wait, can Alice see this? I pulled back fast.

"Jasper... Alice?" I said looking into his auburn eyes, the corners of his lips twitched.

"She's not my problem anymore." He whispered into the darkness leaning down to kiss me fully on the mouth. Jasper did give me something I had wanted that night, but waking up in the morning without him there had caught me off guard. Was I just a one night stand? Of course it was, anger boiled inside of me, he had used his power, no question about that.


My eyes shot open as I felt my stomach churn, I jumped up out of bed being able to reach the toilet before throwing up everything in my stomach. I groaned leaning against the cold tiles of the bathroom floor. No one moved in the house signaling that Charlie had already left for work. I stayed sat on the bathroom floor for atleast 5 minutes before knowing I had to get up, I had school today and my job at the newton's later on, both things I was not up for.

I rang up Mrs. Newton explaining to her that I most probably had the flu before collasping onto the sofa with my duvet from upstairs and switching on the telly to give me something to do. I was asleep when Charlie arrived home later that evening, the front door shutting had woken me up.

"Bella?" I opened my eyes looking up at my dad who looked slightly concerned. "Whats wrong?"

"I was sick earlier," I started, sitting up and running a hand threw my tangled hair, "I feel absolutely fine now." I told him before he got worried. "I'm sorry I haven't made dinner, I've been asleep for most of the day." I explained fighting back a yawn.

Charlie shook his head, "No worries its friday I'll order us a pizza." He told me before going to hang his belt up and arriving back and switching the channel onto sports.

I shook my head feeling slightly dizzy and also quite sick to the stomach, oh no not again. I jumped up off the sofa and ran up the stairs, I could feel Charlie's confused and concerned eyes following my every move. I started throwing up again until there was nothing else left in my stomach and I was heaving. Charlie arrived upstairs at that moment and looked at me.

"I thought you said you were fine." He stated as I stood to flush the toilet and grab my toothbrush.

"I thought I was. One minute I'm fine the next I feel like crap." I groaned spitting out the toothpaste and placing my toothbrush back. I leant against the bathroom wall feeling slightly drousy. "I'm going to bed, would you mind bringing me up a slice of pizza when it gets here?" I asked Charlie whos eyes were glaring at the floor like he was thinking of something, "Dad?"

His head shot in my direction, "What? Oh sure Bells." He replied before walking out of the bathroom; eyes still looking glazed. I shook my head ignoring it and heading towards my room.


Everything was stressing me out. The stress was putting strain on myself and I had started comfort eating causing myself to put on wait it had been just over 3 months since Jasper came back and nothing was good, I felt sick nearly every morning, I was eating more, putting on wait and I hadn't even... Oh, my god.

As a thought crossed my mind I shot up from laying on my bed, my hand instantly went to my stomach. I can't be. No.

Ignoring my mind fighting against my thoughts I stood up slipping on my converses before grabbing my keys to my truck and running down the stairs and out the door, making sure not to slip on the ice which layered outside along with some snow along the edges of the paths and roads. I climbed into my beat up truck turning in on and pulling out of the driveway heading straight into the direction of Port Angeles, wishing to myself that no one I knew would be there.

I was wrong, when I arrived and headed straight towards the phamacy I passed a certain person on the way. When 2 people at that. Jessica and Lauren. Of course how could I forget, shopping. I rolled my eyes keeping my head down to stop them from noticing me. Of course they didn't they were to busy talking about who they were going to go after when school starts next week.

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