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Chapter 1: Lost

(Enma's POV (hopefully! X3))

My eyes opened to see semi-dark walls on either side of me, I slowly got up and yawned and stretched. Ow. Bad idea... I winced at the pain throughout my body. I slowly stood and looked at my surroundings. I furrowed my eyebrows, I didn't know where I was, all I knew was that I was in a dark ally way. Great.

I stumbled out of the dimly lite ally way and immediately closed my eyes from the burning sunlight. I went to raise my arm to block the sun, but it suddenly hurt. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. It hurt like hell.

I sniffed and walked along the big brick walls, using them to balance myself on them. People looked at me, some worried, some with not a care in the World.

I sighed and continued on my way to try and find something that at least looked familiar.

Around an hour later, I somehow wondered out of the busy streets of the city and into what seemed like a giant feild, but with few store's, hotel's, and such. I blinked, When the heck did I get here? I thought, staring confused at my surroundings, I looked behind me, the same few buildings and more feild. I frowned and continued walking, ignoring the eyes watching my every move.

(Yamamoto's POV)

I'm currently walking home from school with Tsuna and Gokudera. They were busy chatting about the next upcoming test on Monday, seeing as it was Friday. I wasn't really paying attention.

I was too worried about a certain red head not showing up to class today. Even if he does get hurt, he would usually show up, covered in bandages from head to toe. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"Juudaime! We should use the weekend to study for that Math Test!," Gokudera shouted, grinning at the chance to teach Tsuna. Tsuna looked up at him, he smiled and nodded.

That's it... I thought to myself, stopping in my tracks and staring at the ground, thinking.

Tsuna stopped and looked at me confused, while Gokudera just glared. I looked at to meet their gaze, "Uhm, aren't you guy worried about Enma?," I asked, looking at the both of them. Tsuna widened his eyes lightly, while Gokudera looked thoughtfully at the ground. I frowned slightly when I got no response. Tsuna looked back at me and cleared his throat, "Actually... I was kind of getting worried when he didn't show up for first period..." Tsuna admitted, a red tinting his cheeks. Gokudera nodded absentmindedly, then realized what he just did then also blushed.

I blinked, "Why are you guys blushing?," I asked, staring (innocently) at them, I gasped, "You two... you aren't getting sick, are you?" I asked, looking between the both of them worridly.

"B-baka..." Gokudera mumbled, scowling.

"Hmm," I stood and looked up to the sky, it was clear and the sun shown brightly, "You guys think we should split up and look for him?" I asked. Tsuna followed my gaze at the sky,

"We must." he concluded.

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