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Summary: She is an outcast. He is also an outcast. She loves him but he pays no attention to her. And when she got the chance to be with him, she grabbed the chance without seconds thoughts even though she knew that it will hurt her in the end.

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Chapter 7:

Students are neither shouting or jumping for joy as the bell of the Gakuen Alice finally rang, signaling that dismissal has arrived. Today is Friday, meaning, they could finally take some break over school works and terror teachers. They could have time to meet up with their friends and hang-out with them or maybe have some beauty rest in their respective homes for the next 2 days.

Meanwhile, while other students are already making their way out of the big gate of Gakuen Alice, one student with a brunette hair is happily sitting inside the isolated classroom while playing with her long pigtails.

As she happily and absent-mindlessly played with her hair, she didn't notice someone creeping behind her back. And when the person spoke, she almost fell on her chair because of astonishment.

"Hey," the person said.

Mikan Sakura looked back at the intruder and let out a smile of nervousness. "Hotaru-chan, you scared me!"

Hotaru Imai sat beside the brunette and beamed slightly at her. "Sorry about that."

Mikan smiled back, totally forgetting what happened earlier. "It's okay Hotaru-chan. How are you?"

"I'm fine," Hotaru said quietly. "You?"

"I'm fine also!" Mikan answered cheerfully. "Why are you still here, Hotaru-chan?"

"I'm waiting for Ruka. He went to the school's barn for a while to see the animals," Hotaru answered. "You know, Ruka is an animal-lover. It's his past time checking the animals once in a while."

"Ah. I see," Mikan said. "Ruka-pyon is such a nice guy isn't he? You're so lucky to have him. And of course he's also lucky to have you! You're so pretty and nice."

"Thanks," Hotaru said. "How about you? What are you still doing here?"

Mikan smiled. "I'm waiting for Natsume-kun. He said that he needed to go to the principal's office to talk about some important matters. He said that I shouldn't wait for him but I insisted that I'll wait for him. Besides, it's still early. My part-time job will not start until 7pm."

"You got part-time job?" Hotaru repeated curiously. "Where?"

Mikan leaned her back on the chair's backrest and played with her pigtails again. "In a fast-food. I work there to sustain my accommodation fee and daily expenses."

"I see." Hotaru said.


"Are you," Hotaru started. "Are you happy with Hyuuga?"

Mikan looked at her with a surprised expression. "Eh?"

"Are you happy with him?" Hotaru said, rephrasing her previous question.

Realizing Hotaru's question, Mikan let out a very big smile as she started scribbling imaginary letters with her fingers on her wooden desk. Her facial expression becoming more serene and calm. "Do I still have to answer that? It's pretty obvious."

Hotaru glanced at her for awhile before turning her head to look in front.

"I couldn't be happier now," Mikan started. "To tell you the truth, I can't still believe that I now have him in my side. In my arms, in my heart and in my life. He's everything I have now. I couldn't live without him. He's my happiness. My better half and my light. He's my world now, Hotaru-chan. And I'm willing to give everything just to make him happy. He's always there to protect me and love me. He's always there to support me. Although he's sometimes distant to me and he doesn't do sweet things to me, I know that he loves me just like the way I love him. Tell me Hotaru-chan, how could I not love him?"

Hotaru balled her fist in anger and frustration. This girl is so vulnerable. She couldn't help but to feel pity towards her. That damn Hyuuga is such a bastard. Can't he see that this girl loves him so goddamn much?

Really. Sometimes, there are really precious things that the naked eyes couldn't see.

"I understand," Hotaru said.

SILENCE again.

The silence that envelops them broke when Luna's group suddenly came passing in their classroom, chatting and laughing like a mad maniac. And when Luna saw Mikan, she smirked and elegantly brushed his bangs using her right hand where the bracelet that Natsume gave to Mikan is placed.

Mikan looked down as she remembered the whole encounter about the bracelet. It's been 2 weeks but the incident is still fresh on the brunette's mind.

Natsume haven't fulfilled his promise yet. He hasn't given her something in exchange to the bracelet that he had hand over to the blond.

Seeing the sad expression that kick in the brunette's face, Hotaru decided to speak. "She's a bitch, isn't she?"

"Eh?" Mikan said surprised. She was speechless. She doesn't know what to say. True, Luna can be very annoying to Mikan and she loves to tease Mikan, but never did Mikan perceived her as a bitch. I...I don't know."

"You have to agree with me. She's a stupid bitch," Hotaru muttered. "I heard about your last encounter with her."

"Oh. I couldn't do anything. Especially when Natsume-kun took the bracelet out of my wrist. I wanted to run for it but Natsume-kun's piercing gaze magnetize me into the floor. It was the first gift that I had received and it was from Natsume-kun. It really hurts that he hand it over to Luna-chan that easily."

