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The Doctor walked down the street all alone, wishing he had someone to babble on to. Along the way, he passed a little shop. He loved little shops, so he stepped inside. Inside the shop, it was pretty deserted. The only other person in the little shop with him was a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes. She had a confused look on her face like why was he in here: this was a women's clothes store. "Excuse me, what's the date?" he asked.

"Not another drunk!" she said as she picked up a pistol from under the counter and blew his hat off with a jet of water.

Ah, it was a water pistol!

How delightful!

But perhaps, he thought, he ought to take it as his cue to leave.

"Actually, you know what, I think you and I, young lady, got off on the wrong foot. I am the Doctor. Now, if you'd care to tell me your name, I think that would be lovely."

"Unless you'd care to do the same, sir, I cannot say that it would be so lovely," she said as she loaded the pistol again. "If you're the Doctor, then I'm Catwoman!" she added sarcastically, and fired a warning jet of water close to his ear.

On sudden inspiration, she held a hand up to her ear and laughed, blurting, "No furry ears!" Managing to reign her laughter in, she said, "Anyway, what sort of a doctor, mister?"

"Well, I'm actually sort of a doctor of... well, I'd have to say a little bit of everything, in honesty," he rambled.

Nodding, she pointed to the door – he was to go straight to the door, and kindly leave her shop! "I don't think so, somehow, mister."

Suddenly, she turned her head and squinted her eyes up, staring hard at the back of the shop. All of a sudden, he could hear laughter and the chink of china; he had a feeling, too, that he wasn't the only one hearing the strange noises.

"You see," she said absently, "here's the thing, Doctorman, I've been hearing that same laughter and chatty so-and-sos for quite some time now, but, well, as I say, here's the thing: when I go out to the back room, the sound will seem to be coming from the other side of the door, the back door, but outside that door is only the alleyway and an old factory that doesn't run anymore, and hasn't, I am afraid, done so for quite a many years. What I mean to say is, Doctorman, that being a doctor of 'a little bit of everything' this should be right up your alley, shouldn't it?"

"Yes, actually," he said, already leaning in the direction of the aforementioned back room. "Come on!" he chimed excitedly, as he started off.