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Summary: She is an outcast. He is also an outcast. She loves him but he pays no attention to her. And when she got the chance to be with him, she grabbed the chance without seconds thoughts even though she knew that it will hurt her in the end.

Author's note: New story from me. Hope all of you can enjoy it :)

Chapter 1:

They left her crying on the floor. Her face tear-stained and her clothes filthy and grubby. Her hair in total desolation and her things scattered on the floor. There's only two things she's feeling now- self-pity and pain. She is an outcast, a person who others believe doesn't have any place in this world. She was alone, no family and no friends. She has nothing. But, was it already given that being an outcast and an isolated person means that she has to be bullied by those aristocratic kids who always get what they wanted? Yes, they have money, rich parents, the latest gadgets and luxury cars but it's not like she didn't want those too right? She wants those things too, badly. She wants to feel how to be loved and to be respected but it just happened that she is one of those few people who was always stepped on. Even the only thing she has had been stole away from her: DIGNITY.

She is a human, a person who has feelings and emotion. She's not a robot or an android.

She cried her eyes out, she wants to move but she couldn't. Her body is in pain, her heart is in sorrow. No one dare to help her, because she knew, no one would want to be seen with her. She's always alone, she has no one to hold on to. When she cries, there is no one who will dry her tears for her. When she's angry or disappointed, no one will calm her down. When she's sad, no one is there to comfort and console her. When she's in pain, no one will care for her. When she's in jeopardy, no one will stand for her and no one will protect her. When she's losing her hope, no one will assure to her that everything would be alright. And when she's gone, no one will cry for her.

That's her, Mikan Sakura. A person who wants to love and to be loved back. A person who wants to care and to be cared for. A person who wants to have someone in her side.

She tried to stand up despite of the pain she's feeling, only to fell back on the cold ground again. She sighed, her tears continuously flowing. She started to pick up the things that are scattered on the floor.

Suddenly, she noticed footsteps coming her way. She didn't looked at the person, scared that it might be those bullies again. Just then, a person knelt in front of her, taking a handkerchief out of his pocket. She felt the person carefully grabbing her legs, wiping the blood that trickled from her knee cap. That's when she realized why she can't stand up. She got a big wound on her knee, probably because of the impact when those bullies pushed her on the cement ground. She raised her head to looked at the person who dared to help her.

He has raven-haired strands and a pair of crimson eyes. She recognized him. He's Natsume Hyuuga. Her co-worker in the library. They don't talk much, not because she didn't talk to him, for Heaven sake's she tried to talked to him but only to be ignored. After all, Natsume Hyuuga is a man of few words. Unlike her, Natsume has rich parents. Unlike her, he has a best friend. In other words, he has someone to hold on to. However, he's an outcast. He's a nerd, a dork. He is someone like her, though he is strong. No one dare to bully him nor hurt him.

"I'll take you to the infirmary," she heard him say after tying the handkerchief on her wounded knee. Natsume slowly took her in his arms, carrying her in a way a husband would do to his wife in their first day of wedding.

He started walking, face looking ahead, not daring to spare a glance on the other students, who looked at them with pure disgust and mock, nor he looked at her.

Her face red and her chest pounding hard as she stared at his face. Although he is wearing those thick eye glasses, which is almost covering his face, she can still see that he's handsome.

Gradually, a small smile crept on her face. She leaned her head on his chest, hoping that it won't make him angry. Fortunately, he didn't and she was happy because of that.

And for the first time in her life, she felt loved and satisfied.

"Natsume-kun, do you want to eat lunch with me?" Mikan asked affectionately the raven-haired guy beside her. She got no answer and when she looked at his direction, she found him reading and not paying attention to her.

She sighed. It's always been like this. She tried to befriend him, but he just continues to disregard her. It was after that incident when Mikan realized that she's always thinking of him. Thinking about what he might be doing. And that incident also made Mikan Sakura fell in love with Natsume Hyuuga.

She presume that it is a one-sided love, no, she knew that it is a one-sided love. But nevertheless, she didn't give up. If ever it's only friendship he could only give to her, she'll be fine with it. As long as she can stay at his side as long as forever ends.

But from the looks of it, Mikan noticed that the more she tried to become adjacent with him, the more he becomes distant to her.

She decided to give it another shot. "Ne, what are you-," but she was cut off when the door of the library swung open and a blond girl came inside it. A gorgeous blond if she may say so.

Luna Koizumi walked towards their desk, her hips swaying and her hair following her every move. Mikan looked at her in admiration. She hopes to be like her. To be beautiful like her, or if possible, more beautiful than her. To be wanted by everyone like her. She envy her, and she wanted to be in her shoes. She wanted to have everything Luna has.

But behind her beautiful physical appearance, lays a very hideous attitude.

Luna slammed her hand in her desk, raising her perfect eye brows at her. "I need a book about poetry, nerd. Give it to me quickly because I don't want to stay any longer in this place anymore."

Mikan snapped on her reverie, as she bend down under her desk to pick a book that the blond need. She handed the book to her, in which Luna grabbed hastily with a smirk on her face. She turned around, not bothering to say thank you at her. She made her way out of the library as Mikan spotted a very handsome man outside the door. When Luna reached the door, the guy smiled at Luna, wrapping his arm around the curvaceous waist of the girl, who in return gave a flirtatious smile. They flirt in front of the library door, not caring about the people who was looking at them.

Mikan realized that it was Luna's current boyfriend. A very handsome man.

And that is the only thing that Mikan doesn't envy with Luna. A handsome boyfriend.

Because for her, the guy beside her is the only guy she wants and needs.

Smiling, she turned to Natsume, trying her luck to open a conversation with him.

"Hey, Natsume-kun-" She stopped. Natsume's facial expression is enough for her to shut her mouth. Natsume is looking at the blond girl with longing and yearning in his eyes. And a painful one too.

She felt a pang of hurt in her chest.

Because she realized that she is not the one that Natsume will like.

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