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Chapter 7: Bite me!

"I lived in a different world than you do, Bella. My human world was a much simpler place. It was nineteen thirty three. I was eighteen, and I was beautiful. My life was perfect."

"My parents were thoroughly middle class. My father had a stable job in a bank, something I realize now that he was smug about - he saw his prosperity as a reward for talent and hard work, rather than acknowledgement the luck involved. I took it all for granted then; in my home, it was as if the Great Depression was only a troublesome rumor. Of course I saw the poor people, the ones who weren't as lucky. My father left me with the impression that they'd brought troubles on themselves.

"It was my mothers job to keep our house - and myself and my two younger brothers - in spotless order. It was clear that I was both her first priority and her favourite. I didn't fully understand at the time, but I was always vaguely aware that my parents weren't satisfied with what they had, even if it was so much more than most. They wanted more. They had social aspirations - social climbers, I suppose you could call them. My beauty was like a gift to them. They saw so much more potential in it than I did.

"They weren't satisfied, but I was. I was thrilled to be me, to be Rosalie Hale. Pleased that men's eyes watched me everywhere I went, from the year I turned twelve. Delighted that my girlfriends sighed with envy when they touched my hair. Happy that my mother was proud of me and that my father liked to buy me pretty dresses.

"I knew what I wanted out of my life, and there didn't seem to be any way that I wouldn't get exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be loved, to be adored. I wanted to have a huge flowery wedding, where everyone in town would watch me walk down the aisle on my father's arm and think that I was the most beautiful thing they'd ever seen. Admiration was like air to me, Bella. I was silly and shallow, but I was content." I watched as she smiled, amused at her evaluation.

"My parents' influence had been such that I also wanted the material things of life. I wanted a big house with elegant furnishings that someone else would clean and a modern kitchen that someone else would cook in. And I didn't see any reason why I wouldn't get these things.

"There were a few things I wanted that were more meaningful. One thing in particular. My very closest friend was a girl named Vera. She married young, just seventeen. She married a man my parents would never have considered for me - a carpenter. A year later she had a son, a beautiful little boy with dimples and curly black hair. It was the first time I'd ever felt truly jealous of anyone else in my entire life."

She looked at me with Unfathomable eyes. "It was a different time. I was the same age as you, but I was ready for it all. I yearned for my own little baby. I wanted my own house and a husband who would kiss me when he got home from work - just like Vera. Only I had a different kind of house in mind..."

It was hard for me to imagine the world that Rosalie had known. The story she was telling me was more like a fairy tale than history to me. With a slight shock I realised that many of the Cullen's would have experienced the same thing as a human experience, the world each of them had grown up in. I wondered - as Rosalie sat silent for a moment - if my world seemed as baffling to each of them as Rosalie's did to me?

We sat there for atleast 2 hours as Rosalie went over her whole story for me, while I sat content. She told me everthing from finally meeting someone who was perfect for her: Royce King Jr. A handsome bleach blonde hair, pale blue eyed man. The most shocking thing about her story was when her handsome, prince-like fiancee turned abusive. She near enough broke down in front of me right then and there and I knew the rest of the story and told her she didn't have to continue.

It had been silent for a couple of minutes before Rosalie spoke.

"Thanks, Bella."

"What for?" I asked turned my eyes to her pale face. She breathed evenly for a moment, before looking over her shoulder just as Emmett walked into the room carrying both Kaylee and Blaise who were fast asleep in his huge arms.

"Not being able to have children of my own. Nieces and Nephews can be the closest and most amazing thing." She told me, I nearly froze when her arms wrapped around me pulling me in for a sisterly hug. I hugged her back, quite awkwardely before we both pulled back and Emmett smiled.

"So is that it or are we going to get some action." He asked moving his eyebrows up and down. He had placed Kaylee and Blaise onto the large double sofa. Rose and I both slapped one of his arms, I dismissed the slight sting as we laughed at him.


We put Kaylee and Blaise to bed before they told me Emmett's story, it was a quite simple one up to Rosalie's. But being mauled by a bear doesn't sound exactly the best thing on earth.

"Hey is that why you like drinking bear blood the most. Trying to get your own back." I teased my big brother who laughed and actually nodded.

"It is actually. Them bears needed to be taught a lesson. And only one person - vampire - stood up for the roll." He rolled the sleeves of his arms up and flexed his muscles. "The big buff Emmett!" He announced, I laughed harder than I had since before they left and tears pricked to my eyes.

It wasn't until 5 minutes later when I finally calmed down, my face hot and red. Emmett was watching me amused why Rose was watching her husband with lust. I grimaced.

"I'm going to bed, try not to be too loud please." I told them with a pointed glance at Rose who gave me a sly smile. And I muttered 'Thank god I'm two floors away' under my breath knowing that they heard me.

"Night Bells!" Emmett said hugging me as did Rose before they ran off upstairs, I quickly headed down the stairs to mine and the kids mini appartment getting into bed.


When I awoke the next morning, I laid in bed thinking something over, something that bothered me all night and even entered my dreams. I still wanted to be changed. Even after hearing both Rose and Emmett's stories. Even knowing that I will probably miss a whole year of seeing my own children. I pondered my thought for atleast 2 hours, hid under the covers before I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Light footsteps, a kind of dancers footing.

"Hey Rose." I muttered into the pillow, which at this moment I had my face burrowed in to. I felt her sit on the edge of the bed.

"You feeling alright. Its already mid day, Emmett and I have been with the kids since they woke up this morning. We we're kind of concerned when you hadn't come up after ten."

"Just thinking things over." I sighed, turning my head to the side to look up at her. She cocked her head to the side, her curly hair swinging. "Is it bad to still want to be changed... Even after hearing yours and Emmett's quite horrific- I might add- stories?" I asked her calmly. She shook her head slowely.

"Not at all Bella. Its obviously something that your heart and mind are set on." She rose to her feet and turned back to me. "Think it over then get showered and dressed and I'll make you some breakfast..." Before I could reply, she rose a hand and shook her head, "Uh-uh don't even think about it, get." Then she moved to fast for my eyes to watch her and I collasped back against the pillow.

I showered and dressed- into something I noticed still had the tags on and smelled brand new, but what do I expect, its Rosalie- before heading up the stairs and into the kitchen, well where I could hear all the voices coming from. Kaylee and Blaise's giggles were what actually brought me to my senses and woke me fully.

"Mama!" They both squealed spotting me walk into the kitchen.

"Morning babies." I kissed both of their forheads before taking a seat at one of the stools.

"So Bella, Rosie said you have something to discuss." Emmett said in his most professional voice as he leant against the counter, I laughed silently, my shoulders shaking before I straightened my face and turned to him.

"Yeah I really do." I coughed slightly, "I want you to bite me.

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