"I see," Hotaru said before placing her hands on her nape and gently removing the necklace that she always wear. She smiled to Mikan before placing it around her neck. "It's yours. Take care of it. It's my favorite."

Mikan, on the other hand, is shocked. She glanced down at the thing on her neck and gently touch the pendant of it. "W-why? I can't accept it. It's too beautiful. It's also your favorite."

Mikan attempted to removed the necklace from her neck but Hotaru stopped her by holding both of her hands. "Accept it. I'll be mad if you don't. It will be the sign of our friendship."

"Sign of our friendship?" Mikan repeated as tears form into her eyes.

Hotaru nodded. "Yeah. Sign of our friendship. We're best friends now, right?"

Mikan beamed widely before throwing herself on her first best friend's arns. "Thank you, Hotaru-chan! Thank you very much! Don't worry, I'll take good care of it."

Suddenly, they heard a soft and gentle voice nearing the classroom. Hotaru broke the hug and wiped the tears that flowed on her face. "Ruka's here. I have to go now. Take care on your way."

And as if on cue, Ruka Nogi's head popped on the door.

"Hotaru? Let's go now. Oh hello, you're here too Sakura," Ruka said gently.

Hotaru stood up and made her way towards her boyfriend. But before they can completely left the brunette alone, Hotaru looked back and gave her the warmest smile she could produce and muttering 'best friends' to her.

Ruka placed his arm around Hotaru's waist before smiling and bidding their goodbye to his best friend's girlfriend.

And they left her alone inside the classroom.

Mikan smiled as she stare at the gift that she had received a few moments ago. The pendant is a firefly and it is surrounded by small purple stones. It's beautiful and Mikan could guess that it's expensive.

While enjoying the view of the her new necklace, Natsume Hyuuga entered the classroom and narrowed his eyes towards the brunette in the center of the classroom. "What are you still doing here?"

Mikan looked up and quickly stood up. She ran towards Natsume and smiled widely at him.

"Natsume-kun, look! Hotaru-chan gave this to me. Isn't it pretty?" She said while showing the necklace to him. "She said that this will be the sign of our friendship."

Natsume rolled his eyes in response. "I see. What are you still doing here?"

Mikan put down the necklace and smiled wider. "I wanted to go home together with you."

Natsume snorted. "I'm still not going home yet. I still have things to do."

"Mou, is that so?" Mikan's face fell. "What kind of things, Natsume-kun?"

Natsume massaged his temples in annoyance and exhaustion. He is tempted to hit the girl to make her shut up. He's so tired from all the school works and from the principal's favor to make him the person-in-charge for the upcoming autumn dance and yet, his 'girlfriend' is asking too much questions to him that makes his head spin. Can she be a little considerate?

"Do you need to know everything I need and have to do?" Natsume snapped grumpily. "You're so annoying."

He walked towards his desk and placed his books inside his backpack.

Mikan pouted sadly and walked towards him. She stood behind him and hugged his waist while resting the side of her cheeks on his back. "Natsume-kun, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to annoy you."

"It's alright. I'm just tired," Natsume said before removing the arms on his waist and swinging his backpack on one arm. "I'll be going now. Bye."

And he walked away. "Wait, Natsume-kun!"

Mikan quickly grabbed her own bag and ran to catch up with him. When she was already behind him, she tapped his back and smiled. "Natsume-kun, do you-" but she was cut off when Natsume yelled at her.

"What?" Natsume yelled. "Didn't you hear what I said? I can't go home with you because I still have things to do. Can't you understand that? Goddamnit!"

Mikan slightly back down because of the sharpness and anger in his voice. Unwanted, her tears started to form in her eyes and her body shivers in fear. "So-sorry, I...I d-didn't mean t-to m-make y-you mad."

Natsume massaged the bridge of his nose before letting out a big sigh and pulling her towards him. He gently kissed her forehead. "Look, I'm sorry for shouting at you like that. It's just that...you know, I'm tired."

Mikan nodded her head and wiped the tears that formed in her eyes.

"Do...do you remember what tomorrow is?" Mikan asked.

Natsume's eyebrows met in confusion. "No. What's with tomorrow anyway?"

"Oh," Mikan said sadly. "You forgot."

"What is it?" Natsume pressed, getting more and more curious. What the hell is this girl talking about? Is it her birthday or her parent's death anniversary? What? He got no idea. Natsume hates it when someone is making him guess. "Is it your birthday or something?"

Mikan smiled. "No. But it's something very special. Let's go out tomorrow and I'll tell you, Natsume-kun!"

Natsume twitched. The nerve of this girl. How could she blackmail him? No one blackmails or order Natsume Hyuuga!

