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(Enma's POV)

I was so tired from walking all over the place, my head hurt, my stomach hurts... My feet hurt too much from walking for so long.

I blinked when I walked into something rather hard. I looked infront of me to see nothing. I shrugged it off and made to start walking again, but yet again, I walked into something hard. I furrowed my eyebrows at the invisible force preventing me from continuing my journey onwards.

I don't understand... Why didn't Tsuna-kun come for me? I thought we were friends... Maybe Adelhide was right... the Vongola family really is evil.

I kept walking, only to notice that the big open field was now gone, but replaced with a dingy worn down building. I yelped and fell on my butt. I stared up at the walls of the building, I was inside it, not going back... I gulped and looked around my surroudings. I looked up and down the walls, seeing scratches along them, I shivered when I realized that they weren't any normal scratches on the wall, they were made by wild animals. I stood up painfully, might I add, and hugged my arm that didn't hurt around my chest for comfort and the other reason was it was becoming slightly chilly inside. I walked down the long coridoor and glanced between the walls and the claw marks. I paused when I felt moisture in the air around me. Mist?... I thought, looking at the small beeds of water floating throughout the halls.

Kufufu... I gasped when I heard that. I turned quickly to see a boy who looked about my age standing right in front of me. He had a green jacket over a blue patterned shirt, with green pants. His hair was short, but spiked up in the back, reminding me of a pineapple.

"..." I stared at him, it's not like I could say anything anyways. He smiled at my silence.

"Who are you and why are you here?" he asked, taking small steps towards me. I took a step back, matching all of his steps.

"My name is-" I bumped into a wall, "Is.. Ko-Kozato... Enma..." I managed to mumbled out before his lips touched mine.

(Tsuna's POV)

I agreed with Yamamoto on having to go find Enma, no matter how weird he was, I still care about him... I mean, he's just like me...

I flushed, Wh-what did I just think?, I thought covering my cheeks with my hands. "HIIIIEEEE!"

Gokudera and Yamamoto both looked at me.

"What's wrong, Juudaime?," Gokudera grabbed my shoulders and shook them, "Are you hurt?" I grabbed his hands and put them down by his side.

"No, i'm fine." I smiled, I watched as Gokudera smiled back. "It's just that..." Gokudera's smiled faultered and looked at me, worried. "I," I felt a sudden nausea take over me and I fell to my knees. "Ohh, I don't... feel good..." I put a hand on my stomach.


"TSU-" Yamamoto's eyes widened, he grabbed his stomach too and groaned. He put a hand to his mouth. Gokudera looked at the two of us, eyes wide.

"Eh? The baseball freak, too?" Gokudera asked, he quickly took in a breath, his face paled just like Yamamoto's and mine had.

It reminds me of when Gokudera-kun sees his sister...

I coughed.

"Uwah..." Yamamoto sighed, shakily standing up, "That was weird, I felt really sick there for a moment..." he wiped some sweat off his brow.

I shivered as I felt the wave of sickness go away, right after Yamamoto had gotten better. I looked at Gokudera. He nodded, standing up also.

"I have a bad feeling..." I trailed off, looking at the two seriously.

Yamamoto nodded, I looked over to Gokudera.
"Juudaime..." he trailed off, Yamamoto looked at him, then back at me, his eyes serious.

"We know how ya feel, Tsuna!" he smiled.

Gokudera looked up, "Then, we split up, right?" he asked.

"Yes." I agreed.

"We need to find him." Yamamoto said, his face very serious.

"Yakyuu baka, I didn't know you cared that much.." Gokudera glared at him. Yamamoto's face morphed from serious, back to his useual facial expression. "Ahaha~" he grinned.

I sweat dropped and smiled warily.

"Ja, i'll go forward, Yamamoto, to the left, and Gokudera-kun, to the right." I felt as if we were going to war or something. It's not like that... We won't have to fight for him... right?...

I shook my head of such thoughts.

"Hmm," Yamamoto's voice filled my thoughts, I blinked and turned towards him. "H-hai?"

"We should have a place to meet up later, and see if anyone got any clues to where he is..."

"Ah, that's a good idea," I nodded. "So, at Nami Chuu in One hour." The two nodded and went on there way. I sighed, I looked ahead of me and started running.

(Back at Enma's POV)

My eyes widened when I felt something warm and soft cover my lips. I pushed him away, and put a hand on my lips.

"Wha- What'er you do- doing?" I exclaimed, blushing slightly, while wiping my lips.

"Kufufu~" the pineapple took a step back, "It's just a friendly greeting." He said, smirking. "My name is... Mukuro... Mukuro Rokudo.. Kufufufu..." he laughed, as he disappeared into the darkness of this old place...

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