Chuck vs. the one eyed pirate

by Hawklan


Xanders Laptop broke down and he went into a buymore to get it fixed

Story Notes:

Disclaimer: The Buffyverse belongs to Joss Whedon and Chuck belongs to Josh Schwart and College Hill Pictures. All other persons you might recognize to their creators. All you donĀ“t possibly belong to me. This is written only to get the bunny out of my head and not to make any profit. So if you sue me the only thing I can give you is my negative bank account, but that you can have even without suing me. Just ask :)

Author's Chapter Notes:

Notes: Just a quick short 1st chapter. More later.

Chapter 1

A man around 24 years entered the Buymore Store with a Laptop under his arm and went directly to the Info desk of the Nerd Herds.

"Excuse me Mister I have a small problem with my Laptop. I think the Display got fried or something could you help me?" the man said to Chuck who just got off the phone with Sarah.

"I think so would you show it to me?" Chuck answered.

"Of course," the men answered and hold the Laptop out to Chuck.

Chuck looked up to take the Laptop from the customer and looked into the single eye of the young Man and froze for a moment then a bit rattled and nervous he put the Laptop on his desk and checked the Laptop. After a minute he said, "You are right Mr. Harris the display is defective. I can fix it but I would have to order the replacement part first because we don't have it on stock at the moment. If you could come back tomorrow I could fix it in a few minutes or you could leave it here until tomorrow."

After being called Mr. Harris from the technician who was called Chuck (at least the nameplate says so) it was time for Xander to freeze for a moment and after Chuck finished he answered. "That would be great, please order it I will be back tomorrow afternoon. " He then quickly took his Laptop and left the store in a fast pace not far from running."

After Mr. Harris left Chuck called his friend Morgan, "Morgan, would you please take over for a moment? I have to talk to Casey for a moment."

Without waiting for an answer he ran to Casey and waved him into the conference room.

"What is it Chuck?" Casey asked annoyed.

"There just was a customer here who wanted his laptop repaired and after I saw him in his eye I got a flash." Chuck said and sat down.

"And what did you get?" Casey asked him after Chuck was quite for a while.

"Not much most of what I saw was blacked out, what was strange enough. I never saw anything blacked out while I got flashed from the Intersect. The only think I got were a few things. His name Alexander Harris, the word Sunnydale, Codename: Initiative and Black Loft nothing more. Wasn't Sunnydale the town which sank into the ocean last year?"

Casey gulped for a moment and then said, "Yes it was Chuck. Call Sarah and then we have to talk to the higher ups it seems that we have a situation here."

After Xander left the store he took out his mobile and pressed speed dial 2 after a few moments he heard a

"Hello Wills, I need your help. As you now I am in Burback at the moment because you spotted a slayer here. I just went into a Buymore store because my Laptop broke down and the technician called me by name. Could you check it out? His name was Chuck."

"Of course Xander I'll check it asap and call you back." With a giggle Willow added, "we can't leave you alone Xander you always find trouble."

"I do, don't I?" Xander answered amused. "Call me back as soon as you can. I go eat me a Wiener in a store over there. I think nothing much can happen there until later Wills."