"I'm busy. I'm so tired. I want to take some rest tomorrow. Maybe next time. Bye," Natsume said and was about to walk away but he felt a hand tugged the sleeves of his uniform's blazer. "What?"

"Please? Even just for 2 hours or less. I just wanted to be with you tomorrow," Mikan begged. Her face shows nothing but sadness for his rejection. "We'll just eat and then we can go home after wards. Please reconsider it, Natsume-kun."

Natsume clicked his tongue in annoyance. He's so damn tired and yet the stupid girl is pestering him to go out with him tomorrow. Can't this girl be more annoying? Damn.

Too tired to argue anymore, he decided to just agree with her. "Fine, fine, fine. Tomorrow it is. Let's meet at 1pm near the Howalon Store in Central Town. We're just going to eat okay? No more, no less. Got it?"

Mikan beamed at him before throwing herself towards him. Mikan buried her cheek on his chest before happily nodding her head. "Okay. Thank you."

Natsume rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time before pushing the girl away. "Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I'll leave now. Bye."

He turned around and was about to walk away, but Mikan stopped him AGAIN by pulling his sleeves and slamming her lips on his own. She pulled away after a few seconds. "Take care, Natsume-kun! See you tomorrow. I love you."

And she left him, astonished.

Geez. The girl can be very aggressive. Natsume concluded.

Not to mention, utterly annoying for Natsume's liking.

Mikan gently brushed her long auburn hair while looking at the mirror. Smiling, she took the necklace that Hotaru had given her and slowly placed it around her neck.

It's only 12:00pm and yet she is almost done preparing for her date with Natsume.

Originally, she planned to watch movie with him for their date, eat and then stroll around some parks and mall. But since Natsume is tired and got things to do, she settled herself for a lunch with him. She still prioritize his health afterall.

And there are still next time. They could do other things when Natsume is not busy anymore.

For the last time, she brushed her auburn hair before grabbing a new pair of red ribbons she bought yesterday. It's just a simple red ribbon with white polka dots as its designed . Something plain and cheap. But Mikan is used to budgeting so it doesn't matter anymore.

She carefully tie her hair into its usual pigtails, but this time with a new pair of ribbon.

She also wears simple clothes. It's just a simple sleeveless white dress with flowers embroiled around the end of the dress. Something austere and sale, but Mikan is contented with it.

Besides, she believes that whatever she looks like, Natsume would still accept her.

She smiled at herself in the mirror as she checked her appearance. Contented with what she looks like, she grabbed her bag and left.

She arrived at their meeting place around 12:45pm and Natsume hasn't arrived yet. She sat on the bench beside the store and hummed a random song to herself while excitingly waits for Natsume.

At 3:00PM, there is still no Natsume. Mikan becomes worried. She opened her bag and took out a piece of paper where a few numbers where scribbled. It's Natsume's number. She got it from him a few days ago when they were taking their rest on 'their' Sakura Tree. At first, Natsume didn't want to give his cellphone number to her considering that she got no cellphone. But after a few persuasion, she had made Natsume gave it to her.

She walked towards the nearest payphone center and put coins on it. She dialed his number and waited for him to pick it up. But unfortunately, the one who answered her is his answering machine.

"Natsume, where are you? I'm getting worried. I hope you're okay. Take care. I love you," she said to the answering machine.

Hours and hours passed by and there is still no Natsume. Mikan becomes more and more worried. It's not helping also that every time she calls him, the only one that answers her is the answering machine.

It's already 6:30PM. She dialed his number again for the umpteenth time that day, her coin purse already empty for using the payphone.

Finally, Natsume picked up the phone! Mikan sighed in relief.

"Hello?" She heard Natsume said.

"Natsume-kun, it's Mikan. Are you alright?" Mikan asked. "You weren't answering my phone calls earlier. Are you okay?"

"My phone is out of battery," Natsume answered through the other line. "What is it?"

"I was worried about you," Mikan started. "You didn't show up in our date."


"Sorry. I kinda forgot. Koko asked me to come into his house since it's his birthday. I couldn't say no," Natsume reasoned out. "I'll make up to you next time. Need to hang up. Bye." Natsume said uncaring.

"W-w-wait! Natsume-," but he already hanged up.

Mikan gloomingly put down the telephone and leaned her forehead on it.

And as if sensing her sadness, the rain started to pour.

Mikan slowly took something out of her bag and stare at it as her tears flow on her eyes.

She caressed the rings on the red velvet box as her chest clenches with so much pain and hurt. She was supposed to give the other one today to Natsume but he stood her up. She doesn't want to think that she's insignificant to him, but she couldn't help it.

"I love you," Mikan started, her tears continuously flowing on her eyes. "Happy 1st Month."

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